dr ars ne ouedraogo pharmd msc feltp director of pharmaceutical supply n.
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Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply

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Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Resources Reinforcement in Health Logistics: A parternish between Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Health and the Bioforce Institute for a Performing Health Products Supply Chain. Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply. Burkina Faso’s Overall Profile .

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Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply

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    1. Human Resources Reinforcement in Health Logistics: A parternish betweenBurkina Faso’s Ministry of Health and the Bioforce Institutefor a Performing Health Products Supply Chain Dr. Arsène OUEDRAOGO PharmD, MSc FELTP Director of Pharmaceutical Supply

    2. Burkina Faso’s Overall Profile • Landlocked country (UEMOA) • 15, 730, 000 inhabitants (2010 – www.insd.bf) • Pop. < 15 year-old: 48% (2010) • Urban pop.: 26% • Poverty: 57% of pop. live with less than 1.25 USD perday • Malaria, HIV, TB, malnutrition, maternal and child mortality • PNS (2011), PNDS II (2011-2020), Triennial Plan (2011-2012), PPN

    3. Context of the projet International / Regional Context: • MDGs 4 (child health), 5 (maternal health), 6 (combat HIV/AIDS) • Existing initiatives: the People that Deliver Initiative, the Optimize project (2020 Vision for Health), LOGIVAC, the Decade of Vaccines, the Maputo Declaration, the NUVI Call for Action, etc. • WAHO: harmonizing member-countries’ job descriptions for health staff National Context: • PNDS 2011-2020, Pharmaceutical strategic plan 2012-2016 • Active member of the PtD Initiative (focus country, Board member) • MoH’s National Health Human Resources Development Plan

    4. Burkina Faso’s Health Supply Chain Rapidly increasing health assistance from donors has been very beneficial but resulted in huge increases in the quantity, value and complexity of medicines and commodities flow

    5. The HR Project in Health Logistics Project Justification: • Numerous existing health programs require effective logistics management for their implementation, to truly improve vulnerable populations’ health situation; • Financial and material resources are few, which demands efficient/optimal management; • Absence of health logisticians at all levels of the health system; • Forecasted pharmaceutical spending (2010): 83.3 million USD • Importations (99%) • 1 pharmacist/33, 000 inhabitants

    6. Situation of Importations: 1994 – 2010 (CIF value in million USD)

    7. Synoptic Project Sheet 1/3 • Period: 2012 – 2014 • Overall goal: Contribute to the improvement of maternal and child health (MCH) in Burkina Faso • Project purpose: Improve MCH products supply management and equipment availability through the professionalization of actors in charge of logistics.

    8. Synoptic Project Sheet 2/3: Activities • Activities linked to Outcome 1: • Awareness raising and involvement of key actors • Setting up and functioning of a Coordination Committee on health logistics • Activities linked to Outcome 2: • Legal framework review and creation of the health logistician (HL) position • Creation and implementation of (pre-service and in-service) training programs on the basis of existing curricula • Networking amongst the people trained via a health logistics professionals’ network • Activities linked to Outcome 3: • Definition of acting HLs’ working environment and methodology in the pilot regions • Identification and training of 25 in-office health agents to take on HL duties • Support to the purchase of equipment to make HLs operational • Implementation of activities by HLs, in accordance with the country’s health objectives

    9. Synoptic Project Sheet 3/3 Expected outcomes: • Coordination of MCH products and equipment supply is improved • Human resources capacity in the health logistics chain is reinforced • The health system’s operational framework allows effective implementation of logistics activities in 3 pilot regions, including active participation to MCH programs Estimated costs: 2, 440, 283 €

    10. Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries: • Burkina Faso’s health system / regional institutions: optimized coordination in health products and equipment supply; • 35 trainers: reinforcement of their training capacities in health logistics; • 100 health logisticians: pre- and in-service training; • 25 in-office health agents: training on health logistics; • Regional partner-institutions (WAHO notably): a model of human resources skills development in health logistics, which they could reproduce and adapt to other countries in the region. Indirect Beneficiaries: • Burkina’ Faso’s population in general, and mothers and children in particular (507, 968 under-five children; 1, 005, 937 women of childbearing age): extended access to health care and products; • Health practitioners: improved working conditions; • The education sector: training capacity reinforcement.