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Follow the Evidence. Book Club ideas Jan. 2013 session. Getting Started: Engagement & Motivation. A Reflective, Creative and Holistic Thinker CGE3b Creates, adapts, evaluates new ideas in light of the common good. CGE3c

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Follow the evidence

Follow the Evidence

Book Club ideas

Jan. 2013 session

Getting started engagement motivation
Getting Started: Engagement & Motivation

A Reflective, Creative and Holistic Thinker


Creates, adapts, evaluates new ideas in light of the common good.


Thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems.


Makes decisions in light of gospel values with an informed moral conscience.


Adopts a holistic approach to life by integrating learning from various subject areas and experience.


Examines, evaluates and applies knowledge of interdependent systems (physical, political, ethical, socio-economic and ecological) for the development of a just and compassionate society

  • Launching the “Follow the Evidence” book club

    What is the role of science in cracking a case?

Observe infer hypothesize
Observe, Infer, Hypothesize

  • One possible opening activity… (see placemat on wiki)

  • “What role do humans play in solving a crime?”

Planning time introducing the book club
Planning Time Introducing the Book Club

  • Review the launching lesson for your book club.

  • Consider:

  • Other ideas to engage students in this club ?

  • What background knowledge needs to be activated or built?

  • Assessment “for” learning opportunities ?


Roll Call by Malcolm Rose

Luke Harding’s third thrilling case involves a series of mysterious murders in which the victims seem to have only one thing in common—the same name, Emily Wonder. In the bitter cold of winter, the teenage forensic investigator and his robotic assistant, Malc, investigate the three crime scenes and struggle to identify the murder weapons used, as no traces have been left behind. When a young homeless girl named Emily Wonder is reported missing, Luke and Malc rush back to the slums of London to try to save her from the murderer—and from a giant tidal wave that threatens to destroy the city.

About Malcolm Rose…

Malcolm Rose is the prolific author of young-adult suspense novels that often use science to solve the quandaries presented. An instructor in chemistry for many years, Rose moonlighted as an author of realistic teen fiction and his efforts proved so successful that he eventually left teaching to devote his full time to writing. As Rose once explained: "I was born in Coventry, England, in 1953 and began writing stories as a hobby while taking a Ph.D. in chemistry. Writing fiction was my escape from real life. My then girlfriend (now wife) read one of my efforts and commented that I ought to try to get it published. I had never thought of writing as anything other than a hobby. Besides, as I thought then, a budding chemist couldn't possibly be any good at it!”


Reading-Writing Connection

Critical Literacy

Text Analyser

Link to inquiry question what is the role of science in cracking a case
Link to: INQUIRY QUESTION: What is the role of science in cracking a case?

A Self-Directed, Responsible, Life-Long Learner


Applies effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, time and resource management skills.


Examines and reflects on one's personal values, abilities and aspirations influencing life's choices and opportunities.

A Collaborative Contributor


Works effectively as an interdependent team member.


Thinks critically about the meaning and purpose of work.

It’s a futuristic novel

protagonist is male, 17, Luke Harding, sidekick is a robot named Malc

Background info on forensic science and its role in helping investigators solve crimes.

Vocabulary is challenging

Novel is part of a 6 book series

Text features (cover, chapters, abbreviations, dialogue, omniscient narration…)

Book club launches at Chapter 6 of Roll Call

Discuss futuristic genre

Where have we seen these duos before?

Minds On activities. Various text formats (articles/short stories/video clips/supplementary texts to provide background knowledge and build on prior knowledge.

Vocabulary related activities

Prediction activities

Teacher decides: are we ready?

What you need to know…

What you need to do…

Understanding Genre

  • Speculative Fiction

  • (what if?)

Futuristic…Sci- Fi … Fantasy…Utopian…Dystopian…

Victims and Crime Scenes







Victims and Crime Scenes

The Mysterious Emily Wonders

EW1 - died at home after visiting Dundee animal sanctuary



EW4 (missing girl)


  • Paralyzed … by poison?

