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EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. WOMEN. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY. $$$$$$$$$$$. ENORMOUS. Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153 PowerPoint Presentation
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EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. WOMEN. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY. $$$$$$$$$$$. ENORMOUS. Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153

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EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. WOMEN. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY. $$$$$$$$$$$. ENORMOUS. Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. WOMEN. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY. $$$$$$$$$$$. ENORMOUS. Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153. not. Yet. Done. women. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. women. BOOMERS. GEEZERS.

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EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. WOMEN. BOOMERS. GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY. $$$$$$$$$$$. ENORMOUS. Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153

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    1. EXCELLENCE.ALWAYS. WOMEN.BOOMERS.GEEZERS. OPPORTUNITY.$$$$$$$$$$$.ENORMOUS.Tom Peters/11.02.2006/Version.153

    2. not.Yet.Done.

    3. women.BOOMERS.GEEZERS.

    4. women.BOOMERS.GEEZERS.

    5. Amazon Reviewer:“‘Trends’ [TP-MB book] is old news!”(1 of 5 stars)TP: “Repeating it doesn’t make it ‘old.’ It ain’t old if it hasn’t been implemented!”

    6. What the hell do I have to do to make my point?Tom Peters/10.10.2006

    7. The Copenhagen (Self) Pact re “This Topic”:*Early!*Loud!*Repetitive!*Aggressive!*Unfriendly!/rude!/ insulting!

    8. women.BOOMERS.GEEZERS.

    9. women.

    10. “Forget China, India and the Internet: Economic Growth Is Driven by Women.”—Headline, Economist, April 15, 2006, Leader, page 14

    11. Women’s Trifecta+*Buy *Wealth*Lead+ECLIPSE OF MALES(Old/Retire; Young/Poorly educated)

    12. Women’s Trifecta+*Buy/all *Wealth/all *Lead/better+Eclipse of males/whoops(Retire-old/Poorly educated-young)

    13. 1. Women’s CONSUMER GOODS purchases. 2. Women’s COMMERCIAL GOODS purchases.3. WOMEN ARE THE MARKET. Not an “initiative.” 4.Women-ownedBUSINESSES (absolute #s, acceleration, relative growth).5. Women’s “brand” of LEADERSHIP SKILLS.6. women’s strengths match needs of the new “value-added ladder.”7. Women’s DRAMATICALLY INCREASING-commandingWEALTH—absolute, relative. (Jobs. Longevity. Education. Entrepreneurial. Decline of BOYS. Retirement of MEN/Senior MEN.)8.DEMOGRAPHICTSUNAMI. WOMEN. Women as solo HEADs-OF-HOUSEHOLD. THE WOMaN- BOOMER-GEEZER. LOoooNG-TERM PHENOMENON. Global phenomenon.9.SPEED of “change.” mother of all “megatrends.”

    14. 1. Participationrate/2 of 3 new jobs, last 30 years.2. Male workforcedepartures/SENIOR male workforce departures.3. Shrinkingpay gap/same jobs.4. More senior positions. Greater decision- making/expenditure/org design authority. More line jobs.5. Female solo head-of-household growing.6. Longevity.7. Education.8. More effective moneymanagement.

    15. Not. Yet. Done.*Loyalty programs: M F “Difference” = Yawning gap (173+ degrees)Forced to do it: e.g., a division aimed at Boomer Women … Exclusively.Just say no to “trickle up”: Why have the 5% chase the 95%?)Men think they’re doing their share (helping, sure, but the buck stops with her); busy, busy, busy—think Jim’s Group)New forms of living together, playing together as aging proceeds (“commune”, Beacon Hill Assn, telemedicine, etc, etc, etc.)“Grab ’em early & keep ’em”: Total Unmitigated Crap (TP: 100% brand switch. 100%.)“They didn’t take it seriously” —German bank exec, Bonn, FThis is not a $%^&ing “program.” This is “NEW Life 101.” This is Soooo Big it Staggers the Imagination. (Will be paramount “trend” for 20 years.)*The Copenhagen Pact

    16. women.BOOMERS.GEEZERS.

    17. Boomers. geezers.

    18. Boomers’-Geezers’ Trifecta*Buy/all *Wealth/all *time left/lots

    19. Boomers’-Geezers’-Women’s Trifecta+*Buy/all *Wealth/all *time left/lots*Eclipse of males/retire-die

    20. not.Yet.Done.

