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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd

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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd
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  1. Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd Company Profile

  2. Basic Information • YantaiHaoyang Machinery Co., Ltd has Slewing Bearing Factory, Ring-Forging Factory and Wheel Hub Factory • Formerly known as Zhaoyuan High-strength Standard Component Factory, it produced slewing bearing since 1995. • Our company has a total investment of RMB 210 million. • 800 employees. • More than 200 sets of medium-sized /large production equipments.

  3. Organization Chart

  4. Our Product • Slewing Bearing 70( %) • Blank Ring/ Flange 20( %) • Wheel Hub 10( %)

  5. Production Scale • Slewing Bearing 5000pcs/month • Blank Ring/ Flange 8000pcs/month • Wheel Hub 20000pcs/month

  6. Single-row four-point contact ball series Three-row roller series Single-row crossed roller series Ball-roller combined slewing bearing Double-row different diameter ball slewing bearing Light-duty slewing bearing Types of Slewing Bearing We provide our customers slewing bearings in 6 series, the raceway diameter from 200mm to 3150mm.

  7. Business unit Tower Crane Crawling Crane Excavator Truck Crane Concrete Pump truck Manned Lift Truck Mounted Crane Portal Crane Trailer Rotate Transporter Robot Solar Power Generator

  8. Our Lay-out The Slewing Bearing Factory has 8 work –shops with a plant area of 18.3 thousand square meters. There are two production lines: Medium/large and small.

  9. Our Ring-Forging Factory The Ring-Forging Factory realizes two-piece rolling and sawing, thereby reducing cost and providing more preferential price and guarantee for shortening delivery time!

  10. Our Lathe Process The raceway turning, raceway milling adopt CNC lathes, which provides effective support for ensuring quality, improving efficiency and reducing price!

  11. Gear process Rough milling and gear hobbing/milling are adopted in the gear production process, which provides effective support for ensuring quality, improving efficiency and reducing price!

  12. Our Assembling process The repair area, inspection area, assembly area is totally isolated, and the clean environment is the effective guarantee for cleanness of finished products!

  13. Part of our CNC equipments CNC lathe High-speed gear milling machine CNC drilling machine

  14. Part of the equipments for heating processing Bulk Gear quenching Raceway Quenching CNC single gear quenching

  15. Our Mission , Values , Vision

  16. Our certification—— ISO9001:2008

  17. Our certification—— OHSAS18001:1999

  18. Our certification—— ISO14001:2004

  19. Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd Address: 445-1 Jincheng Road, Zhaoyuan, Shandong China 265400 Sales: +86-535-8248058 E-mail: Technical Support: +86-18853539658 E-mail: Beijing Office: Tel:+86-10-63870478 E-mail: Website: