magnet supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in northern ohio l.
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MAGNET supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio. PowerPoint Presentation
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MAGNET supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio.

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MAGNET supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MAGNET supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio. From the President & CEO Mission: The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network supports and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio.

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MAGNET supports manufacturers and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio.

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from the president ceo
From the President & CEO
  • Mission:
  • The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network supports and champions manufacturing in Northern Ohio.
  • MAGNET is a “one-stop shop” for entrepreneurs and technology-driven manufacturers seeking resources to become or remain globally competitive.
  • Results: Calendar Years 2007 and 2008:
    • $244,220,000 Increased or Retained Sales
    • $ 35,674,000 Cost Savings
    • $ 91,248,000 Investment
    • $371,143,000 Total Economic Impact
    • 2,731 Jobs Created or Retained

David M. FoutsMAGNET President & CEO

service region
Service Region

MAGNET services are available to around 16,000 manufacturers in 33 Northern Ohio counties

MAGNET currently has active projects with these 20 companies in the Hudson area:

Nelson Pitlor, PresidentAccessMount

Lean for Manufacturing

Lean Product Development

Lean Business, Administrative & Support

Workforce Transformation

Supply Chain Optimization/Logistics

Quality Management

Product Development

Growth Planning

Eureka! Winning Ways

Marketing Strategy & Sales


Innovation Process


The Competitiveness Challenge

  • Companies that enter MAGNET’s friendly annual competition learn to:
    • Plan and implement a strategy
    • Benchmark the value proposition
    • Improve teamwork
    • Showcase strong leadership
    • Improve top-line and bottom-line results
  • 2008 Competitiveness Challenge Results:
    • 14 participating companies
    • 20 new products
    • 136 new or retained jobs
    • $250 million regional economic impact
business incubation
Business Incubation

The Northeast Ohio Incubator Collaborative

  • Five incubators provide services to entrepreneurs in the 21 counties of Northeast Ohio.
    • Akron Global Business Accelerator
    • Braintree Partners (Mansfield)
    • Great Lakes Incubator for Developing Enterprises (GLIDE) (Lorain County)
    • MAGNET Incubator (Cuyahoga County)
    • Youngstown Business Incubator
  • Results: 2005 to 2008:
  • $304 million Sales Revenue
  • $ 81 million Investment Capital
  • $ 39 million Employee Payroll
  • 754 Jobs
business incubation10
Business Incubation



Jim Zedella, PresidentInnovative Process Administration

business incubation11
Business Incubation

Cuyahoga County New Product Development Loan Fund

Available to entrepreneurs and small manufacturers.

$3.25 million for new product development since 2005.

community of smaller manufacturers
Community of Smaller Manufacturers
  • For companies with sales under $25 million.
    • Coaching
    • Web-based guided learning
    • Streamlined consulting services
    • Performance benchmarking
    • Networking events
  • Achieve top-line growth, bottom-line savings and improved profitability.

Chris Azedourian, PresidentCutting Systems, Inc.

education training
Education & Training

Building a 21st Century Workforce

  • The MAGNET Education Initiative aims to solve the urgent image and skills-gap issues that face the manufacturing industry in Northeast Ohio.
  • MAGNET staff partner with manufacturers, education-and-training institutions, the public workforce system and like-minded community organizations. Current initiatives include:
    • Northeast Ohio Dream It! Do It! Web Site
    • Manufacturing Ambassador Program
    • WVIZ/NOTA Careers Broadcasts
    • Cleveland Cavaliers Awards Program
global business development
Global Business Development

Connecting Northern Ohio manufacturers to world markets

2009 Global Events:

Keep Your Business Growing with increased Global Export Sales, March 19

Going Global Today, May 12

2009 Update on High-Tech & Environmental Regulations, June 4

public policy advocacy
Public Policy & Advocacy

The Voice of Manufacturing for Northeast Ohio

“We had a serious issue with the Dept. of Commerce. [MAGNET’s Director of Public Policy] Michael Kobylka quickly made calls to Sen. Voinovich’s office to arrange a meeting in Washington.

It is good to experience first-hand the willingness of people to help when there is an emergency.”

--Matthew C. Litzler

President, C.A. Litzler Co.

case study
Case Study


New Product Development

innovation siphon flush
Innovation – Siphon Flush

An idea is born…

Ohio businessman Walter Beery received a $500 water bill for his unoccupied Arizona vacation home.

The culprit: a degraded flapper on the toilet had let thousands of gallons escape without a sound.

Beery came to MAGNET with the germ of an idea for creating a fool-proof system to stop toilet leaks.

MAGNET engineers began with research.

innovation siphon flush18
Innovation – Siphon Flush

MAGNET research showed government agencies estimate that 6 trillion gallons of water is leaking out of toilets every day—equivalent to the volume of water going over Niagara Falls every 2.2 hours.

innovation siphon flush19
Innovation – Siphon Flush

The Culprit: The rubber flapper

“I knew we had to look for the absolute root cause.

In the end—the key was to pull the flapper out of the model and force ourselves to think outside the box.”

—Walter G. Berry, CEOAmerican Innovative Products

innovation siphon flush20
Innovation – Siphon Flush

Concept Break Through: The Reverse Trap

Kitchen Trap: Water prevents sewer fumes from escaping back up the plumbing into the house

Reverse Trap: Air bubble prevents water from escaping from the toilet

innovation siphon flush21
Innovation – Siphon Flush

Concept Evolution: The Siphon Flush

Siphon: A continuous tube that allows liquid to drain from a reservoir through an intermediate point that is higher, or lower, than the reservoir.

The flow is driven only by the difference in hydrostatic pressure without any need for pumping.

The final end of the tube must be lower than the liquid surface in the reservoir.

innovation siphon flush22
Innovation – Siphon Flush

Innovation Breakthrough

March 2009: Named to the prestigious “PM100” 2009 Progressive Manufacturing Awards sponsored by Manufacturing Automation magazine

April 2009: Production begins

Walter G. Beery, CEOAmerican Innovative Products


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