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Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom

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Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom. Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed. University of Alberta. A Quick Poll…. Are you willing to shift your thinking about some technology tools in your classrooms? http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTExOTk0NTIxNzA. Iconography.

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Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom

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web 2 0 tools for the grade 4 6 classroom

Web 2.0 Tools for the Grade 4-6 Classroom

Kim Peacock, B.Ed., M.Ed.

University of Alberta

a quick poll
A Quick Poll…
  • Are you willing to shift your thinking about some technology tools in your classrooms?
  • http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTExOTk0NTIxNzA
  • Classroom project ideas
  • Tool is conducive to classroom SmartBoard use
a note about smartboards
A Note About SmartBoards
  • Smart Technologies Web Site: Online tutorials, live training, recorded sessions and more. There is training here for every learning preference. http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/
my personal philosophy of pd
My Personal Philosophy of PD…




project based learning
Project Based Learning
  • Authentic learning experiences
  • Grounded in critical thinking
  • Well scaffolded
  • Student-centric but teacher-dependent
  • Firmly grounded in the curriculum
  • Cross-curricular
  • Example:http://www.ltspaces.com/geothentic/http://www.polarhusky.com
web 2 0 is here
Web 2.0 Is Here…
  • You are probably already using Web 2.0 tools in your day-to-day online life:
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr/Picassa/etc…
what are web applications
What Are Web Applications?
  • Allow you to perform tasks or create objects without software.
  • Often known as “Web 2.0” applications.
  • Often have an element of social interaction.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Usually FREE!
the web 2 0 lexicon
The Web 2.0 Lexicon
  • RSS feeds
  • Tags
  • Folksonomy
  • Mash-Ups
  • Widgets
  • AJAX
  • Applications go up and down.
  • Applications get bought out.
  • Web applications sometimes allow students to interact with other people online. Most tools have privacy settings to keep minors safe.
  • Students’ privacy should be considered. Some tools can be completely private, but others not.
  • Applications may create thing that can’t leave the confines of the particular web site (e.g./ can’t be downloaded to a disc/dvd/etc…)
  • Students with computers at home may get to spend more time on projects than students without since it’s easily accessible.
  • Consider room setup.
  • Consider privacy settings.
  • Consider parental permission.
  • Consider school/district technology policy.
  • Consider e-mail addresses and sign-up logistics.
a note on blocking
A Note On Blocking
  • Some Web 2.0 sites may be blocked at your school… you can sometimes get around this.
  • Submit a request to your technology department.
  • Provide a pedagogical justification for the site to be unblocked at your school during a certain period of time.
  • Describe how you will keep students safe.
  • Ottobib: Create bibliographic references using ISBN numbers.http://ottobib.com/
  • Trailfire: Create a paththrough the Internet and annotate web pages.http://trailfire.com/
  • Snipd: Copy and archive web content.http://snipd.com
  • BubbleComments: Video annotations of web sites.http://www.bubblecomment.com/
  • Zoho Notebook: Multimedia texts incorporating images, video, text, sound and more.http://notebook.zoho.com/
  • Have students create a trail of good quality research resources.
  • Have students use bubble comments tocomment on newsarticles.
  • Have students create a“historic scrapbook” or “personal goals scrapbook” in Zoho Notebook.
