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Welcome to T-Systems. Media&Broadcast. PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to T-Systems. Media&Broadcast.

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Welcome to T-Systems. Media&Broadcast. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to T-Systems. Media&Broadcast. Reliable and innovative solutions to broadcast customers worldwide. T-Systems: Who we are. Deutsche Telekom's business customer units. Mobile Communications Business Customers Broadband / Fixed Network Media&Broadcast Automotive

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welcome to t systems media broadcast

Welcome toT-Systems.Media&Broadcast.

Reliable and innovative solutions to broadcast customers worldwide.

t systems who we are deutsche telekom s business customer units
T-Systems: Who we are.Deutsche Telekom's business customer units.

Mobile Communications

Business Customers

Broadband / Fixed Network









T-Systems is a single source provider of services to business customers in the fields of information technology, telecommunication and media.

Media&Broadcast within T-Systems.A leading service provider for analog and digital audio, TV and satellite services.

Media&Broadcast is the stand alone business unit within T-Systems responsible for all services to broadcasters and media companies. We support about 850 German and 110 international customers including:

German public and private broadcasters

Radio and TV production companies

International broadcasters and network providers

Media authorities

Event organisers and rights holders


Media&Broadcast.Reliable partner of the media business.

  • For more than four decades, T-Systems Media&Broadcast has been significantly involved in the development and introduction of almost every broadcasting platform in Germany.
  • We play an active role in standardization committees and technical working groups of national and international broadcasting associations, e.g. Deutsche TV-Plattform, RRC, DVB Group,…
  • We advise media authorities on frequency allocation questions and other topics concerning content delivery platforms.
  • Thanks to our close and long lasting collaboration with TV and radio stations we have gained huge expertise in all fields of content management and delivery, e.g. in planning terrestrial broadcast contribution networks, covering important live events, in transmitting broadcast signals around the world and in archiving such content.
  • Additionally, to deliver top-quality and state-of-the-art broadcast solutions, we take advantage of our own R&D unit.

Media&Broadcast.Our core competence along the content chain.


  • Outside broadcast (OB) vans with production facilities
  • Cooperation with camera teams


  • Satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles
  • Satellite earth stations
  • Fiber and radio links



  • Archive solutions
  • Play out solutions
  • IPTV solutions


  • Analog terrestrial networks (FM/AM, TV)
  • Digital terrestrial networks (DAB/DMB, DVB-T/-H, DRM)
  • Digital satellite platforms (DVB-S, DVB-S2)

Media&Broadcast.Innovations to solve business challenges.

Besides the broadcasting industry, we support customers in other businesses to manage and

deliver their content and other valuable data:

  • Corporate Media Communication Solutions - used to draw the attention of customers and employees by using moving images and sound.
  • Digital Cinema Global Network: Award winning solution to electronically distribute and manage movies globally at the click of a mouse.
  • Customized services for corporate network data exchange and Internet access via satellite.

Media&Broadcast.Key figures of our unit at a glance.

  • Germanys largest broadcast network operator.
  • Global presence through T-Systems branch offices in over 20 countries.
  • Net revenue around € 530 million in 2006.
  • Employees in 2006: 1,220.
  • Approx. 8,500 FM and TV transmitters.
  • More than 80 AM transmitters.
  • Nationwide DAB/DMB network withapprox. 250 transmitters.
  • DVB-T/-H network with 210 transmitters,reaching 80% of the German population.
  • More than 6,000 Special Events per year.
  • Two satellite teleports with global connectivity.
  • Worldwide access via the Telekom Global Network.




Headquarters Bonn






We go where our customers are.T-Systems’ global delivery capability.


North America branch office

T-Systems worldwide presence

Media&Broadcast’s German presence


Media&Broadcast.First-class solutions and satisfied customers.

On the following pages we show you some examples of our core competencies and their

conversion into successful customer projects:

  • Mobile TV services via DMB and DVB-H networks.
  • DVB-T network solutions.
  • Complete broadcast solutions to cover a huge global event.
  • Customized broadband contribution networks.
  • Analog and digital satellite services.
  • Digital Cinema.
  • AM broadcasting services.

Media&Broadcast.Content follows audience: Mobile TV.

  • Mobile TV enhanced the mobile terminal with audiovisual services.
  • Audio and video content combined with mobile return channel enables full interactivity.
  • New market potential for TV stations and Mobile Network Operators (MNO).
  • Mobile TV will be established on basis of international standards.

DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting)

  • Based on DAB technology

DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting -Handhelds)

  • Based on DVB-T technology

Media&Broadcast.Digital terrestrial television via DVB-T –more programs and higher quality combined with lower costs.

  • Active involvement in development and standardization of the worldwide DVB-T standard.
  • Member in national and international broadcast organizations and part of the German delegation at the Regional Radiocommunication Conference RRC 2006 in Geneva.
  • Partner in all German DVB-T pilot projects to elaborate the preconditions for a successful commercial introduction process including media law and telecommunication law aspects.
  • Leading German DVB-T network operator with more than 210 transmitters on air.
  • All services from one hand: Technical and economical consultation, program contribution and transmission.

Media&Broadcast.Between heaven and earth – Satellite Space Services and Broadcast Networks.

  • Own space capacities on all major European satellite systems, global connectivity in conjunction with reliable satellite operators worldwide for any type of third party use.
  • Provision of permanent and temporary satellite connections, fixed or mobile.
  • Up- and Downlink services for all kinds of broadcast networks.
  • Turnaround services for worldwide interconnection.
  • Mobile SNG services.

Media&Broadcast.Between heaven and earth – Corporate Satellite Services.

  • Provision of worldwide corporate satellite networks of all topology.
  • State of the art IP platforms, extensive teleport facilities and global partnerships for premium broadband services.
  • Corporate back-up and Inmarsat mobile services.
  • Customized Teleport services specifically designed for operation of customer supplied systems.
  • Customized services for business users, enabling attractive corporate communications with customers or employees.

Media&Broadcast.Digital Cinema Global Network.

  • Unique end-to-end integrated solution, from digitizing data, to sending it via satellite, through to broadcastingin cinemas.
  • Film transport and copying costs will be reduced in the long term as a result.
  • In line with current DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications for a worldwide open architecture for digital cinema .
  • Winner of the award in the Content Management category at the IBC 2006, Europe's most important convention for broadcasters.

Media&Broadcast.AM broadcasting –Radio content delivery across continents.

  • 40 years’ expertise in AM broadcasting.
  • Three Short Wave (SW) broadcasting stations in Germany (Jülich, Nauen, Wertachtal), equipped with the latest technologies.
  • Transmission capacities to almost all continents.
  • "All-inclusive" service including frequency planning and coordination, transmission schedule, antenna selection,
  • Program contribution to the transmitter site via the Internet (audio files), ISDN, satellite, leased line, …
  • T-Systems is playing an active role in the development and implementation of Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM).
  • DRM allows the transmission of digital radio programs within the existing AM bands in near FM quality.
  • We operate regular DRM transmissions since more than two years.

Media&Broadcast.International planning, coordination and operation of analog short-wave transmissionsfor the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB).

  • IBB provides administrative and engineering support for U.S. government-funded non-military international broadcast services, e.g. Voice of America (VOA), Radio Sawa or Radio and TV Martí (Office of Cuba Broadcasting).
  • Development of concepts suiting to the IBB distribution strategy to cover crisis areas by using short-wave.
  • In cooperation with IBB detailed coverage and frequency planning, organization of transmitter schedules and operation according to the demand of IBB.
  • Realization of a transmission schedule on different short-wave radio stations to different target areas worldwide on request of IBB.
  • In case of need flexible back-up solutions by using the German short-wave radio stations.
  • Reliability 99,7 %; 24/7 service provision.

Media&Broadcast - DRM

DRM Projects and Transmitter Capacities

media broadcast drm overview
Media&Broadcast - DRMOverview

LW/MW Network Deutschlandradio/Deutschlandfunk

Single Channel Simulcast

Single Frequency Network

Shortwave Transmissions and Capacities

Media&Broadcast - DRM Projects and CapacitiesMW- and LW Network for Deutschlandradio/Deutschlandfunk (1)
  • Preparation of Medium Wave and Long Wave Network for Single Channel Simulcast (SCS) and DRM operation

Transmitting Sites

Longwave: 3

Mediumwave: 6


Begun of 2004 to End of 2006

Status (09/2005)

1 MW transmitter (729kHz Putbus) and

1 LW transmitter (177kHz Oranienburg)

already broadcast digital (24h/day),

3 more are prepeared

MW network covearge


media broadcast drm mw and lw network for deutschlandradio deutschlandfunk 2
MDI Distribution

via Satellit

Sat- Uplink

SCPC- Receiver





to TX



FhG Contentserver

Studio Berlin

DRM Modulator

Media&Broadcast - DRM MW- and LW Network for Deutschlandradio/Deutschlandfunk (2)
media broadcast drm single channel simulcast
Media&Broadcast - DRMSingle Channel Simulcast


