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Soilless Growing Media

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Soilless Growing Media. By: Johnny M. Jessup Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor. Soils & Growing Media. Made up of two types of materials…. Organic Matter Inorganic Compounds. Organic Matter. Dead plant or animal tissue. Contains carbon. Usually has diseases or insects.

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Soilless Growing Media

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soilless growing media

Soilless Growing Media

By: Johnny M. Jessup

Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor

soils growing media
Soils & Growing Media
  • Made up of two types of materials….
    • Organic Matter
    • Inorganic Compounds
organic matter
Organic Matter
  • Dead plant or animal tissue.
  • Contains carbon.
  • Usually has diseases or insects.
types of organic matter
Types of Organic Matter
  • Compost
    • Mixture of partially decayed organic matter.
types of organic matter5
Types of Organic Matter
  • Bark
    • Particles too large to use in seed germination media.
types of organic matter6
Types of Organic Matter
  • Mulch
    • Material placed on soil to break the fall of raindrops (prevents erosion), prevent weeds from growing, or improve the appearance of the area.
    • Used to cover soil to help hold moisture and prevent weeds.
types of organic matter9
Types of Organic Matter
  • Peat Moss
    • Type of organic matter made from sphagnum moss.
types of organic matter10
Types of Organic Matter
  • Sphagnum
    • Pale & ashy mosses used to condition soil.
types of organic matter11
Types of Organic Matter
  • Sawdust & Wood Shavings
    • High carbon to nitrogen ratio that makes nitrogen unavailable for plant use.
inorganic compounds
Inorganic Compounds
  • Do not contain carbon
  • Usually sterile.
types of inorganic compounds
Types of Inorganic Compounds
  • Soilless Media
    • Artificial soil.
  • Perlite
    • Natural volcanic material.
    • Helps aeration.
    • Improves water-holding capacity.
  • Vermiculite
    • Mica mineral matter used to start seeds and cuttings.
    • Helps hold moisture.
    • Has neutral pH.
  • Most organic matter is acid.
  • Most artificial media is neutral.
  • The process of growing plants without soil.
types of systems
Types of Systems
  • Aggregate System
    • Using sand or gravel to support plant roots.
types of systems20
Types of Systems
  • Water Culture
    • Also called solution culture or nutriculture.
    • Plant roots grow in water containing dissolved nutrients.
types of systems21
Types of Systems
  • Aeroponics
    • Plant roots hang in air and are misted regularly with a nutrient solution.
types of systems22
Types of Systems
  • Continuous Flow System
    • Nutrient solution flows constantly over plant roots.
    • Most commonly used for commercial production.
advantage of hydroponics
Advantage of Hydroponics
  • No soil & problems associated with soil.
  • Easy to control nutrient content of plants.
disadvantages of hydroponics
Disadvantages of Hydroponics
  • Plant support must be provided with strings, wires, or stakes.
  • Water quality must be high.
  • Diseases spread through water.
  • More moisture or humidity in air to cause favorable environment for disease organisms.
  • More expensive.
designed by
Designed By:
  • Johnny M. Jessup; FFA Advisor
    • Hobbton High School