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ATLAS HONDA. Company Information . Management. Management Profile. Vision Statement Mission Statements . Various Aspects of HR Management at AHL. Recruitment & Selection. Training & Development. Employees Service safety, Health & welfare. Manpower Planning.

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    2. Company Information. • Management. • Management Profile. • Vision Statement • Mission Statements. • Various Aspects of HR Management at AHL. • Recruitment & Selection. • Training & Development. • Employees Service safety, Health & welfare. • Manpower Planning. • Salary Administration. • Industrial Relation. • System of Communication. • Negotiation with Union. • Terms & Conditions of Employment at AHL.

    3. Information

    4. Atlas Honda Limited (AHL) is a joint venture between the Atlas Group and Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan. • Honda’s unique philosophy of hard/soft technologies to the realities of Pakistani conditions. • Atlas has the country’s largest in-house manufacturing capability at its Karachi and Sheikhupura plants. • Annual Production Capacity: 750,000 • Export: Bangladesh. Afghanistan.

    5. Management AHL management is striving to modernize company operations by adapting applicable aspects of research and theory.

    6. Management profile

    7. Chairman : Yusuf H. ShiraziDirectors: HisaoKobayash.,KojiTakamatsu, NurulHoda,TakashiNagai Chief Executive Officer: SaquibH. Shirazi Company Secretary: Rashid AminChief Executive Officer: Saquib H. Shirazi Chief Financial Officer: Suhail Ahmed General Manager HR, Admin & Corporate Affairs: RaziurRahman Audit Committee Chairman: SanaullahQureshi Members: SheraliMundrawala,NurulHoda Head Of Internal Audit: ZaheerUlHaq Secretary: SyedTanvirHyder

    8. Vision Market leader in the motorcycle industry, emerging as a globally competitive center of production and exports.

    9. Mission • A dynamic growth oriented company through • Market leadership. • Excellence in quality. • Ensuring attractive returns to equity holders • Rewarding associates according to their ability and performance. • Customer satisfaction.

    10. HR Department • Stages of the Human Resource Engagement: • Recruitment. • Selection. • Induction.

    11. Recruitment Recruitment Process at Atlas Honda Limited: • Sources & Modes of Recruitment: • Job Posting. • Advertisement in the Press. • Job Analysis: • Minimum Qualifications. • Computer Skill essential for Management Employees. • Previous Experience.

    12. Selection Selection Process at Atlas Honda Limited. • Initial written Test. • Primary Interview. • Final Interview.

    13. INDUCTION Induction Process at Atlas Honda Limited. • Pre-employment medical test. • Offer Letter. • Joining Report. • Probation Period. • Confirmation Letter. • Resignation. • Termination or Dismissal. • Retirement. • Clearance Certificate.

    14. Training & Development • Training Need Assessment. • Training Planning. • Orientation Training to new Employees. • Quality Audit Training. • Technical Training. • In-House Training. • Out-sourced Training. • ROI on Training. • Evaluation of Training.

    15. Employees Service Safety,Health &Welfare:

    16. Employees - The Force Behind Our Business and Change. • Activities in Safety Sector: • Safety Education. • Quiz contests regarding “Safety on Job”. • Activities in Health Sector: • Blood Screening Activities. • Water Filtration Plant. • First Aid Facilities

    17. Employees - The Force Behind Our Business and Change. • Activities in Welfare Sector: • Maintaining Balance Between Work and Social Life. • Family Day - A Tradition At Atlas Honda Limited. • General Education. • Green Working Environment. • Employee Benefits.

    18. HR Philosophy

    19. Based upon well being of company as well as the Employees • Most valuable Asset = Employees • AHL associates must be committed to following principles:- • Accept total responsibility for the success of company's HR philosophy. • Have thorough knowledge of HR philosophy & programs. • Ensure consistent & fair interpretation of personnel policies. • Exercise leadership by demonstrating. • Integrity. • Professionalism. • Courage of their convictions. • Concern for the feeling of others. • Accept & support decisions made. • Apply the highest standards of ethics, integrity & honesty. • Comply with company policy & procedures.

    20. Manpower Planning

    21. Manpower planning is a process which involves: • Recognize how people develop. • Identify the relationship between technical, functional and behavioral competencies within AHL. • Identify various competency models and assessments. • Recognize available tools and resources. • Steps for Manpower Planning at Atlas Honda Limited: • Analysis of current Manpower situation. • The creation of Skill Inventory. • The Turnover Problem & its overcome.

