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Post Award 101

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Post Award 101
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Post Award 101

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  1. Post Award 101 Presented by Liz Hinske Kerry Marsolek

  2. Post Award 101 Presented by Patty Homyak Tonya Knutson

  3. SPA and SFR Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and Sponsored Financial Reporting (SFR) are two separate central units supporting research at the U of MN

  4. SPA and SFR (con’t) • SPA: • Reports up to the Vice President for Research • Handles pre award: proposal submission, contract negotiations • SFR: • Reports up to the Controller • Handles post award: Reporting & invoicing, payment application, collections, close out

  5. SFR Org Chart Sue Paulson Director Mark Rova Mary Gorder Data Analyst Kamala Upadhyaya Associate Director Sylvia Taube Principal Office & Admin Specialist Marjorie Nebo Finance Manager Accounts Receivable: Collections Payment Application Close Outs Kerry Marsolek Senior Finance Manager Non Federal Area: State of Minnesota Business & Industry Foundations Health Organizations Tonya Knutson Senior Finance Manager Federal Area: DHHS US Dept of Education NSF US Dept of Energy Federal Subcontracts Student Position

  6. SFR Org Chart (con’t) Marjorie Nebo Kerry Marsolek Tonya Knutson Accountant II: Michele Dobsinski Julia Steinkopf (1/2 time) Kristie Berglund Jane Hatlevik Accountant II: Jill New Accountant II: Lisa Gow Julia Steinkopf (1/2 time) Karen Dahlheimer Dick Hartmann Staci Gallahue Todd Stroessner Accountant I: Tatyana Estrin Accountant I: Christina Cheung Misty Bauermeister Jim Kaintz Stephanie Kranitz Kristin Lien Chris Ybarra Angela Lane Open Position Accountant I: Bridget Al-Qublan XuefeiHu (Fay) Andrea Hyllengren Leah Mumm Tuan Ta Principal Collection Representatives: Nayubel Bernard Misty Bauermeister CarlyPrelwitz

  7. Award Set Up • Team comprised of both SPA and SFR • Responsible for completing award set up in PeopleSoft • After award is set up imaging e-mails NOGA to SFR, SPA grant administrator (GA), PI and academic department designees

  8. SFR Accountant Assignment • Finance Manager receives and reviews NOGA and verifies PS set up • Based on sponsor requirements, assigns to accountant • Changes billing specialist in PS and forwards NOGA to accountant

  9. Reporting/Invoicing Preparation • Billing and reporting triggered by PS events • Interim-expenses are picked up based on accounting period in which it hits the ledger. Department is not consulted. • Final (budget & project period)-late expenses are included using other verification sources. Department is consulted, this includes the PI.

  10. Payment Application • All sponsored payments are sent to a separate bank account and lock box • Accounts receivable accountants identify and apply payments • Unidentified payments are worked separately

  11. Collections • Principal Collections Reps follow up on unpaid invoices greater than 60 days • Will contact PI if non payment is due to missing technical deliverable

  12. Close Outs • Verify all invoices are paid • Overdrafts and late charges are removed • Verify encumbrances are closed

  13. Other Important Items • Letter of credit (LOC) payments are drawn from sponsor website • Clinical Trial budget amounts are set up as invoices are created • Refer to Accounts Receivable job aid for instructions on looking up open and paid invoices • PI’s are copied on all e-mails

  14. Important Items (continued) • SFR accountant will work with the PI and department accountant to obtain signatures on financial forms • SFR keeps copies of submitted invoices and reports • Department is responsible for monitoring rebudgeting restrictions

  15. SFR open house on April 6, 2009, 1:00-3:00 at the McNamara Alumni Center • EFS Sponsored website: • Tonya Knutson, Federal Senior Finance Manager, 612-624-7850, • Kerry Marsolek, Non-Federal Senior Finance Manager, 612-624-8053,

  16. Post Award 101 SFR Perspective/Tonya Knutson/Kerry Marsolek Department Perspective/Patricia Homyak/Liz Hinske 02.17.2009

  17. Groundwork – Before award is made If Pre-Award or Advance Account Needed Complete pre-award/advance acct form Prepare estimated budget to include acct codes Secure non-sponsored chartstring to absorb costs if award is not made Review F&A Waiver if Secured ICR Sharing If Cost Share Needed Submit to GA: Non-sponsored chartstring Budget amounts Account codes

  18. NOGA Received Review Budget (Direct and F&A) Review Restrictions Review Reporting/Invoicing Terms Fund Reversion Fixed Price Contract Milestones Review Human/Animal Approval Status Note Restrictions or Specifications on Intellectual Property, Publications, Data Security Review EFS Budget (account codes) Work with PI to Adjust Budget for Cuts Determine Payroll/Effort

  19. Conditional Action If Rebudget Needed Complete SPA Rebudget Form If Subaward Needed Submit to GA: Workscope Budget PS-Friendly Budget Discuss Subaward Invoice Monitoring w/ PI

  20. Expense – Receivable Monitoring Create Monitoring Schedule Use award terms to help design schedule (ex. Events) Approve Expenses (if assigned) Monitor allowability, allocability, reasonableness Effort Certification Manage Regularly Time limitations can come in to play with longer effort periods Record Retention

  21. Conditional Action Work with PI No-cost Extension Request Carryfoward Request Equipment Request Significant Effort Changes (Key Personnel) Other Special Change Requests Collection Issues if Needed Watch Request Deadlines!

  22. Report Preparation Review Terms and Restrictions Verify Expenses Confirm Outstanding Expenses Processed (ex. Subcontract invoices) Balance to Department Records Communicate with SFR Acctnt Expenses to Include Plan to Remove Late Charges Final Approval to Submit Report Adverse Event – Agency Extension Needed

  23. Closeout Request Fixed Price Transfer Remove Late Charges – Within 90 Days Commitment Control dates may need to be changed Notify PI/Lab to Cease Spending Process Distribution Changes if Ongoing Payroll Close Encumbrances (Procurement Specialist/GA) Check Status in EFS

  24. Contact Information: Tonya Knutson, SFR: 612-624-7850 Kerry Marsolek, SFR: 612-624-8053 Patty Homyak, Health Policy/Mgmt: 612-624-6162 Liz Hinske, Pediatrics: 612-625-0679