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“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management” PowerPoint Presentation
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“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management”

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“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management”. Knowledge Management has been an on-again off-again trend over the past 15 years. Vendor systems have come and gone, they’ve been acquiring one another, and their offerings keep changing. So what’s on the horizon for knowledge management?

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“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management”

  • Knowledge Management has been an on-again off-again trend over the past 15 years. Vendor systems have come and gone, they’ve been acquiring one another, and their offerings keep changing. So what’s on the horizon for knowledge management?
  • This session is presented from a vendor-neutral perspective and will offer insights to consider as you implement a knowledge management initiative or advance an existing practice. Hear open opinions, different perspectives, and fresh ideas for your knowledge management project. We will discuss tool selections, different methodology options, and considerations to move to a self-service model. KM tools will be openly discussed without bias.
  • In this interactive session, you will hear from your peers in the room what works and doesn’t work and benefit from their different viewpoints and experiences. Join us to explore your options in knowledge management and find out what’s on the horizon. There will be many website resources, book titles, and best practice resources shared.
    • Brief history of knowledge management and trends
    • Technological solutions – what are your system choices today
    • What works and doesn’t work
    • What’s new and on the horizon
  • Our “Explore Your Option Series” of different presentations offers content rich material to contribute to your personal, professional and business growth.
  • Visit to see our selection of other options.

Biography: Ivy Meadors

Referred to as the "Female Tom Peters"; internationally renowned, award winning, speaker- consultant, Ivy Meadors, with over 28 years of experience, is a seasoned expert specializing in business, customer service and technical support. She is recognized as one of the help desk and call center industry's most respected leaders.

As a speaker, Ivy is known for her engaging, spontaneous style, delivering forward thinking, unconventional ideas. She got her roots in the industry during her tenure at U S West Communications and IBM. When it comes to using Customer Relationship Management methodologies to foster business success, combining technology, industry best practices and procedures, with highly motivated team members, she’s one of the top experts who can contribute at all levels.

Ivy is CEO and founder of High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.™, a full-service, vendor neutral, consulting firm specializing in service and support of the enterprise from a comprehensive viewpoint. Together with her team, she has provided innovative solutions with extraordinary results to hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies and others throughout the world. She is personally driven with a desire to pay it forward, passing her knowledge on to others, giving back for all that she has received from so many others.

In the state of Washington, we proudly share that 7 of the 10 largest, and most profitable, companies have been our customers as well as many, many others!

She is personally driven with a desire to “pay it forward”, passing her knowledge on to others, giving back for all that she has received from so many others. Being the co-founder and President of the 2 ½ year old NWCCP group and the President of HDNW for 9 of its 14 years in operation, are two of the ways she “pays it forward”.

High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.™ ~~~ 425-398-9292 ~~~

explore your options

Explore Your Options

“What’s on the Horizon for Knowledge Management”

Ivy MeadorsSpeaker, Writer, Animal ActivistHigh Tech High Touch Solutions,


These slides and others are posted at

  • Select “Ivy’s Slides” on Home Page
  • High Tech High Touch Solutions is not a reseller of any software or hardware product and has never accepted or received a commission from any vendor.
  • Any product or resource listed or discussed is not a recommendation of High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.
  • The content of this presentation is intended for informational purposes only.
  • Knowledge management defined
  • Brief history of knowledge management
  • Technology solutions
  • What’s new and on the horizon: self-service, blogging, interactive brochures, KM goes wireless, VoIP meets KM
  • Getting people to “play” (ADKAR)
what is knowledge management
What is Knowledge Management?

This and more….

  • Document and Content Management
  • Collaboration Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge and Intellectual Asset Management
  • Business and Competitive Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Records Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Call, Problem, Incident, Service Management
  • Customer Relationship and Contact Management
It really is a…

…methodology and a means of managing knowledge

…corporate asset when data is captured and utilized

…repository for the knowledge in knowledge worker’s heads

…way to form relationships of trust through knowledge transfer

And it is a…

…contributor to gaining the competitive advantage

…means to leverage your intellectual capital

…way to afford self-service

…the way to get it “Done in One!”

