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  1. Mobiledevicesandrobots The future FORUM NOKIA MOBILE INNOVATION COMPETITION 2008 Universidade Federal de Campina Grande Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica Embedded – Laboratório de Sistemas Embarcados e Computação Pervasiva eROBOTICA – Miguel Augusto de Souza Falcão Thiago de Freitas Oliveira Araújo Walter Onofre Guerra Filho

  2. Description eguide

  3. eGUIDE The link between mobile devices and robotics became clear when it was understood to be responsible not only for the improvement of man's way of life, but also for his interaction with society. This notion is accepted without the concept of a "robot being", but alternatively with the demand for robotic environments, adaptable to each and every individual. In this way, these devices appear as a simple motivation for this interaction. To illustrate this concept, the lab environment was used for an autonomous robot capable of remote control, which presents the various tools in the room, each one according to our future plans.

  4. eguide Architecture

  5. The Architecture Faça um demonstrativo com excelentes gráficos. O PowerPoint facilita a produção dos recursos visuais que costumam exigir vários aplicativos. Aplique facilmente sombras suaves, reflexos, brilhos, bisels, 3D e muito mais! • Modularized • Upgradeable • Changeable • Extensible

  6. Motion Control The control of the motors is directly done by the N800, via the Nxt Prompt. It means, that the N800 is the brain of the Robot and all the algorithms are implemented on it.

  7. Linux Kernel The Linux Kernel is the lowest level Operational System’s Interface Layer with the hardware and responsible to manage the computational Resources of the System. Open source!! ...

  8. Camera As we are using a Linux device , we have plenty access to the camera device, to the raw data, and the manipulation, and creation of applications that require image processing are easier.

  9. Communication Layer The communication layer provides serial and USB, for internal connections, and bluetooth or wireless, for external devices. The bluetooth can be used like a wireless serial, intermediated by the Rfcomm protocol.

  10. Interface/Remote Control PyGTK applications are truly multiplatform and they're able to run, unmodified, on Linux, Windows, MacOS X and other platforms. PyGTK is free software, so you can use, modify, distribute and study it with very few restrictions (LGPL license).”

  11. Application/Data Analysis • Easy access to any of the data that comes from the Robot. • Bidirectional communication / analysis

  12. Application scenarios

  13. Description – The House

  14. Description

  15. Movement Detection If any motion is detected the movie block assumes the control of the current state of the platform.

  16. Call The Linux Kernel should require the application, according to the security configuration, and start calling any person/thing that is necessary.

  17. Movie The movie server initializes, the user( security company, owner) is contacted, and can access the movie server to analyze the image itself. On the robot side, it tries to accomplish the better position for filming.

  18. Other Scenarios Fire Detection Movie Fireman Initialize Water System Inform the House Owner

  19. Other Scenarios Looks what is happening Father’s cellphone alarms Goes to take care of the baby Robot goes to father’s room Baby Buahhhh Sound Detection

  20. Conclusion

  21. Business Potential Home Robots:       Security       Entertainment      Approximate People     Elderly people Care     Interaction between the Robot and people with blind, handicapped  people to ease their lives Entertainment Robots: Interaction with people's devices on museums robot guides, airports, train stations, etc.     Nokia promotion on electronics meetings     Multimedia Content All the concepts of Robotics are planned to be integrated, such as Mobile Robots, Domotics, etc. 

  22. Future Work We have already integrated this solution to an i-cybie toy, but we plan to integrate with more Robots(as Robots , as our really limited budget can get), as our architecture is "robot-independent". Currently working for sooner releases:      Motion Detection by the device's camera(some beta problems, so not on the solution for the competition)      Sensor Integration with the Device      Audio streaming , captured by the Robot Currently Working for future Releases:        More Autonomous features        Voice Recognition        Face Recognition       Integration with more sensors, such as Smoke Sensor, etc.       Integration with more devices.

  23. eGUIDE is just the beginning of a bright future , a little story. However, the fusion between mobile devices and robots could, in other cases,  promenade along a museum, describing objects and their history, alluring people to it. We can experience a delightful past quest with the best that the future has to offer: boundless informations. In this context, we could have for instance a wide multimedia to be presented according to each convenience.