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  1. Mexico The Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico is developing a System of Tourism Sustainability Indicators and its Implementation at Tourist Destinations: Puerto Peñasco Huatulco Cozumel Pátzcuaro Rosarito

  2. Puerto Peñasco Rosarito Cozumel Pátzcuaro Huatulco

  3. In what was formerly a smal village of fishermen, there exists today a peerless option for national and foreign tourism. The benevolence of its climate, its privileged position and its nearness to the border, make it accessible to thousands of tourists from Arizona, who all year enjoy its beaches, bays and estuaries. The gentleness of the waves in El Mirador, Playa de Oro and Playa Bonita is ideal for the practice of water sports. All year round, Puerto Peñasco is un paradise for lovers of sport fishing; and it is the same for diving, for which there are clear, warm and calm waters. Very near there, on San Jorge island, the underwater adventure acquires a special attraction because of the presence of seals and dolphins, and the possibility of spotting the manatee, a species in danger of extinction. Added to this is the spectacle of the low tide and, of course, the visit to the Pinacate reserve, an important ecosystem with numerous and formidable craters. Puerto Peñasco

  4. Cozumel Island (Cuzam, Cuzamil, place of swallows) is located 20 kilometres from the central coast of the state, is 52 kilometres long by 14 in width. Its climate is hot and humid, with rain in summer and autumn, when the Alisios winds from the east and south east prevail, as well as northerlies and storms. The town of San Miguel de Cozumel offers first class tourism services, and three cruise liners which tour the islands of the Caribbean arrive there daily; Chancanaab Natural Park, which has a botanical garden, an inland lake, beach and coral reef. Cozumel is known as a world diving centre. Cozumel

  5. Only 30 minutes from the city of Tijuana, is Rosarito Beach which has become a very popular tourist destination. Its history dates back to 1929 when it was the favourite vacation spot for famous actors and actresses from Hollywood, California, who enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of its beaches. Rosarito All year round, Rosarito is the host of very important events such as: the Fish and Seafood Fair, the Festival of Mexican cuisine, the Rosarito-Ensenada cycle ride, the Frontier Fiestas which take place in October and the Anniversary Fiestas celebrated in May.

  6. In Huatulco you can dive in coral reefs, go sea kayaking in its nine bays, climb the sea cliffs, go mountain biking in the sierra, rappel down waterfalls and go white water rafting on the Copalita river, among other exciting adventures. In the environs of the Bays of Huatulco there are rivers that descend from the Sierra Madre del Sur and on arriving at the coast they empty into the sea forming interesting natural settings of dense vegetation and abundant fauna, birds above all. For example, the Copalita river has its mouth less than 10 km to the west of Tangolunda. Huatulco Diving, fishing and snorkelling are some of the activities you can practise on these beaches, if you have your gear don’t forget to bring it.

  7. Patzcuaro Pátzcuaro is one of the picturesque towns of the state, with a great wealth of handicraft and famous for its scenic beauty. It is located on the southern shore of Lake Pátzcuaro in which there are four islands, one of these, the biggest, is Janitzio. In Pátzcuaro you can visit the Palace of Huitzimengari, the House of the eleven courtyards, the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, the Churches of San Francisco, San Juan de Dios and de la Compañía, the Capital del Humilladero, the Basílica of Nuestra Señora de la Salud, the Museum of Popular Arts and the market.