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QUEENSLAND RUGBY HIGH PERFORMANCE REVIEW ‘Delivering Peak Performance’ JULY 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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  2. WHAT IS HPR? • High Performance Rugby is the Queensland Reds Super 12/14 team and the Reds Rugby College. • It is the professional rugby arm of the organisation but does not exist in isolation of Queensland Rugby.

  3. WHEN PLANNED? This review was planned in October 2004, well before the start of the 2005 Super 12 season and would have happened whether the Reds had finished first or tenth…

  4. WHO CARRIED IT OUT? • Leading consultancy firm PEP Management and John Buchanan, Coach of the Australian Cricket team. PEP has undertaken similar tasks at the Australian Institute of Sport, the Queensland Academy of Sport and ongoing reviews of the national cricket side.

  5. WHY NEEDED? • In recent years, the QRU flagship team has been a ‘serial underachiever’. • The strategic purpose of this report is to helpproduce a professional rugby team now and in the future to guarantee the commercial strength & playing pathway of rugby in Queensland. This in turn, will underwrite QRU charter obligations to provide rugby to the wider community. • The purpose of this consultancy is to not solve the immediate challenge of winning Super 12 or Super 14 in the short term.

  6. AIM OF REPORT • To provide a strategic framework to take Queensland Rugby forward and to make the Reds a highly competitive team in the Super 14 series. • To produce a High Performance Model that can provide a template for Queensland Rugby thinking over the short to long term, identifying what should be the strategic objectives and how best to achieve them.

  7. WHAT IS IT? • The QRU needed to know whether its High Performance Rugby framework is capable of delivering on the following strategic goals: • For the Reds to consistently be the top provincial team in Australian Rugby; and • To develop and sustain Australia’s most successful player and support community.

  8. WHO TOOK PART? • 75 people interviewed….including… • 10 Reds players, past and present • 10 QPR Club coaches • 10 QRU Board members • 9 QPR Club presidents • 5 QRU Life members • 5 Journalists • 3 ARU officials • Also…school representatives, community rugby officials, senior figures from other sports, parents of current players, QRU employees…

  9. KEY QUESTIONS? • 75 interviewees were asked their views on… • The strengths of the existing QRU High Performance Rugby framework? • The weaknesses? • What ‘tough calls’ need to be made NOW? • Identify 4 key issues to be addressed for Reds to be successful? • What is your vision for High Performance Rugby in Queensland? • Prioritise 3 key recommendations you want in the report?

  10. RECOMMENDATIONS • Review recommendations… • Queensland Rugby received a number of recommendations and has agreed with these and will undertake to implement these. Some will be implemented immediately, others over the medium term

  11. RECOMMENDATION 1 • 1. RECRUIT A HIGH PERFORMANCE MANAGER • To manage the High Performance Department and oversee its two (2) main streams: Professional Rugby (Reds Super 14 Team) and Coach & Player Development (Reds College). Key responsibilities are to include management of the unit, future planning, recruitment/retention, oversight of all coaching programs, liaison with Clubs/Schools, talent identification, liaison with RUPA and contract negotiations.

  12. RECOMMENDATION 2 • 2. HIGH PERFORMANCE COMMISSION • Establish a 3-person skill based High Performance Commission, chaired by an existing Board Member. Preferably, the other two members would have recent experience playing at an elite level, legal/contract skills and expertise in either a high performance and/or national league environment. • The High Performance Commission will be reviewed on an ongoing basis

  13. RECOMMENDATION 3 • 3. BOLSTER THE REDS COACHING RESOURCES • Appoint full-time specialists under the Head Coach – Backs, Forwards, skills/defence • Continue with 2 full-time Strength & Conditioning coaches

  14. RECOMMENDATION 4 • 4. REDS COLLEGE • Reds Rugby College (RRC) to be re-branded with a smaller number of targeted players receiving high quality coaching, skills, competition and career support. The program to be ‘games based’ and closely aligned to the Reds vision and culture. It would also be seen as a playing pathway to Premier Clubs and Reds and a policy of “open door” to be adopted. Enhanced involvement by Club and School Coaches in the modified program is considered crucial. Premier Club Coaches to play a key role in nominating players for involvement in the Academy.

  15. RECOMMENDATION 5 • 5. REDS CHARTER • Reds to develop and own a new ‘Reds Charter’ which would incorporate such things as values, Reds culture, what it means to be a Red, Code of Conduct, disciplinary procedures, rituals, standards, induction processes, communication channels, dispute resolution, leadership group etc.

  16. RECOMMENDATION 6 • 6. QRU STRATEGIC PLANNING – 2010 • The QRU Board to utilise the upcoming strategic planning process as an inclusive tool to unify and galvanise all rugby stakeholders in the pursuit of challenging strategic goals over the next five years.

  17. RECOMMENDATION 7 • 7. HIGH PERFORMANCE GUIDING PRINCIPLES • QRU (Board/Management/Administration/Reds) to develop a set of High PerformanceGuiding Principles based upon the following: • We are Athlete Centred, Coach Driven and management supported. • We compete on service not price. • We aim to be an ‘employer of choice’. • We will be inclusive not exclusive with all stakeholders. • Communication will be open and often.

  18. RECOMMENDATION 8 • 8. REDS COACH – VISION • The Reds Coach to develop and communicate his ‘Vision’ or framework for the future. In developing this vision, the Coach to adhere to the above Guiding Principles, in particular, those relating to enhanced communication and inclusion.

  19. RECOMMENDATION 9 • 9. TASK FORCE • A task force to be established to oversee the implementation of the review recommendations • The appointment of the High Performance Manager is an immediate task

  20. RECOMMENDATION 10 • 10. REDS COACHES FORUM • The proposed High Performance Manager to develop and run a six-monthly ‘Reds Coaches Forum’ involving coaches from the Reds, Premier Clubs, Junior Clubs, Schools etc. Key priorities will be talent identification (and management), player retention and coach development. It is also recommended that an ‘Expert Skills Panel’ comprising all Reds coaching staff (and other 'experts') be established to both add value and to also pass on skills to all coaches.

  21. RECOMMENDATION 11 • 11. HIGH PERFORMANCE MOU • QRU to develop a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to highperformance which would be signed by the QRU Board, CEO and all Club Presidents. Items included: • Mid-year review/annual review (formal) • Contracted player involvement in Premier League • Coach Forums (6 monthly) • Reds Coach & specialist Coaches involvement in Premier League • Talent Identification/Talent Development • Definition of high performance • Selection in the Reds College • Involvement of Premier Club Coaches with both the Reds and the Reds College

  22. RECOMMENDATION 12 • 12. COMPETITION OPTIONS • QRU to continue looking for competition opportunities for contracted players not selected in the Wallabies squad post S14 season. • Such competition should occur once the Premier Rugby season has been completed

  23. OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS • Enhance relationship with rugby community • All vacancies in High Performance Department to be publicly and widely advertised • Revamp Performance Planning and Review Processes. Measurable Key Performance Indicators need to be developed for all personnel in the High Performance Directorate • Develop ‘Athlete/Coach Agreements’

  24. WHAT NEXT? • WHAT HAPPENS NOW? • Some of these recommendations will be implemented immediately, others over the medium term.