  • At the animal sanctuary in Dundee

  • By fugu?

  • By cactus thorns?

  • Cornelius Prichard was lurking around at the time … is he a suspect?

Ew4 the missing girl
EW4 – the missing girl

  • Has she been abducted?

  • Is she still alive?

  • Is she related to the other “Emily Wonders?”

  • Her last know location: Greenwich

  • Evidence found: Her blue backpack contained: 2 blankets, mush bread and a furry cat toy


  • Cyanide

  • Green scarf

  • Opera singer

  • Fugu/TTX

  • Situsinversustotalis

  • Lipodystrophy

  • Celebrity worship syndrome

  • Cactus spine

  • Contact lens


  • Cornelius Prichard

  • EW

  • Freya Lamacq

  • Clint Garrett (FI-instructor)

  • Robert Wonder

  • Tina Stone

  • Barbara Backley

  • Earl Dimmock

  • Owen Goode

Planning time the read aloud
Planning Time The Read Aloud

  • Review the lessons and think aloud prompts…

  • Consider:

  • How can students track information & their thinking during the read aloud?

  • What kinds of assessment data can we obtain from the modeled reading? How will this inform our teaching?

Focus and react reader response
Focus and React: Reader Response


Pick a point of interest or an issue


What do I think?

What do I feel?

What do I ask myself questions about?

Reactions to take to group discussion:

Focus and react reader response1
Focus and React: Reader Response

Focus: Pick a point of interest or an issue

“Luke looked away at the peaceful subzero moorland and gazed at his forbidden girlfriend. He could see that she was bitter about the biologist that would be paired with him. ‘And there’s an artist here in Sheffield. You haven’t even told me his name, but The Authorities will pair him with you come The Time.’ (Roll Call, p. 30)


“Tina knew that Earl was undecided. He’d told her that he was torn between politics and music. His brain urged him to follow the path of politics but his heart was into classical music. Opera was his favourite. “




What do I think?

I think that Luke and Jade are not allowed to be together in this futuristic society.

What do I feel?

I would hate it if I lived in a society where I was not free to make my own choice as to who I want to be with!

What do I ask myself questions about?

Does this really happen anywhere? Did it happen in the past? How much control should a society/government have over an individual’s life?

Reactions to take to group discussion:

Connection to ocsges
Connection to OCSGEs

CGE1d -develops attitudes and values founded on Catholic social teaching and acts to promote social responsibility, human solidarity and the common good;

CGE1j -recognizes that “sin, human weakness, conflict and forgiveness are part of the human

journey” and that the cross, the ultimate sign of forgiveness is at the heart of redemption. (Witnesses to Faith)

CGE3c -thinks reflectively and creatively to evaluate situations and solve problems;

CGE3f -examines, evaluates and applies knowledge of interdependent systems (physical, political, ethical, socio-economic and ecological) for the development of a just and compassionate society.

Planning time readers responses
Planning Time Readers Responses

  • Review the readers responses included in your manual…

  • Consider:

  • Is further enrichment of the response necessary?

  • How can we model the depth of response we are looking for?

  • What kinds of assessment data can we obtain from these responses?

  • When and how will we collect these responses?

Begin with the end in mind
Begin with the end in Mind

An Effective Communicator


Listens actively and critically to understand and learn in light of gospel values.


Reads, understands and uses written materials effectively.


Presents information and ideas clearly and honestly and with sensitivity to others.


Uses and integrates the Catholic faith tradition, in the critical analysis of the arts, media, technology and information systems to enhance the quality of life.

Planning time the final project
Planning Time The Final Project

  • Review the final project and supporting lessons for this book club…

  • Consider:

  • What skills will students need in order to complete these tasks?

  • What other lessons will be needed as scaffolding for this task?

Infusing the catholic graduate expectations
Infusing The Catholic Graduate Expectations

  • A discerning believer

  • An effective communicator

  • A reflective, creative & holistic


  • A self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner

  • A collaborative contributor

  • A caring family member

  • A responsible citizen