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Genre: A Rhythmic, Fantasy Action/Adventure RPG Platform: Nintendo Wii PowerPoint Presentation
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Genre: A Rhythmic, Fantasy Action/Adventure RPG Platform: Nintendo Wii

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Genre: A Rhythmic, Fantasy Action/Adventure RPG Platform: Nintendo Wii - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Genre: A Rhythmic, Fantasy Action/Adventure RPG Platform: Nintendo Wii

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  1. Genre: A Rhythmic, Fantasy Action/Adventure RPG Platform: Nintendo Wii Target Audience: Male/Female 13-24 Music Lovers and RPG fans Rating: Teen

  2. Game Overview “Guitar Hero Meets Final Fantasy” An Over The Top, Rhythm-Based RPG. A guitarist cursed with the power to use music as a weapon, you have been tricked into spreading a sonic plague across the globe. Now, armed only with an electric guitar, you must travel the world and assemble a supernatural band able to fight against the mysterious organization responsible and ultimately destroy the source of the curse—the chaos score ‘Opus#9’.

  3. “Jam Impact”combat system that pits you against other supernatural bands using music as a weapon and your Wiimote as an instrument. Choose from four music classes: • String Instruments (Guitars, Bass, and Violins) • Wind Instruments (Trumpets, Saxophones, and Flutes) • Drums/Percussions(Drum Kits, Pianos, and Cymbals) • Vocal(Choir ensembles and Operatic soloist). • A thrilling, fantasy-martial arts story—based on musical themes, culture, and history—set in a vibrantly detailed 3D world. Contemporary, and classical music cultureexplored for the first time in a Role-Playing Game. Game Features

  4. Recruit 100+ Support Musicians for your supernatural band. Manage, Exchange, and Arrange them to craft special attacks and give your lead band members new abilities. Choose Your Genre. FromRock to Hip Hop, change your sound by arranging your lead band members in different formations. Licensed Soundtrack and Music Scores from top selling, world famous artists including: Green Day, Apocalyptica, RZATokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and Yoko Kanno as well as remixes of old classics from Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach. Game Features cont’d

  5. Story With the invention of Amp Theaters, vibration and air have been tapped as an energy source, providing humanity with near limitless resources. Unfortunately, Amp Theaters also created an unexpected side-effect in the population, influencing the moods and the health of the humans they provide for. Thus, they have become the most precious and protected structures in the world, as any imbalance in their vibrations greatly impacts the inhabitants surrounding them. Now, however, a secret society known as MIRZA has unearthed the chaos score Opus #9. Using its ability to alter vibrations and energize sound, it has cursed musicians across the world with the power to destroy with music. The Amp Theaters are now threatened and the cursed musicians--known as The Noteless—are considered criminals, hunted and killed by global authorities. Noteless bands have formed in response and a war on sound has begun. With all nations on the edge of collapse and Noteless on the rise, humanity has entered the Era of the Great Sonic Plague. You assume the role of a young guitarist cursed by the Opus #9, yet aware of the plot that’s been set into action. You must free yourself and the others from its grasp by traveling to Amp Theaters around the globe and tuning their vibrations with your music. Along the way you must team up with other musicians and finally amass a supernatural band capable of confronting MIRZA and destroying the Opus #9 for good. Amp Theaters

  6. Player Characters Stradivarius (Strad) The abandoned son of a musical genius, Strad is an emotional recluse who has always withdrawn himself from society relying solely on his music to keep him at peace. After becoming one of the victims of a mysterious curse, however, he has transformed into a human time bomb capable of destroying life and music alike with his guitar. Fortunately, Strad has discovered the key to breaking the curse. Now, hunted by the world, Strad has decided to fight back against the mysterious guild—MIRZA—who has targeted him and, with the help of other afflicted musicians, break free from the curse of the Opus #9. Strad Commands an Electric Guitar and has the ability to recruit support band members from the guitar and string classes.