  • Based on Sony Proposal
  • Development of Realtime SCS Encoder by T-Systems
  • Optimization of Audio Quality by Deutschlandradio and T-Systems
  • Available as an Option of Telefunken DRM Modulator DMOD2


  • Longwave 177kHz with 500kW Carrier Power during IFA 2003
  • Since 12/2004 on Mediumwave 693kHz Oranienburg (near Berlin) with 250kW Carrier Power for Voice of Russia

Measured Spectrum of SCS Signal

Longwave 177kHz

media broadcast drm projects and capacities single frequency network 1
Media&Broadcast - DRM Projects and CapacitiesSingle Frequency Network (1)

SFN Berlin with 3 transmitters on 1485kHz


  • First presentation during IFA 1999
  • Synchronisation via GPS and Timestamps in 2000


  • Test of SFN capability of DRM equipment
  • Experience in SFN operation
  • Covearge Measurements
  • Preparation of large scale SFNs on Medium and Short Wave

Measured Audio frame error rate

compared to predicted field strength

media broadcast drm single frequency network 2
Media&Broadcast - DRM Single Frequency Network (2)

SFN Tests on Shortwave

Wertachtal (T-Systems) and Sines (Deutsche Welle)

  • Started in April 2005
  • Target: Middle of Europe
  • Tansmitters: Wertachtal (200kW) and Sines (90kW)
  • MDI- Distribution: Satellite

Jülich (T-Systems) and Junglinster (RTL/BCE)

  • Started in June 2005
  • Target: France
  • Tansmitters: Jülich (40kW) and Junglinster (45 kW)
  • MDI- Distribution: Internet (DSL)

First Results

  • DRM Equipment is working reliable
  • SFN gives improved reliability compared to single transmitter
media broadcast drm single frequency network 3
Media&Broadcast - DRM Single Frequency Network (3)

SFN at present

Wertachtal (T-Systems) and Junglinster (RTL/BCE)

  • Started in March 2007
  • Target: France
  • Tansmitters: Wertachtal (100kW) and Junglinster (45 kW)
  • MDI- Distribution: Internet (DSL)
media broadcast drm drm transmitting capacities on shortwave 1
Media&Broadcast - DRM DRM Transmitting Capacities on Shortwave (1)


  • 1 Transmitter with 200 kW DRM power
  • 3 Transmitters with 60 kW DRM power
  • 2 Transmitters with 40 kW DRM power


  • 1 Transmitter with 40 kW DRM power


  • 1 Transmitter with 200 kW DRM power
  • 1 Transmitter with 40 kW DRM power

Transmitting Capacities can be increased

step by step as requested

(in short term and with low cost)

media broadcast drm transmitting capacities on shortwave 2

DRM- Encoder/Multiplexer


+ Data





Controling +



Media&Broadcast - DRM Transmitting Capacities on Shortwave (2)

Multiplex Generation and Distribution




Modulator+ Transmitter

media broadcast drm drm transmitting capacities on shortwave 3
Media&Broadcast - DRM DRM Transmitting Capacities on Shortwave (3)

Interfaces to Customers for DRM transmissions


  • Analog, digital
  • via Satellite or other links
  • Preproduced Recordings (e.g. mp3 Files, CD, DAT, …)


  • Upload/Download via Internet
  • Files via e-mail or CD

DRM Multiplex (MDI)

  • Satellite
  • ISDN
  • Internet (DSL)
  • X.21
media broadcast drm projects and capacities drm transmissions on shortwave 04 2007
Media&Broadcast - DRM Projects and CapacitiesDRM Transmissions on Shortwave (04/2007)


  • 8 h/day from Wertachtal to France
  • MDI via Internet (DSL)
  • SFN tests on request

WRN Ltd.:

  • 0.5 h/d from Wertachtal to UK
  • analogue modulation feed by sat.

On demand for:

  • RNW
  • Christian Vision to UK
media broadcast contacts

Walter BrodowskyAccount Manager

T-Systems Business Services GmbHMedia&Broadcast

E-Mail: walter.brodowsky@t-systems.comPhone: +49 2461 937-164

Volker BehlingAccount Manager

T-Systems Business Services GmbHMedia&Broadcast

E-Mail: volker.behling@t-systems.comPhone: +49 2461 937-166