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Tweaking your Blackboard Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Tweaking your Blackboard Site

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Tweaking your Blackboard Site
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Tweaking your Blackboard Site

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  1. Tweaking your Blackboard Site Skip Bottom JSRCC PDO Tuesday 11/22/05

  2. Topics of Discussion • Change the default button for a full menu look. • Replace the announcements function with content area. • Simplify names on menu items and what they connect to. • Use pdf format on Microsoft Documents. • Midterm evaluations the easy way. • Ordering your information • Setting Print options for PowerPoint • Student Information

  3. Entrance to your Sitechange default design Default Designed

  4. Go to control panel and select Settings/CourseDesign

  5. Select Background and letter colors Return

  6. Disconnect announcements and use a content area for announcements. • Provides much better control of position of items. • Looks like an announcement but more flexible in editing. • Can add tables, pictures or files which you can’t with announcements. • Loose the ability to have a banner, but you can create a go around that works just as well. • Can add enhancements to the titles. • Underline <hr> • Colors palette options • Motion marquee function

  7. Disable Announcements by going to Control Panel and Course Options then Manage Tools Disconnect /Uncheck Announcements Availability Not to scale

  8. Without Announcements

  9. Now go to Control Panel and Course Options then Manage Course Menu

  10. <hr> is an html command to create a line, the width of the available window. Use it to emphasis the menu position. One before and one, after in this example

  11. Now you have a content area named Announcements

  12. To make an effective banner using the content area

  13. Now take your menu of items and simplify the naming and description as much as possible, adding content areas where needed. Return

  14. Using word and loading into Blackboard--unprofessional

  15. Same document using pdf (portable document format) and Adobe Reader

  16. Free download of a pfd application. Cute PDF After installation of CutePDF you will then select its function just as you would a printer

  17. Midterm evaluations the easy way Add a Grade Book item Post letter grades Create an announcement Creates moving announcements <hr><marquee>Your Midterm Progress Report...</marquee><hr>

  18. With the announcement send an email of notification Get approval from your Program Head or Dean…! Return

  19. Ordering your information Most current at the top Return

  20. Posting PowerPoint to Blackboard Go to PowerPoint Menu Tools Once you have completed the above actions, save the file. Then it is ready for posting to Blackboard. Your students will thank you Return

  21. Student information

  22. A pdf Student Profile with fill in the blank capability. Student Profile Links to my staff site for an electronic information form. Student Profile For a copy of this presentation go to Then to instructors folder then to SBottom and look for a folder name TweakingBB_PDO. Open and you’ll find these powerpoint slides Return