  7. Player Characters The Noteless Strad is not alone in his misfortune, master musicians from all over the world have been targeted by MIRZA to spread the dreaded plague. They likewise seek to be freed from its painful impact. These cursed musicians are known as The Noteless. The Noteless are your band leads—each the master of a particularinstrument class.The combination of Noteless you have in your 5 member party will determine the sound of your band as well as what kind of musical attacks you can use (your Genre). Different Noteless can also recruit different classes of Support Musicians. Noteless can willingly join your group or you can win them over by defeating them in Jam Impact battles.

  8. Ally Characters Support Musicians In addition to Noteless musicians, there are 100+ support musicians you can recruit from four different classes to support your band, each with their own unique playing styles and instruments. Support Musicians essentially act as weapons for your Noteless band leads, giving them access to more powerful and varied Jam Impact attacks and combos. Drum and Percussion Class Wind Class Guitar and String Class Vocal Class

  9. Enemies Rouge Noteless Rouge Noteless and Rival Bands with their own agendas roam the lands looking for other Noteless to recruit or consume in order to gain power. They will often attack you and your group without reservation should you be deemed worthy of battling. You can try to recruit these bad seeds, but depending on who you have in your band or what you’ve done in the game world, they may respond with violence. Most Rouge Noteless cannot be recruited and insist on terrorizing every town they cross. Defeat them to gain Experience Pointsto level-up your band members and become stronger. Defeating Rouge Noteless can also win youAccess to New Locations.

  10. Enemies MUTES The Global Authorities! Specially recruited and mind-controlled Noteless trained by the world government to seek and destroy other rouge and powerful Noteless. That means YOU! The Mutes are your #1 threat, they are in every city and location constantly in pursuit. Defeating Mutes gains you experience points and Reputation which raises your chances of successfully recruiting new band members!

  11. Enemies MIRZA A secret society that has unearthed and performed the chaos score Opus #9, unleashing its devastating curse upon the world. Their members and motives are unknown, yet in the six years that have passed since their arrival, they are rumored to be after more than mere global unrest and domination. In your quest to harmonize Amp Theaters you will run into more than a few Members of MIRZA out to thwart you in your efforts. Gain more information About the group by finding And defeating its members and uncover the shocking truth behind the chaos score Opus#9.

  12. Gameplay Battle Of The Bands Jam!!! Use Wii gestures and button combinations to perform musical attacks that manifest as telekinetic and paranormal abilities: • While controlling a Violin Class Noteless, turn the Nun-chuck on its side and quickly race the Wii-mote back and forth across your upturned forearm. This will perform the Devil’s Trill and literally transforms you into a demon that unleashes a devastating combo upon your enemy. • With a Guitar Class Noteless, hold the Nun-chuck out to your side and windmill the Wii-mote in a vertical 360 in front of you. This initializes the Smashing Rock Combo, setting your body ablaze, rushing you up to the enemy, and letting you flail your guitar/Wii-Mote as fast as you can within 10 seconds for max damage. Solos and Combination Attacks. Level up and learn how to string together multiple weaker attacks to create more powerfulSolo and Freestyle Combos. Or perform dual and group attacks with multiple Noteless at once to create Duet and Ensemble Combination Attacks. • Band Arrangement and Member Swapping. • Assume control over any of the 5 Noteless Leads in your party at any moment and jump between them to create more complex and effective attack strategies. • Arrange your band on the fly by swapping out Noteless Leads in the middle of battle to change your attack arsenal and music genre. You can even trade and exchange band members with rival or defeated bands for a variety of purposes, such as for a peace or allegiance offering.

  13. Gameplay cont’d Battle Of The Bands Advance and Upgrade. Grow individual band members as well as the band as a whole and gain access to more Solo Combos, Duets, and Locations by defeating enemies. Recruit Noteless to gain new instruments, in-game music tracks, and music genres. Rally Support Musicians to unlock additional abilities, story, and world content. Name Your Band and make your own custom group emblems and character skins or choose from a library of ready made designs and mix and match them as you please. Rouge Mode. Be a Rouge Noteless and venture on the ultimate power trip to conquer all bands!

