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How can you help?

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the northshore
How can you help?

You can sponsor a Prom GownDrive in your High School, your business or organization, collecting not only new or gently worn (once!) current style gowns, cleaned and wearable; dress shoes, evening bags, dressy hair ornaments and jewelry, but also unopened eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, blush, nail polish, and perfumes.

Gown/Bridal Shops: We would be delighted to have a few of your overstocked spring/summer gowns and accessories.

High School Seniors; Businesses; Organizations… YOU can use this opportunity to do some great work in Community Service!

The NorthshoreFairy Godmother Project is always looking for girls we can help!

If youknow of a deserving teenage girl from the Northshore area experiencing financial difficulties who should be able go to the Prom, contact us.

All referrals will be kept strictly confidential.

The Northshore

Fairy Godmother

  • Our Wish List
  • Prom Gowns, cleaned and wearable current
  • designs; all sizes, colors & styles
  • Shoes: all sizes – teen evening
  • Purses: young evening – all colors
  • Dry Cleaning services
  • Teen appropriate jewelry and jewelry cleaner
  • Gift Certificates to local Hair & Nail Salons
  • Gift Certificates to local Florists
  • Limousine Services
  • Gown hangers, dress bags, shopping bags
  • Adjustable height rolling garment racks
  • Moveable shoe racks/ jewelry display cases
  • Company/Corporate on-going drop off sites
  • Full length rolling mirrors
  • Gift Bag items: (unopened) lipstick, eye shadow, rouge, mascara, nail polish, perfume
  • Media attention
  • Printing services/supplies
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Monetary donations to help defer costs of garment
  • racks, hangers, gift bags, mirrors, paper and Plus
  • and Petite sizes not always available from prom
  • gown drives.

Project, Inc.

Once you have collected appropriate Prom items, how do you get them to us?

Call us for Pick Up or Send to:

The NorthshoreFairy Godmother Project

P.O. Box 125

Nahant, MA 01908

Phone: 781-594-1255

The NorthshoreFairy Godmother Project

Leave a message; your call will be returned.



Our wands touch students

in the Northshore area

Further Information call: 781-594-1255

Leave a message; your call will be returned.



Who are you and whom

do you represent?

TheNorthshoreFairy Godmother Project is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that provides prom gowns and accessories free of charge to deserving area teenage girls who need just a little help to be able go to their high school Prom.

What happens after we collect the Prom items?

Contact TheNorthshoreFairy Godmother Project to arrange for pickup. We willsort, hang, rack and store the items in preparation for the “Princess Boutique” held in the spring prior to “Prom Season”. Or you can visit one of our on-going drop off sites: Bank of America, Vinnin Square,

21 Paradise Rd., Salem: 978-744-7354;

Bank of America, 189 Andover Street (Rt. 114) Peabody: 1-800-841-4000 (Opposite No. Shore Shopping Center)

Bank Hours: Mon., Tues., Wed. 9-4 pm; Thurs., Fri. 9-6 pm; Sat. 9-1 pm or

Wild Oats, Route 1, Saugus.


TheNorthshoreFairy Godmother Project wants to grant every girls’ wish to go to the prom. Each year, high schools hope that all students who would like to attend the proms may do so; yet, some opt out due to financial hardships.

TheNorthshoreFairy Godmother Project islooking for special people like YOUto help us make a difference in the lives of area teenage girls.

What is the “Princess Boutique?

The event everyone has been waiting for! The culmination of all our efforts from the Prom Gown Drives, to the collection of makeup, shoes, evening bags, jewelry, hair ornaments, and gift certificates, to the scheduling of the girls appointments, to the hair and makeup consultants, to the arrangements for transportation and MOST IMPORTANTLY, (with the help of their Fairy Godmother Personal Shopper) the girls get to select their gowns and accessories.

TheNorthshoreFairy Godmother Project is a sisterof like organizations nation-wide. Founded in Chicago several years ago, there are sister teams from the East to the West Coast; from the Canadian border in the North to the Mexican border and the Gulf of Mexico and Florida in the South, all working toward the same goal: To Send Cinderella to the Prom

Who makes up this Project?

TheNorthshore Fairy Godmother Project enjoys over 60 (and growing) GE Volunteers and Women’s Network members and retirees as well as other volunteers from the Northshore who invite you to get involved in this very special, completely volunteer, non-profit project.

What is the criteria and who decides who is deserving?

High School Guidance Councilors, Class Advisors, DSS, Girls Inc., and other organizations who help teens, refer the girls to us. Girls must have a referral from a teacher or agency, be of good standing in high school, and financially unable to purchase prom items. All referrals will be kept confidential.

How do we get these gowns and accessories?

Local businesses, high school students and organizations have generously donated them through sponsored Prom Gown& Accessory Drives.

You can do it too!