….so when did KM get started in IT Help Desk Support

some of the first support solutions
Some of the First ‘Support’ Solutions
  • Symbologic  Primus  ATG
  • ServiceWare’s Knowledge Packs  RightAnswers
  • ServiceWare  Kanisa  Knova
  • Jeeves Solutions  Kanisa  Knova
  • Knowlix  Fast Search / FrontRange (Heat+ Knowledge)
  • Software Artistry  Tivoli  Peregrine  Knowlix / Get Answers
  • Inference  eGain
  • ServiceSoft  Broadbase  Kana
  • SupportSoft

KM Tool websites at end of slide deck

along came search solutions
Along Came Search Solutions

“Enterprises must facilitate and encourage collaboration, knowledge capture and organize business intelligence to provide a comprehensive knowledgebase and top it off with a powerful search engine.”

  • Google
  • MSN
  • Yahoo & Flickr
  • Dogpile
  • Lycos
  • AltaVista
  • FastSearch
  • iPhrase
  • Verity
  • Autonomy
  • Convera (video, audio, images)
  • Endeca
  • Open Text
  • EasyAsk
  • Ask Jeeves  IAC/InterActiveCorp

“Microsoft's Mission: Build a Google Killer”

Code named Underdog

Read article in Fortune Magazine May 2005

Google Knowledge Management

search it all for your own unique things
Search it All for Your Own Unique Things

Google and Yahoo Desktop

Search it all – files, emails (pst files, PowerPoint, etc.

Relevance Searches

Collaborative filtering

Notification Technology

Updates to knowledge base – notify people having a need to know

notification software
Notification Software
  • System To Speed School Calls (Notification Technologies)
  • AmCom e.Notify
  • You’ve Got Files
what else is on the horizon
What else is on the Horizon?
  • Self-service
  • Blogs
  • Interactive Brochures
  • Google and Yahoo Desktop
  • Relevance Searches (Collaborative filtering)
  • KM meets VoIP
  • KM goes wireless
km is imperative to self service
KM is Imperative to Self-Service
  • Develop Communities of Practice (CoP)
    • Flexible classification system
    • Empower users to develop and disseminate knowledge quickly, on or off the Internet
  • Highlight the best contributions / articles with authors name (permission based)

…Blogging opens these doors

blogs a form of km
Blogs, a Form of KM
  • A blog (weblog) is…
    • …an online diary; a chronological log of thoughts and ideas published on web pages.
    • …a simple form of content management
    • Blog Examples:
    • Project collaboration (i.e. internal corporation, with your client’s team)
    • Personal diary, your opinions, thought for the day
    • News feeds (newsletters on steroids)
        • continued…
more blog examples
More Blog Examples…
  • Record favorite links, hints and tipsExample “Privacy Blog” of links:
  • Ongoing dialog with key contacts about issues important to them
  • Personal online accounts of 9/11 drew millions of readers
  • Turn your blogging into eBooks for your customers and end users
miscellaneous considerations
Miscellaneous Considerations
  • AudioBlogger – call Blogger and lvm – posted as MP3 file
  • PhotoBlogger
  • Password secured!
  • Delete what you don’t want in your Blogs
  • Top Blogs are primarily technical in nature

Comment SPAM - big issue -

sampling of blog software
Sampling of Blog Software
  • Top Blog Systems of 2004
    • (photo blogging)

“27% of U.S. adults who go online read blogs.”

- Anick Jesdanun, Associated Press

Note: Hosted and installed versions available for some

blogging resources
Blogging Resources
  • Loads of Blog info
  • Blog Business Summit - Seattle
  • Article on Blogs applicable to those publishing books

  • Forum for Bloggers

interactive brochures
Interactive Brochures
  • Quick, easy way to personalize communications
  • Customizable content
  • Direct link leads contacts back to website
  • Workflow approval process
  • Auto generate and send press releases


email signatures reduce online communication time and consistently share common responses

“Email Signatures:Reduce online communication time and consistently share common responses”

steps to email signatures
Steps to Email Signatures
  • These steps are Outlook specific. Other email systems likely offer a similar feature.
    • Create signatures
    • Set default signature (blank one – more flexible)
    • Create new message or reply to received message
    • Insert Signature
    • Select signature from drop down list, include as many different ones needed
    • Send note

Great way to share know-hows and how- tos!!

clean up the funky characters
Clean up the Funky Characters
  • Text Cleanup
km meets voip
KM Meets VoIP

“You've Got AOL VoIP!”

