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Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY! PowerPoint Presentation
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Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY!

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Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY!
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Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY!

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  1. Metros,Retros,Machos,OH MY!

  2. Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY! The significant challenge of trying to classify men as marketing segments.

  3. Societal Change Blurring the notions of Gender Identity

  4. Big Switch Because men have been a marketing afterthought for more than a century.

  5. It’s confusing trying to sell stuff to men.Partly because so many guys are confused.

  6. Metros, Retros, Machos, OH MY! The significant challenge of trying to classify men as marketing segments.

  7. Metrosexuals What is a metrosexual? How did metrosexuals evolve? Why are metrosexuals a marketers’ and advertisers’ dream?

  8. What is a Metrosexual? Defined as: • Straight • Sensitive • Well-educated • Urban dweller • In touch with his feminine side • Trendy • Keen sense of grooming and fashion

  9. What do metrosexuals do? Brad Pitt is considered a metrosexual • The new metrosexual man: • Takes pride in his body.

  10. Metrosexuals are like women.

  11. What do they do like women? • Metrosexuals shave like women.

  12. What do they do like women? • Metrosexuals take care of their faces like women.

  13. Like women, metrosexuals . . . • Use cleansers and moisturizers

  14. A straight man who enjoys pampering himself with things such as: Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, Massages.

  15. Who are also metrosexuals? Beyond Brad Pitt the press identifies Leonardo and Spiderman as metrosexual

  16. How do they spend their time? • He may have a standing appointment for a weekly manicure. • He probably has his hair cared for by a stylist instead of a barber • David Beckham is also seen as a metrosexual

  17. Bend ‘em Like Beckham– who wears sarongs and nail polish.

  18. Metrosexuals also like . . . • To shop • Wear jewelry • According to ESPN, Dennis Rodman is a metrosexual

  19. One of the telltale signs of metrosexuals is their willingness to indulge themselves. . . Whether for a Prada suit or spending a couple of hours at a spa to get a massage and facial.

  20. His bathroom counter is filled with male grooming products.

  21. He may even wear makeup.

  22. Tom Cruise is also considered a metrosexual.

  23. Why is Cruise viewed a metro? • “He’s in his 40s, but uses • All the technology of beauty and fashion to remain a: • Desirable, • Smooth-skinned, • Buffed boy, • With a tart grin.” (Mark Simpson 2/12/04)

  24. “There is no ‘mystery’ about his sexual preference -- His stunningly successful film career is a testament to his passionate love affair with . . . TOM”

  25. Who coined the term Metrosexual? • Mark Simpson • A British writer who introduced it in July 2002 to Salon readers • He wrote about metrosexuality clear back in 1994, however. • So how does he define metrosexual?

  26. Simpson’s Definition • Young man • With money to spend • Living in or within easy reach of a metropolitan area • Because that’s where all the best shops, clubs, gyms and hairdressers are • University Cal. State Fullerton professor sees Ian Thorpe as a metrosexual

  27. Will Smith also seen as a metrosexual.

  28. Will Smith also seen as a metrosexual.

  29. They might devote an afternoon to choosing their ultra-fashionable attire for the night. They may don an apron and prepare a mean and meatless pasta dish for friends.

  30. In Simpson’s view, he may be • Gay, • Straight, • Or Bisexual. • Pleasure is his sexual preference

  31. “From a marketing perspective it makes perfect sense to maintain officially that metrosexuals are straight . . . After all advertising is trying to persuade as many men as possible to buy into consumerism.”

  32. “But sexuality is utterly immaterial because he has clearly taken HIMSELFas his own LOVEOBJECT.”

  33. Particular professions attract them • Simpson says these include: • Modeling • Media • Pop music • Sports • But they’re pretty much everywhere • Simpson see Arnold Schwarzenegger as an early metrosexual

  34. From body builder to actor to governor to metrosexual

  35. “They do have heroes, but usually aesthetic ones. Men who are famous for their looks and style, rather than say, their political or military achievements. They do admire sports heroes, but generally only the ones with the best media profile and product-endorsement deals.” (Simpson)

  36. In the Sports World . . . These athletes are viewed as metrosexuals by ESPN.

  37. Metro Athletes: Alex Rodriguez and Jason Seahorn

  38. Metro Athletes: David Beckham and Derek Jeter

  39. Metro Athletes: Dennis Rodman and Mike Moda

  40. Metro Athletes: Oscar Dela Hoya

  41. According to ESPN, these athletes will never be metrosexuals.

  42. But most likely Retros • Backlash • Retrosexuals • Have little fashion sense beyond matching their T-shirt. • Return to the “manly”, traditional GUY’S GUY. • Antonym of Metrosexual. Men who are not metro.

  43. Never going to be metro: Allen Iverson and Brett Favre

  44. Never going to be metro: Randy Johnson and Eric Gagne

  45. Never going to be metro, Macho?: John Daly and Edgerrin James

  46. Retros: Carl Malone and Patrick Rafter

  47. How did metrosexuals evolve? • Born out of a “hyper-consumer age • Post-industrial age • Identity and personality are not inherent • Replaced by lifestyle choices, consumption patterns, brands, and social circles.

  48. Metrosexuality is a mainstream mass-consumer phenomenon involving the complete commoditization of the male body.