  14. Game World “All The World’s A Stage.” Reality Re-mastered. Journey through a nameless, modern fantasy world marked with uniquely fused musical and cultural themes (i.e. Baroque, Cathedral-style Skyscrapers, Punk Rock Music Halls, and Hip Hop Governments). Enter the Underworld. Visit black market Tuning Shops to buy items and new models of instruments or enter Studios where you can perform, name, and save combo attacks to use as preset, automated commands in future battles. Proceed with Caution. Some locations have Noteless scanning systems that can bring trouble your way. Find the means to disguise yourself and hide your powers so that you can travel through towns safely.

  15. Sample Gameplay After being chased by Mutes, you’ve just reached the Amp Theater floating above the coral metropolis of Coric only to find yourself ambushed by a rival band—The Lost Numbers—who seek revenge for a defeat you delivered to them way back. With the Mutes hot on your tail, you don’t have time to dally so you try to avoid the fight by offering to give up a supportive band member, but it’s no dice. The Lost Numbers’ leader casts a Jam Impact Zone around your party and they begin their assault. A whirlwind of giant spiked thorns and rose leaves sweeps through your group as the Lost Numbers open the fight with an operatic music attack marked by a Duet of Violin and Vocal attacks. You use your Percussionist to perform a defensive Sonic Shamble Smash and dampen the attack but you have taken damage. You do not have the Noteless leads in your group who can play well against Operatic attacks so you switch out your drummer and cymbal percussionist for your powerful Piano and Cello Leads. Their are 5 support musicians with them and without hesitation you perform a preset Ensemble Combo that rocks the ground below the Lost Number’s feet with thunder and lightning bolts followed by torrents of black rain. This attack dizzies two leads in the Lost Number’s band and allows you to change the dynamic of the fight. The music genre changes from an Operatic to a Jazz style with you setting the pace. Continue>>

  16. Sample Gameplay With the advantage now yours, you push the fight more towards a jazz genre by switching out your Vocalist and Cello musician for a Trumpet and Bass Player. Their attacks are not that strong and they have few support musicians, but Jazz works best against Operatic attacks. You use your trumpet player to perform a Solo Attack that is aimed at and overpowers the two vocalist in the Lost Number group. Just as you are close to finishing them off however, the crafty lead vocalist unexpectedly calls in her 20 support musicians—A Flying Angel Choir—and performs a devastating fire shower move that takes most of your band down, but has the double edge of killing off two of the Lost Number’s own vocalist. Getting desperate you change out your fallen Trumpeter and Cello Noteless in exchange for two additional Guitar leads. Gambling with the last bit of your energy you use your fusion technique to combine all the guitars. You then scramble to perform the strongest move in your arsenal on the lead Vocalist—The Flying Guitar Ensemble Rush Combo. As the smoke clears you stand rag tagged, but triumphant. Just as you think it’s all over however, the air clears to reveal a company of Mutes who have you surrounded on all sides…

  17. Visual Style The iconic and painterly character art of Kingdom Hearts meets themodern-fantasy, detailed 3D environments of Devil May Cry with intense splashes of color effects in between to bring emphasis and contrast to the world. All designs feature a unique, modern blend of musical and cultural themes from the East and West including: Hip Hop, Japanese, and East Indian Culture, Classical and Baroque Architecture and Art, as well as influences from Jazz, Rock, and Ska. Kingdom Hearts Devil May Cry

  18. Online and Multiplayer Features • Face off against your friend’s bands over the net in a special Battle of the Bands mode or play Co-op in story game mode. • Unlock hidden Noteless leads and rare items and instruments through Online Jam Competitions. • Download Exclusive Music Content to your I-pod. • Wii-DS connectivity options. Franchise Plan Future Titles- More instruments and music styles, new stories and characters, exclusive online multiplayer versions. MMORPG potential. Ancillary Markets – The I.P. isprime foranimation, manga, and comics. Celebrity Band Appearances- Gorillaz, Linkin Park, and more!

  19. I.P. and Presentation by:Kasan Wright Fin.