  • Google Bookmarks: Non-social bookmarkinghttp://www.google.com/bookmarks
  • Del.icio.us: Social bookmarkinghttp://del.icio.us
rss feeds
RSS Feeds
  • Google Reader: Subscribe to feeds and write your own notes.http://www.google.com/reader/
  • Google Alerts: Get emails sent to you on any topic.http://www.google.com/alerts
rss and widgets
RSS and Widgets
  • iGoogle: Add widgets to your start page. http://www.igoogle.com
  • Protopages: Highly customizable widgets.http://www.protopage.comStudent Sample: http://www.protopage.com/yzerman19
mind mapping
Mind Mapping
  • Bubbl.us: Collaborative mind mappinghttp://bubbl.us/edit.php
  • Gliffy: Collaborative mind mappinghttp://www.gliffy.com
  • Mindmeister: Collaborative Mind Mappinghttp://www.mindmeister.com/
  • Mindomo: Software interactive mind mappinghttp://mindomo.com/
mind mapping1
Mind Mapping
  • Exploratree: Thinking Guideshttp://www.exploratree.org.uk/
  • Text2MindMap: For students who prefer text.http://www.text2mindmap.com/
  • Mappio: Large online archive of mind maps.http://mappio.com/
social networking
Social Networking
  • MyNoteIt: Collaborative classroom noteshttp://www.mynoteit.com/
  • Ning: Create a closed social network for your class.http://www.ning.com
podcasts and vidcasts
Podcasts and Vidcasts
  • Pod-O-Matic: Find and create podcastshttp://www.podomatic.com/
  • Yodio: Podcast from any phone or the webhttp://www.yodio.com/
  • Talkshoe: Podcasting and Audio Discussion Forumshttp://www.talkshoe.com/
  • Talkr: Blog to Podcast converterhttp://new.talkr.com
  • Student Podcast Samples:
    • http://dreamextreme.us/podcast/
    • http://thedowns.edublogs.org/category/podcasting/
podcasts and vidcasts1
Podcasts and Vidcasts
  • Teacher Tube: An online video archive like YouTube but safe for the classroom.http://www.teachertube.com/
  • Ustream: Create a live feed of a school event.http://www.ustream.tv/
  • Student Vidcast Samples:http://www.kid-cast.com/wordpress/?cat=12
podcasts and vidcasts2
Podcasts and Vidcasts
  • Make a podcast for http://www.kid-cast.com/
  • Create an “Our City” Podcast forhttp://www.learninginhand.com/OurCity/
  • Do a weekly class podcast as a review/newsletter. http://bobsprankle.com/podcasts/room208vidcast.mp4
  • Create a “captain’s log” of a famous historic voyage.
  • Make a series of vidcaststo promote DPA (stretches, exercises, etc…)
  • Create a series of podcast book reviews.
podcasts and vidcasts3
Podcasts and Vidcasts
  • Create an old fashioned radio play.
  • Create a pod/vidcast debate online.
  • Have students create a podcast dictionary of vocabulary words.
  • Have students create a series of vidcasts solving different kids ofmath problems.
  • Have students summarizecurrent events once a week.
chatting and discussion
Chatting and Discussion
  • Chatzy: Free private chat rooms.http://www.chatzy.com/
  • Chatango: Add chat to any web page (blog, wiki, etc…)http://chatango.com/
  • Lefora: Free forum hosting.http://www.lefora.com/
online conferencing
Online Conferencing
  • DimDim: Free online web conferencing. Useful for classes, meetings, etc… 20 person limit. http://dimdim.com/
  • Elluminate: Alberta based company with “three for free” in a room. http://www.elluminate.com
  • Screencast-O-Matic: Capture and post what’s on your computer screen.http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/
  • Examples:
    • Assessment / Peer Feedbackhttp://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/ciQZXIgH
    • Instructional Contenthttp://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/ciQlh3Ap
  • GoView: Record and edit your screen captureshttp://goview.com/
  • Sketchcast: Capture and post what’s on your tablet or SmartBoard.http://sketchcast.com/
  • Screentoaster: Record screen captures and upload to YouTube and other sites.http://www.screentoaster.com/
  • Use Sketchcast to capture and post class notes online quickly.
  • Use Screencast-o-Matic to create an archive of extra credit work that can be used year after year.
  • Use Screencast-o-Matic to orally assess student work
  • Use either to create videos for parents so that they can help their child with homework.
  • Use Sketchcast to help assess student difficulties in areas like problem solving (have students talk through their work).
presentations productivity
Presentations & Productivity
  • Google Documents: Create presentations from anywhere.http://docs.google.com/
  • Sliderocket: Make impressivelooking presentations online.http://www.sliderocket.com/
  • Zuiprezi: Non-linear presentationshttp://zuiprezi.com/
  • SPresent: High quality flash presentations http://www.spresent.com/v2/
  • Slideshare: Share presentations you’ve already made.http://www.slideshare.net/
productivity suites
Productivity Suites
  • Google Docs: Write, share and edit documents online. (Video)http://docs.google.com/
  • Zoho: An alternative to Google Docs. More features and more complex. http://www.zoho.com/
blogs and wikis
Blogs and Wikis
  • What are blogs and wikis?
