ics 699 sony playstation game programming project n.
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ICS 699 – Sony PlayStation Game Programming Project PowerPoint Presentation
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ICS 699 – Sony PlayStation Game Programming Project

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ICS 699 – Sony PlayStation Game Programming Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICS 699 – Sony PlayStation Game Programming Project. -Matthew Sharritt. Overview. What is LEARNU? Goals of the Project How the Project Started Game Design Principles My Final Project Demonstration Conclusion. What is LEARNU. Lab of Edutainment Architectures for Revolutionary New Uses

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ICS 699 – Sony PlayStation Game Programming Project

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Presentation Transcript
  • What is LEARNU?
  • Goals of the Project
  • How the Project Started
  • Game Design Principles
  • My Final Project
  • Demonstration
  • Conclusion
what is learnu
What is LEARNU
  • Lab of Edutainment Architectures for Revolutionary New Uses
    • LEARNU is a lab of the University of Hawaii, Department of Information and Computer Sciences that explores the advancement of computer and information sciences and education in modern game console platforms.
  • Focus on ‘Edu-tainment’: Education & Entertainment
  • Developer kits donated from SquareSoft- allowing us to develop PlayStation Applications
  • Project of Instructor David Nickles
how the project started
How the Project Started
  • SquareSoft going out of business…www.squareusa.com
    • Donation of PSX development kits
  • PlayStation is a widely-used and widely-available platform, which is easy to use by people of all ages, and is great for multimedia applications
game design
Game Design
  • Techniques were studied, from the book “Game Design, Theory and Practice” by Richard Rouse III
  • Game Design principles were studied, and applied to our projects
some good game design principles
Some ‘Good’ Game Design Principles
  • Challenging
  • Bragging Rights
  • Good Graphics and Sounds
  • Room for Fantasy / Immersion
  • Consistency
  • Accomplishable Tasks
  • Humor
  • Artificial Intelligence
a challenging game
A Challenging Game
  • Steady increase in difficulty
  • First level easy, later levels hard
  • Makes the game appealing to gamers of different skill levels- beginners and experts
bragging rights
Bragging Rights
  • I got the highest score!
  • Pac-Man style of getting to the highest level possible and obtaining the highest score
  • A good game will have people bragging to their friends about the score they achieved
good graphics sounds
Good Graphics / Sounds
  • Many good games in the past, but they had much less powerful hardware
  • Resulted in simpler games than today
  • Still fun to play, but can’t compare with the latest games out today
  • Good sounds and graphics add realism to the game
fantasy immersion
Fantasy / Immersion
  • Good games absorb the person playing the game
  • Gamers can fantasize that they are in the world that the game presents
  • Gamer is unaware of the hours flying by
  • Gamers expect a consistent interface and game play
  • Not following this convention will frustrate the game player
  • Switching the game ‘rules’ mid-stream will leave gamers complaining about the game programmers
accomplishable tasks
Accomplishable Tasks
  • Tasks in the game should be something that is realistic for the gamer to accomplish
  • Gamer shouldn’t get hopelessly stuck
  • Gamers expect to fail, otherwise it wouldn’t be challenging
  • Fun games can be funny
  • I tried to do this with adding a South Park theme to my game
  • Characters are funny- big head / little bodies, similar to South Park theme
  • You might recognize some of the characters...
and finally ai
And Finally... AI
  • Artificial Intelligence- needs to match the complexity of the game
  • Often referred to as ‘Artificial Stupidity’
  • Can be simple, as long as the game play doesn’t get too predictable
my final project
My Final Project
  • I worked on several projects over the year, and I will present my final project for this semester
  • Is a shooter-style game- objective is to kill your opponent before he kills you
  • There is a catch in the game- the orange figure in the snow-suit (Kenny) is your friend, and you cannot shoot him
my final project1
My Final Project
  • Game allows you to duck behind a wall
  • Several different levels, with different enemies and settings
  • Several difficulty levels
  • Upon passing a difficulty level, you continue by restarting on a higher difficulty level
my final project2
My Final Project
  • Gun shot effects- such as seeing gun flashes, having different gun sounds for shooting or being shot at, and having a red flash on the screen when you are hit
  • Characters in the game follow a random AI, through a state machine
  • Game is played using the PlayStation light gun
let s see it
Let’s See It!
  • I’ll switch to a demo of my game...
  • As a life-long gamer, I had a lot of fun studying what elements make a game fun
  • Creating games from scratch, and doing all of the design yourself is very rewarding
  • End product is a fun, playable game that can be shown to your friends
  • I would recommend participation in the PlayStation lab to anyone with an interest in gaming and software design

Rouse III, Richard. Game Design: Theory and Practice. Plano, TX: Wordware Publishing, 2001.