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The Bible

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The Bible - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bible Lesson Notes Lesson Objective What does the word ‘holy book’ mean? Holy book-answer true or false It has cartoons in it . It contains stories that Roald Dahl has written.

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The Bible

Lesson Notes


Holy book-answer true or false

  • It has cartoons in it .
  • It contains stories that Roald Dahl has written.
  • It contains stories about the life of Jesus. T / F
  • It contains magical potions. T / F
  • It is a book that is treated with respect T / F
  • It is used in a church/synagogue/mosque T / F
  • It contains directions T / F
  • Ministers and Vicars use it in their sermons. T / F
the bible is a holy book
The Bible is a Holy book
  • It contains information about the life of Jesus, and what happened before and after He was born.
  • It is used in Churches and Chapels.
  • Christians live by the teachings of the Bible.
to brainstorm why the bible is holy

Your task

To brainstorm why the Bible is holy.



Subject: RE

Area of Study: The Bible

Lesson: 1

Year Group: Year 4

Learning Objective

To understanding the meaning of the term ‘Holy book’

Lesson Introduction

Slide 1-cover slide

Slide 2-Talk about the lesson objective.

Slides 3-Look at the definitions of a Holy book. Children work out which are true or false

Slide 4- Introduce the idea of the Bible as a Holy book. Talk about the information that it contains and why it is important.

Slide 5-Discuss the task

Lesson Activities

In groups children brainstorm why the Bible is a holy book.


Slide 6-As a class brainstorm all of the children’s ideas