  • Blog Tools
    • http://www.blogger.com/
    • http://www.21classes.com/
  • Wiki tools
    • http://www.wikispaces.com
    • http://www.pbwiki.com
blogs and wikis1
Blogs and Wikis
  • Class Blogs http://www.balla.ecsd.net/http://www.bobsprankle.com/blog/
  • Class Wikishttp://stratford78logos0607.pbwiki.com/http://terrythetennisball.wikispaces.com/
  • School Wikihttp://meyokumin.wikispaces.com/
blogs and wikis2
Blogs and Wikis
  • Create a blog from thepoint of view of a historicfigure.
  • Create a blog to track observations about a classroom pet.
  • Use a wiki to write a class“choose-your-own-adventure”.
  • Use a wiki to showcase student work to parents.
blogs and wikis3
Blogs and Wikis
  • Use either as a portfolioof student work. Allowparents to join your blogor wiki so that they can comment and provide feedback to students.
  • Have students do scribe posts to summarize instructional content.http://edubuzz.org/blogs/s3scribeposts/
  • http://816math.blogspot.com/2006/11/scribe-post-november-1-2006.html
cartoons and comic books
Cartoons and Comic Books
  • Pikistrips: Create comic books using photoshttp://pikistrips.com/
  • ToonDoo: Create online comic books from scratch.http://toondoo.com/Home.do
  • BubbleSnaps: Upload images and annotate them with text bubbles.http://www.bubblesnaps.com
  • Toonlet: Create a character and write simple texthttp://toonlet.com
cartoons and comic books1
Cartoons and Comic Books
  • Reasons for Explorationhttp://www.toondoo.com/toondoo/ViewBook.toon?bookid=12301
  • The Importance of Squantohttp://www.toondoo.com/toondoo/ViewBook.toon?bookid=11741
  • Prince Henry’s Contributions http://www.toondoo.com/toondoo/ViewBook.toon?bookid=11706
web spaces
Web Spaces
  • Google Sites: More in depthhttp://sites.google.com/Sample: http://sites.google.com/a/googleclassrooms.org/mrs-richau/Home
  • ThinkQuest: Online Learning Projectshttp://www.thinkquest.org/en/projects/index.html
web spaces1
Web Spaces
  • Other free web page apps…http://www.wix.com/http://www.weebly.com/http://www.jimdo.com/http://www.synthasite.com/
  • Be safe and legal… use copyright free items.
  • Photos:
    • http://yotophoto.com/
    • http://www.sxc.hu/
    • http://www.wikimedia.org
    • http://www.flickr.com/search/advanced/
    • http://www.stockvault.net/
    • http://www.imageafter.com/
    • http://pdphoto.org/
    • http://www.pixelperfectdigital.com/
  • Sounds: http://www.freeplaymusic.com
  • Videos: http://www.archive.org
  • More: Directory of web site with legal content for schools and companies to use.http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Category:Content_Directory
flickr and digital photography
Flickr and Digital Photography
  • Flickr is a useful toolthat allows you toupload and annotateimages that can bemade either public or private.
  • Flickr Noteshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/stratfordschooledmonton/384040545/
flickr and digital photography1
Flickr and Digital Photography
  • Flickr can be used forstoryboarding or evenvisual storytelling.
  • Flickr Storieshttp://www.flickr.com/groups/sixwordstory/discuss/72157601185227439/
  • Five Frame Flickr Storyhttp://flickr.com/groups/visualstory/
flickr and digital photography2
Flickr and Digital Photography
  • Have students do aphoto scavenger huntof math or science concepts and have them upload and annotate the images on flickr.
