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M icrosoft P owerPoint. A Versatile Instructional Resource . M icrosoft PowerPoint. A powerful and versatile presentation resource. You can combine text, images, video, and sound to any instructional topic. General Information Uses for PowerPoint Sample presentations Visual Basics.

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m icrosoft p owerpoint


A Versatile Instructional Resource


Microsoft PowerPoint

  • A powerful and versatile presentation resource.
  • You can combine text, images, video, and sound to any instructional topic.
module overview
General Information

Uses for PowerPoint

Sample presentations

Visual Basics

Verbal Basics

Design Basics

Verbal Delivery

all microsoft office products work together
All Microsoft Office products work together:

PowerPoint is Versatile

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
i n other words
In other words…

You can put an Excel spreadsheet/graph into your PowerPoint presentation. The same is true with all Office documents.

suggested uses of powerpoint
Suggested Uses of PowerPoint
  • Student Research Projects
  • Informational Kiosk
  • Student Learning Center
  • Whole Class Demonstration
  • Book Making
m icrosoft powerpoint
Microsoft PowerPoint

A fabulous tool for:

  • Small Group Instruction
  • Large Group Instruction
  • Individual Instruction

Visual Basics

Ordinary content can be transformed into a dazzling presentation. This does not require great technical skills. It does, however require a few basics.

verbal basics
Verbal Basics
  • Think of your project as a presentation outline
  • Use an organizational slide to show the general layout (Table of Contents)
  • Keep Text to a Minimum- Try to limit text to 2 complete sentences per slide and Don’t use more than 6 bullets on a slide
  • Above all, make presentation short, yet informative to keep your audiences’ attention
use a design theme
Use a Design Theme
  • Use no more than 2 different fonts
  • Make sure there is good contrast between background and text
  • Use a color scheme and limit your choices to 2-3 colors
  • Using a design theme will unify your presentation
keep design simple
Keep Design Simple
  • Your message is the most important thing in the document.
  • Don’t distract the audience with “bells and whistles”.
design basics
Design Basics
  • Make sure text stands out from your background
  • Select fonts and sizes that are easy to read
  • Watch for backgrounds, clip art or templates that are too distracting

Limit Your Animations

  • Title slide
  • Ending slide
  • Slides or text requiring emphasis
  • Bullets
Remember, too many animations are distracting and take away from the overall effectiveness of your message.
add images and sounds to enhance not distract
Add Images and Sounds to Enhance, not Distract
  • Make sure your selections are appropriate to your subject matter.
  • “Bells and Whistles” are fun on the first slide but get old to your audience very quickly.
keep it organized
Keep It Organized
  • If you created a Table of Contents or organizational slide, follow it.
  • You might want to make a storyboard for your use. Try using Inspiration software to create one.
verbal delivery

Verbal Delivery

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation tool.

t hink back to the last formal presentation that you heard
Think back to the last formal presentation that you heard.
  • What was your impression?
  • Did it have visuals?
  • Were you awake for the duration?
  • Did the speaker have to continuously check notes or look at the visuals?
  • Did you silently go over your “To-Do List”?
rehearse timings
Make sure you practice your speech with the presentation in advance.

You can set up the transitions between slides by using the “Set Up Show” feature.

Rehearse Timings
above all unity
Above All, Unity
  • Your PowerPoint presentation should be unified visually and verbally.
  • You canensure a dynamic and cohesive presentation if you keep to the basics.
f inally

When making a PowerPoint presentation, always keep your audience in mind.