Hot air ballooning in Yangshuo, Guilin
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Hot air ballooning in Yangshuo, Guilin. Hot air ballooning in Yangshuo:. Do you want to see a panoramic view of Yangshuo town? A hot air balloon ride will fulfill your dreams of seeing picturesque scenery from the sky. They launching area is near Moon Hill or Yulong River.

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Hot air ballooning in Yangshuo:

Do you want to see a panoramic view of Yangshuo town? A hot air balloon ride will fulfill your dreams of seeing picturesque scenery from the sky. They launching area is near Moon Hill or Yulong River.

The ride is based on 4 persons, with at least 2 persons. The launching and landing areas aredifferent. It depends on the weather and the wind. Professional pilots will accompany you to experience this exciting ride. There are two ways to experience how exciting it is:

1. Tethered flight The hot air balloon is anchored to the ground by a rope and which is let out slowly. You will float gently up and be able to watch the scenery transform as you ascend. This option is particularly favored by those who are scared of the thought of flying. Generally these flights last about 10 minutes and reach approximately 60 meters.

2. Free flightThe hot air balloon flies for 40 minutes to 1hours depending on the thermals. The pilots are all experts and have many years of experience in piloting the balloons around the region. Be ready to skim the tree tops of the mandarin orchards, meander through karst peaks and soar high above the landscape reaching heights of 500 meters on this memorable balloon ride.

Sunrise Tour starting time 06:30AM-07:00AM

Sunset Tour starting time 16:00PM

Tips for Balloon Rafting

1. Generally speaking, the overall time ranges from 50 to 70 minutes .For changeable weather and some force majeure factors, sometimes the pilot plans to land it in advance to guarantee your safety. Meanwhile, considering the operating cost, According to the accidental injury which caused by force majeure, we will not return the expenses to you. We hope that we would reach an agreement at this aspect.

2. Before rafting, you‘d better take care of your belongings, especially some important things avoiding any unexpected losses.

3. When you enter the basket of the balloon, please face outwards with your hand on the edge of the basket. As it descends, you‘d better bend your knees to keep balance and ease yourselves. When the wind is blowing fast and landing, you need not to be scared and anxious, our pilots will guarantee security .

4. In-flight emergencies in case the situation exceeds the safety of the flight condition, (such as: rain、wind before rain、thunder、lightning etc), we will guarantee security on the premise to take timely measures to an emergency landing. Due to accidental injury which caused by force majeure , we will do our utmost to support rescue, treatment and insurance payments. In addition, we no longer bear additional costs and undertake extra responsibility.

Tips for exceptional case:

Hot air balloon is the safest aerostat which is confirmed by the Aeronautic International Federation (FAI), nevertheless, the following people are forbidden to take it:

△ people with heart disease or epilepsy

△ Pregnant women with more than 4 months pregnancy,children under 2 years old;

△ Alcohol users

△people who are in a trance or poor mental state.

Please Sign your name for confirming after browsing the tips above.

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