  • Have students create an archive of writing prompts in Flickr and use the annotation tool to point out interesting questions or prompts.
posters and visual representations
Posters and Visual Representations
  • Glogster: Create multimedia postershttp://www.glogster.com
  • Example: http://metro09.glogster.com/What-I-Like-About-Myself/?w1
  • BigHugeLabs: Make posters and other multimedia content with photos.http://bighugelabs.com
video annotation
Video Annotation
  • Bubble Ply: Add bubbles and captions to videohttp://www.bubbleply.com/
  • Overstream: Add bubbles and captions to videohttp://www.overstream.net/
  • Examples:
    • Pop-up-videohttp://www.bubbleply.com/player.aspx?pid=b1bf700f-6f47-4364-9dd7-e413706860b9
    • Language/translation toolhttp://www.bubbleply.com/player.aspx?pid=EE1549C5-E35B-4F64-AA80-D4C1A220102F
  • Note that TeacherTube is a good alternative if YouTube is blocked.
video annotation1
Video Annotation
  • Use video annotation to havestudents analyze speeches.
  • Use video annotation to havestudents express an opinion ona video or news clip.
  • Use video annotation for formative feedback for student work (e.g./ video recordings of PE).
  • Use video annotation to create an instructional video (with written in steps).
map applications
Map Applications
  • Google Maps: Create unlimited maps with annotated locations.http://maps.google.ca
    • Example: http://maps.google.ca/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=111008165444273296600.000465931a4b0b9fad889&t=h&z=2
  • Community Walk: Create maps with slightly more multimedia capability.http://www.communitywalk.com
    • Example: http://www.communitywalk.com/calgary/alberta/my_first_neighborhood/map/140666
map applications1
Map Applications
  • Quickmaps: Annotate and mark up maps.http://quikmaps.com/new
  • YourGMap: Create maps with addresses or latitude/longitudes.http://www.yourgmap.com
map applications2
Map Applications
  • Have students create a mapped journal of an historic trip.
  • Have students create a virtual field trip based on a class field trip.
  • Have students create a map of a science process (e.g./ where garbage goes or the path of a can as it goes to be recycled).
  • Have students complete a reflective health project, mapping places of importance in their life.
  • VoiceThread: Not really like anything else…http://voicethread.com/
  • Almost like a wiki/blog with audio… it allows users to annotate and expand images with voice recordings.
  • http://voicethread.com/share/407691/
  • http://voicethread.com/share/4973/
  • Create an oral history archive such as:http://www.ourvoices.ca/
  • If all of your students have internet access, do a daily homework question on Voicethread.
  • Have students create a talking storybook.
  • Look through the many examples of teacher projects already on Voicethread!http://voicethread.com/#q.b409
3d spaces
3D Spaces
  • Mapwing: Build and share virtual tourshttp://www.mapwing.com/
  • Example: St Joseph’s College (University of Alberta) Virtual Tourhttp://www.mapwing.com/explore/view_tour.php?t=IELIBsIwwYLNIsa
3d spaces1
3D Spaces
  • Photosynth: Create and view 3D virtual tours using photos.http://photosynth.net
  • SceneCaster: Create 3D web spaceshttp://www.scenecaster.com/
3d spaces2
3D Spaces
  • Have students create a virtual tour of the community using Mapwing.
  • Have students create an authentic ecosystem using SceneCaster.
  • Have students create a 3D tour of an important historic location in your town or city.
  • Have students create a scale mode of their bedroom in SceneCaster.
interactive timelines
Interactive Timelines
  • xTimeline: Historic interactive timelines.http://www.xtimeline.com/index.aspx?t=5&l=en-US
  • Dipity: Interactive timelines with additional multimedia.http://www.dipity.com/
  • OurStory: Personal interactive timelines.http://www.ourstory.com/
interactive timelines1
Interactive Timelines
  • Have students create a timeline of a scientific process (e.g./ the lifecycle of an animal).
  • Have students create a year plan for the goals they would like to achieve in your course.