voice to access knowledge
Voice to Access Knowledge
  • Send email of solution to customer. They listen or read solution on most mediums.
  • “Call” and ask for solution: Self-service to access knowledge bases
  • Training over the Internet – access knowledge in training material, listen, see and read at the same time
  • eFAQ – Voice and Data integrated for Knowledge Management
  • VoIP Magazines
the change to a km culture
The Change to a KM Culture
  • “No way, I’m not going to ‘play.’ If I keep my knowledge to myself, I am less expendable.”
  • “My Give-A Darn is Busted!”
when you say c hange they say
When you say Change, they say:
  • “How will this impact me?”
  • “This is a waste of time.”
  • “They never tell us what’s going on!”
  • “How soon will this happen?”
  • “Will I receive new training?”
  • “I doubt they are really serious.”
  • “Why change, it was working fine before?”

Natural reaction to change: Resist

Awarenessof need to change: critical ingredient and must come first

sacred cow belief
Sacred Cow Belief
  • Expression related to Hindu belief that cows are sacred.
  • Belief that something is above criticism.
  • Many traditions, processes and methods have become “sacredcows".
  • Some are out-dated, ineffective, even destructive, yet not seen and won’t be considered for change.
  • We must seek out and destroy the destructive “sacred cows.”


people dimension of change
People Dimension of Change
  • People tend to….
  • Think about what they have to give up
  • Feel isolated
  • Have different resilience levels
  • Be concerned they don’t have enough resources
  • If not addressed, all of these can lead to resistance.

“Encourage people & help them feel comfortable with being asked to do something differently.”

how important is the people dimension
How Important is the People Dimension

Research shows problems with the people dimension of change is the most commonly cited reason for project failures.

Study with 248 companies: effective change management with employees listed as one of top-three overall success factors for the project.

Helping managers be effective sponsors of change was considered the most critical success factor overall.

“Be sure to take into consideration: different generations and behavioral styles, and personal motivators.”

change in mindset
Change in Mindset
  • Be core to the business, not overhead
  • Focus on solving business problems
  • Every activity should contribute to the bottom line
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
  • Have a critical viewpoint
  • It’s OK to take risks and make mistakes

“Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.“














…to implement new skills & behaviors

…to retain the change once it has been made

…of the need for change

…to make change happen

…about how to change

Research shows that problems with this dimension of change is the most commonly cited reason for project failures. In a study with 248 companies, effective change management with employees was listed as one of the top-three overall success factors for the project. Helping managers be effective sponsors of change was considered the most critical success factor overall.

become an agent of change
Become an Agent of Change
  • Identify the business problems you are trying to solve
  • Communicate the plans early on and involve the people
  • Address their fears, stimulate confidence
  • Create “Champions of Change”
  • Adopt a partnership approach with clients, vendors and or consultants to facilitate best results
  • Do your homework, it’s an industry moving fast
high tech high touch solutions booklist
High Tech High Touch Solutions’ Booklist

“Visit our booklist for readings that will focus on the topics for our industry, plus more. Buy from Amazon right on the page!”

  • Knowledge Organizations
  • Jay Liebowitz, Tom Beckmann
  • The Knowledge Management Toolkit
  • Amrit Tiwana
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knowledge Management
  • Melissie Clemmons Rumizen
  • The Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of InnovationIkujiro Nonaka, Hirotaka Takeuchi
high tech high touch solutions reading list
High Tech High Touch Solutions’ Reading List
  • An interview with Dr. Yogesh Malhotra – great read!

  • All KM articles
  • The Human Side of Deploying KM

It is important for the program champions and other managers to recognize that the human aspects of management deserve much more than lip service. In the final analysis, the success of KM program implementations could very well be determined by these human factors."

- Dr. Yogesh Malhotra

our exclusive newsletter esharings
Our Exclusive Newsletter – eSharings

Exclusive newsletter for Call Center and Help Desk professional’s comprised of information focusing on engineering indispensable service and support groups; comes loaded with resources, viewpoints, tips, books, and ideas that you can use right now.

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explore your options42

Explore Your Options

How’s that Horizon looking for you now?

The only real limit to Knowledge Management is the limit of your imagination.

“Let’s talk. I would love to hear from you,”
  • Ivy
  • Speaker, Writer, Animal Activist, CEO
  • High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.
  • 425.398.9292
done in one
“Done in One”
  • Ownership: Frontline “owns” the relationship
  • Push specific information to certain customers
  • Know and predict the customer’s needs
  • Define ‘practical’service levels
km tool websites
KM Tool Websites