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Salaries and Conditions of Service

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Salaries and Conditions of Service. Presenter: Basil Benjie. Salaries and Condition of Service. Teachers are paid a salary according to the category or scale in which he/she is placed. The scale is determined by: Qualification Level of Responsibility. Teaching Scales.

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Salaries and Conditions of Service

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salaries and conditions of service

Salaries and Conditions of Service

Presenter: Basil Benjie

salaries and condition of service
Salaries and Condition of Service
  • Teachers are paid a salary according to the category or scale in which he/she is placed.
  • The scale is determined by:
    • Qualification
    • Level of Responsibility
teaching scales
Teaching Scales
  • There are currently 29 scales in the teaching service distributed as follows:
  • Administrative Scale
  • Teaching Scale
administrative scale
Administrative Scale
  • The 18 administrative scales are as follows:-
  • Tertiary
  • Secondary
  • Primary
  • Principal A
  • Principal B
  • Principal C
  • Vice Principal
  • Principal Lecturer (HOD) 2
  • Principal Lecturer (HOD) 1
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Principal IV
  • Principal III
  • Principal II
  • Principal I
  • Vice Principal
  • Primary V
  • Primary IV
  • Primary III
  • Primary II
  • Primary I
  • Vice Principal
teaching scale
Teaching Scale
  • There are 11 such scales calibrated as follows:
    • Lecturer
    • Assistant Lecturer
    • Master Teacher II
    • Master Teacher I
    • Trained Graduate
    • Pre-Trained Graduate
teaching scale cont d
Teaching Scale cont’d
    • Trained Teacher Diploma
    • Specialist II
  • Trained Teacher Certificate
  • Specialist I
  • Pre-Trained Teacher
points in the scale
Points In The Scale
  • Each scale is divided into steps or points. Whereas a teacher’s qualification and/or responsibility determine(s) the scale in which he/she is placed it is the teacher’s experience (i.e. years of continuous service) which determines the point in the respective scale.
  • The points above the entry point are INCREMENTAL POINTS.
  • An increment represents an annual percentage change or increase over the previous point. In the case of the administrative scales, this is 3%; for the teaching scales, this represents 2.15%.
  • The increments are incremental since they represent a change over the previous point rather than the initial point.
points in the scale cont d
Points In The Scale cont’d
  • There are 6 points in all the administrative scales and those of lecturers and assistant lecturers.
  • However, the teaching scales have 11 points with the Pre-Trained 15, 8 below and 7 above the Qualification Bar.
  • Allowances are additional compensation relative to the performance of one’s job functions.
  • The teaching service carries the following allowances as seen in the tables below:
allowances cont d18
Allowances cont’d
  • It has already been noted that movement up each scale is automatic annually. So by the time one reaches the last point in the scale, there is no further movement.
conversion policy
Conversion Policy
  • Teachers move freely from one scale to another in promotion. The conversion policy seeks to compensate for prior service as well as the new qualifications the teacher may earn during service.
  • A teacher may move upward from one scale to another higher scale by improving his/her qualification.
  • Only 3 qualification increments outside of the teacher’s scale is allowed to any teacher.
  • Teachers who have satisfied the requirements of the JBTE for the award of a diploma but who do not have the matriculation requirements are paid as Trained Teachers in the Certificate scale.
notes cont d
Notes cont’d
  • Teachers with service in independent Schools are paid 1 service increment for every 3 years of service when they enter the public system.
  • Teachers with prior service in Commonwealth countries are incremented for every completed years of service.
notes cont d28
Notes cont’d
  • All conversions are subjected to the maximum of the new scales not being exceeded.
  • Basic salary include Seniority Allowance but not POSR Allowances
  • Where the teacher benefits by more than 2 increments, the incremental date will change to the date on which the conversion is effective.