  • Have students add to existing public timelines on xTimeline.
image editing
Image Editing
  • Tool: Aviaryhttp://aviary.com/home
  • Tool: Picnikhttp://www.picnik.com/
  • Tool: FotoFlexerhttp://fotoflexer.com/
  • Tool: Splashuphttp://www.splashup.com/
multimedia digital storytelling
Multimedia & Digital Storytelling
  • Pixorial: Create and edit video online.http://www.pixorial.com/
  • Motionbox: Create and edit video online.http://www.motionbox.com/
  • Jaycut: Create and edit video online.http://jaycut.com/
  • One True Media: Video montageshttp://www.onetruemedia.com/
multimedia digital storytelling1
Multimedia & Digital Storytelling
  • Funtigo: Create online scrapbooks.http://funtigo.com/?cr=3&rfm=y
  • Vuvox: Make interactive panoramas and movies.http://www.vuvox.com/
  • Animoto: Upload and assemble short photo commercials online.http://animoto.com/
  • Letterpop newsletter makerhttp://www.letterpop.com
  • Geni family tree makerhttp://www.geni.com/
  • Lulu self publishinghttp://www.lulu.com/
  • Popfly basic game creatorhttp://www.popfly.com
  • Dabbleboard whiteboardhttp://www.dabbleboard.com/
  • And many, many more…
  • http://www.protopage.com/web2point0forteachers
  • Go to the Social Studies program of studies and open up your grade area document.
  • Read through the outcomes. Look at the list of tools you’ve circled “yes” for... How might some of these tools fit with the existing outcomes?
  • Look at the ICT outcomes for your program of studies (). How do the tools we’ve looked at fit with those?
activity continued
Activity (continued...):
  • Go to the Protopage (http://www.protopage.com/web2point0forteachers/) and download the Technology Goal Planning Sheet. Fill it out using two curricular outcomes that have piqued your interest in terms of the tools that we’ve learned about.
some things to mull over
Some Things to Mull Over…
  • The Machine is Us/ing Ushttp://www.youtube.com/v/NLlGopyXT_g
  • A Vision of Students Todayhttp://www.youtube.com/v/dGCJ46vyR9o
  • What If…http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-2855786550703993653&hl=en-CA
staying up to date smartboards
Staying Up-to-Date - SmartBoards
  • Teaching With SmartBoard Teacher Tube Videoshttp://www.teachertube.com/viewProfile.php?user=dsladkeyhttp://www.teachertube.com/viewProfile.php?user=TeqSmarthttp://www.teachertube.com/viewProfile.php?user=smartvideoshttp://www.teachertube.com/viewProfile.php?user=dan+everest
staying up to date smartboards1
Staying Up-to-Date - SmartBoards
  • Teaching with SmartBoard YouTube Videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/teachertrainerhttp://www.youtube.com/user/SMARTClassroomsTwo series of videos highlighting teachers’ experiences using SmartBoards. Both series include excellent videos on classes that have won SmartBoard best practice competitions.
staying up to date pedagogy
Staying Up-To-Date - Pedagogy
  • Marc Prenskyhttp://www.marcprensky.com/writing/
  • Education World: Technology http://www.educationworld.com/#Technology
  • Apple Learning Interchange http://ali.apple.com/
  • Classroom 2.0 (Ning Community)http://www.classroom20.com/
staying up to date tools
Staying Up-To-Date - Tools
  • Webware Tools http://news.cnet.com/webware/
  • Tech Crunchhttp://www.techcrunch.com
staying up to date pd
Staying Up-To-Date - PD
  • North Central Regional Education Lab http://www.ncrel.org/tech/tpd/index.html
  • ISTEhttp://www.iste.org/
  • Edutopia Videoshttp://www.edutopia.org/video
  • Teacher Tubehttp://www.teachertube.com/
staying up to date doing it right
Staying Up-To-Date – Doing It Right
  • High Tech High: http://www.hightechhigh.org/http://www.youtube.com/user/hthvideo
  • New Tech High:http://www.newtechhigh.orghttp://www.newtechfoundation.org/
  • Smart Classroom Awards:http://www.youtube.com/user/SMARTClassrooms
thank you
Thank You!
  • kim.peacock@ualberta.ca
  • http://www.protopage.com/web2point0forteachers/