    21. Just Say “No” (!):Launch an “Initiative.”

    22. ObjectionsDon’t believe the DATADon’t believe the ENORMITY of the opportunityDon’t believe the UBIQUITY of the opportunityThink they “GET IT”See it as an “Initiative”Flies in the face of CONVENTIONAL MARKETING WISDOMDon’t see it as … THE ESSENCE OF STRATEGIC POSITIONINGFail to understand-TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE “Everything must be changed” (It’s a “Culture” issue)Look at it analytically; miss the need for OBSESSIONSubconsciously threatened!!??Occasion to make JOKES

    23. You either believe “all this.”Or don’t.**No middle ground at the level of Extreme Commitment I’m suggesting

    24. Don’t “get it” = Stupid**and you are not stupid

    25. E-nor-mous Strat-eg-ic opp-or-tun-ity


    27. women.BOOMERS.GEEZERS.


    29. “Idiot”is too kind a word.

    30. “That’s a very diverse* team.” —Patrick Cescau, CEO, Unilever** *1 of 14 Board of Directors members is a woman (not an exec); 2 of 7 Exec Team members are … Indians.(Source: FT/24-25 June.) **Approximately 85% of Unilever’s products are purchased by … women.

    31. “That’s a VERY diverse team.” —Patrick Cescau, CEO, Unilever* ** *1 of 14 Board of Directors members is a woman (not an exec); 2 of 7 Exec Team members are … Indians. (Source: FT/24-25 June.) **Approximately 85% of Unilever’s products are purchased by … women.

    32. “That’s aVERYsick man.” —Tom Peters

    33. “Idiots”is too kind a word.

    34. ????????Weenie of the year, 2006 …

    35. ????????6/44

    36. P&G


    38. “To be a leader in consumer products, it’s critical to have leaders who represent the population we serve.”—Steve Reinemund/PepsiCo


    40. 2005

    41. Good Thinking, Guys!“Kodak Sharpens Digital Focus On Its Best Customers:Women”—Page 1 Headline/WSJ/0705


    43. Just Say No.Men

    44. “Women arethemajority market”—Fara Warner/The Power of the Purse

    45. ?????????Home Furnishings … 94%Vacations … 92% (Adventure Travel … 70%/ $55B travel equipment)Houses … 91%D.I.Y. (major “home projects”) … 80%Consumer Electronics … 51% (66% home computers)Cars … 68% (90%)Allconsumerpurchases … 83%Bank Account … 89%Household investment decisions … 67%Small business loans/biz starts … 70%Health Care … 80%

    46. WomenHousehold spending:80%Investment decisions:53%Home improvement purchase decisions:80%New cars:60%+Computers:60%Managers and professionals, overall: 51%New businesses started: 70%*(*Women-owned businesses as a share of all new businesses: Employee growth, 3X; Sales growth, 4X.)Source: Marti Barletta, PrimeTime Women (2007)

    47. USA/F.Stats: Short ’n (Very) Sweet>50% of stock ownership, $13T total wealth (2X in 15 years)>$7T consumer & biz spending (>50% GDP; > Japan GDP); >80% consumer spdg (Consumer = 70% all spdg) 57% BA degrees (2002); = ed & social strata, no wage gap60% Internet users; >50% primary users of electronic equipment>50% biz tripsWimBiz: Employees > F500; 10M+: 33% all US BizPay from 62% in 1980 to 80% today; equal if education, social status, etc are equal60% work; 46M (divorced, widowed, never married)Source: Fara Warner, The Power of the Purse

    48. Women > 50% of Household Income in >50% of households. In 48% of the 55% of households/married couples, women provide >50% of income. 27% of households are headed by a single female. 75% of married female execs with the rank of VP or above out earn their spouse. Women control 51% of private wealth in the U.S.; head 40% of households with >$600K assets; 47% of market investors are women.Major Credit Union: pre Y2K, modal customer was 53-year-old family man; today, 46-year-old single working woman.Commercial: 51% purchasing managers are women.Women make >80% consumer purchases; businesswomen make >90% of household purchasing decisions. Women: 70% of travel decisions; purchase 57% of consumer electronics; write 80% of personal checks; purchase >50% of cars (primary influence >80%).Source: Don’t Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy—and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market, Lisa Johnson & Andrea Learned

    49. 1970-1998Men’s median income: +0.6%Women’s median income: + 63%Source: Martha Barletta, Marketing to Women

    50. Commercial Purchasing PowerPurchasing mgrs. & agents: 51%HR: >>50%Admin officers: >50%Source: Martha Barletta, Marketing to Women