    22. Salary Administration

    23. Pay Day: • Salary payment is made typically around the 25th of the month. • Deductions: • Deductions from the employee’s salary account include: • Company loan repayments. • Income tax. • Provident fund contribution/ EOBI deduction. • Salary Advance: Cases where a salary advance may be considered are as follows: • Serious illness in the immediate family. • Marriage in the immediate family. • House building. • Any serious emergency.

    24. Approval Process: • Factors which may be considered in deciding the approval are: • Purpose of financial assistance and its urgency and criticalness. • Employee’s service period with the organization. • Prior record, if exists, of the similar assistance.

    25. Associates Benefits: • Car/Motorcycle. • Bonus. • Gratuity. • Provident Fund/Atlas Pension Fund. • Group Life Insurance. • Health Insurance/Hospitalization Plan. • Personal Accident. • Compensatory Leave. • Inconvenience Allowance. • Personal Loan

    26. Industrial Relation

    27. Atlas Honda Limited Culture: • The management of Atlas Honda Limited ensures peaceful industrial relations. • Although workers are encouraged to suggest improvements but they cannot implement them on their own, unless authorized to do so. • Workers and Atlas Honda Limited both try to promote and foster an atmosphere of mutual trust, confidence, understanding and cooperation.

    28. Right of Atlas Honda limited: • Atlas Honda Limited has the right to manage, control and use the property of its enterprise and conduct its business in any manner considered appropriate to it. • Atlas Honda Limited has right to use the resources available to it including Human Resource efficiently and effectively in the best interest of the enterprise.

    29. Rights of the workers: • It is the right of workers to work according to • The jobs assigned . • Terms & conditions of the employment. • Workers has inherent right to trade unionism and collective bargaining and right to enjoy the benefits guaranteed to them.

    30. Systems of Communication

    31. In AHL communication is a very important aspect of the Human Resource Management. • Forms of communication in the work place: • Business Letters. • Memos. • Presentations. • Notices. • Agendas. • General Letters. • Announcements. • Meetings. • Feedbacks. • Policies. • Group Discussions.

    32. It is the only thing which helps to connect the HR Management Department with other departments, individuals and as well as with independent groups. • Forms of communication in the Company: • Advertisements. Meeting. • Memos. Publications. • Letters. Research Articles. • Declarations. Addressing. • Press Releases. Manuals. • Campaigns. Notices. • Annual General Meetings.

    33. All employees are responsible ensuring that they are familiar with the company’s rules on Acceptable and Unacceptable use of these resources. • Disciplinary Actions: • Disciplinary actions will consist of one or more of the following measures depending on nature of offences: • Verbal counseling. • Written warning. • Suspension from work. • Withholding the employee’s increment or promotion for a specified period not exceeding one year. • Demotion. • Removal from that function or position. • Termination of employment.

    34. Negotiation with Union

    35. In Atlas Honda Limited the workers, without distinction whatsoever, have the right to form and join the union of their own choice within the establishment or industry. • Role of Collective Bargaining Agent in Union: • Collective Bargaining Agent communicates his views in writing to the other party in the case of any dispute. • By union negotiation process or collective bargaining, Management deals with issues or dispute. • The issues might be about wages, hours and working conditions.

    36. Terms & Conditions of Employment

    37. Employment: • Filling the Job Opening: • Personal Details: • Address. • Bank Details. • Beneficiaries. • Contact. • Qualifications. • Past Experience. • Date of Birth. • NIC no. • Total Remuneration:

    38. Termination of the Employment: • The service of an employee may end for any one of the following reasons: • Resignation. • Retrenchment. • Dismissal by the company. • Desertion. • On reaching retirement age. • The company reserves the right to reclaim all of its monies owed to the company by an employee at the time of termination of employment, and all company property must be returned prior to termination.

    39. Resignation: • If an employee wants to terminate his/ her employment, then he/ she must submit a written notice of resignation to his/ her manager. • The notice period is as follows: • One month notice of payment of one month’s salary in lieu of notice. • When necessary and practical, the factors contributing to employee’s resignation will be discussed in an Exit Interview.