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National Education Cluster Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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National Education Cluster Meeting

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National Education Cluster Meeting
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National Education Cluster Meeting

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  1. National Education Cluster Meeting Monday 02nd July 2018

  2. Previous Meeting Action Points

  3. Updateson IDP Schools Closure in KRG • In light of the new developments around the advocacy efforts of the IDP schools closure in Kurdistan, the following snapshot clarifies the latest discussions with the Federal MoE at Baghdad level. Closure of IDP schools • “The Ministry confirmed that the decision related to closure of IDP schools in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is still in effect, however, given the circumstances in the liberated areas and the inability of some families to return to their governorates of origin due to lack of basic infrastructure, the ministry decided to take some exceptional measures for some IDP schools to remain functional”.   • It is not yet clear which schools will remain functional however the MoE will send a committee to evaluate the schools and based on the findings the MoE will make decision on which schools will remain functional

  4. Updates on 2018 HRP Performance Periodic Review

  5. Updates on HNO/HRP Process for 2019 • Data collection for the MCNA is scheduled to begin the first week of July and run all month. The data collected will help build a strong Humanitarian Needs Overview document. Data will be collected from 78 districts in total  and targeted populations include in and out of camp IDPs as well as returnees.  Host communities have been excluded • The National cluster has requested the sub-national clusters to reach out to partners and other stakeholders to complete a survey of needs as of last week the responses were as follows • Gov.No. of  Responses • Anbar 5 • Baghdad 4 • Dahuk 5 • Erbil 4 • Kirkuk 3 • Ninewa 14 • Salah al-Din 21 • Grand Total 56 • The national cluster is therefore encouraging partners who have not responded to the survey to do so. The survey will help us to triangulate findings on the needs and also inform the HNO

  6. Updates of GBV Mainstreaming Into Education Programs • GBV mainstreaming online mapping survey conducted and very few partners filled the survey • GBV Focal Persons Identified in some locations, in other areas that aren't identified, if you are interested and have the capacity to this role Please let us know! • ToR Developed: A draft ToR is shared out with all the cluster members in the contacts list so if you have any feedback kindly let us know. • GBV Training Planned: Tentatively the training is scheduled to take place at the end of July 2018

  7. Presentation on E-Learning

  8. Key Updates from the Sub-National Cluster Focal Persons • Kirkuk • SAD • Anbar • Ninewa • Erbil • Dahuk • Sully

  9. Anbar Key Activities Undertaken in the Month • Online surveys of needs assessment conducted. • Assessment and information gathering conducted in west of Anbar • Training of proposal development will be conducted on 17th,18th,19thJuly for sub-cluster education members • Data collection from all the reports and existing information gathered and will share with the national cluster soon.

  10. Refugees Education Updates • Presentation on Coursera for Refugees

  11. Information Management

  12. A. O. B.