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Mira Nair and Salaam Bombay PowerPoint Presentation
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Mira Nair and Salaam Bombay

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Mira Nair and Salaam Bombay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mira Nair and Salaam Bombay. Introduction to Mira Nair. Born in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa in 1957 (middle class family) Attended the University of New Delhi (Sociology and Theater) Went to Harvard in 1976 (Sociology). Films by Mira Nair. Jama Masjid Street Journal (1979)

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Presentation Transcript
introduction to mira nair
Introduction to Mira Nair
  • Born in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa in 1957 (middle class family)
  • Attended the University of New Delhi (Sociology and Theater)
  • Went to Harvard in 1976 (Sociology)
films by mira nair
Films by Mira Nair
  • Jama Masjid Street Journal (1979)
  • So Far From India (1982)
  • India Cabaret (1985)
  • Children of a Desired Sex (1987)
  • Salaam Bombay (1988)
  • Mississippi Masala (1991)
  • The Perez Family (1993)
  • Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love (1997)
  • My Own Country (1998)
  • Monsoon Wedding (2001)
salaam bombay
Salaam Bombay
  • Awards:
  • the New Director's Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988 an Academy Award nomination for best foreign film in 1989
  • A departure from Bollywood
  • Are there any traces of Bollywood influence in the film?
name and identity
Name and Identity
  • What is the significance of name change in the film? (Krishna Chaipau)
  • Krishna
  • Herdsman and flutist
  • 8th avatar of Vishnu
major themes in salaam bombay
Major Themes in Salaam Bombay
  • Growth and coming of age
  • Migratory identity: people drifted to the metropolis (ex) shots of the train station
  • Desire for home: Krishna tries to write home (needs 500 rupees so that he can go home), forms a “family” in Bombay (Chillum, the other children).
  • What about Manju’s family?
major themes 2
Major Themes (2)
  • Comradeship and betrayal
  • What are Krishna’s relationships with other street children?
  • Why does Krishna fall in love with Sweet Sixteen?
  • What are the many betrayals in the film?
  • Repetition: Krishna Chillum
  • The Sweet Sixteen Manju’s mother
social realism and criticism
Social Realism and criticism
  • the production: shot on location, street children
  • Homeless children (Dickensian)
  • Prostitution
  • Drug trade
  • Traces of colonialism (ex. the foreigner)
  • Class difference
  • Well-fare institutions (ex. Chiller room)
  • How is the Chiller room portrayed in the film?
salaam bombay and earth
Salaam Bombay and Earth
  • What do you think about the ending of Salaam Bombay? Is there any hope for the street children?
  • Compare and contrast the two films.
  • Can you think of any other film that is comparable to Salaam Bombay?