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Day 1 Power Point

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Day 1 Power Point. Chapter 12 Standard of Learning WHII.9a. Focus Activity. “The War to end all wars” Brainstorm: What do you know about World War I?. Focus Activity. Conscripted soldiers being taken to the Western Front by Military Buses. Focus Activity.

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day 1 power point

Day 1 Power Point

Chapter 12

Standard of Learning WHII.9a

focus activity
Focus Activity

“The War to end all wars”

Brainstorm: What do you know about World War I?

focus activity3
Focus Activity

Conscripted soldiers being taken to the Western Front by Military Buses

focus activity4
Focus Activity

German soldiers in their trenches near Antwerp in September of 1914  

focus activity5
Focus Activity

German soldiers after rat hunting in their trenches

focus activity6
Focus Activity

British soldiers try to keep their trench dry by pumping the water

focus activity7
Focus Activity

Peronne during the Battle of the Somme 1916

focus activity8
Focus Activity

Armenian Christians massacred by the Ottoman Turks

focus activity9
Focus Activity

German cemetery at Bethune

focus activity10
Focus Activity

These Belgian children lost their parents during the flight to the Netherlands.These kind of photos were published in magazines to find them back.

focus activity11
Focus Activity

German soldiers rescuing a French comrade in arms

the great war
The Great War
  • The first “world war”
    • Over 30 countries declare war; more involved indirectly
  • The first “total war”
    • Nearly all aspects of life affected for all citizens—not just soldiers and members of government
    • Governments take over economy; use propaganda
  • The first “modern war”
    • Use of new technology such as airplanes, zeppelins, machine guns, armored tanks, poison gas; trench warfare on larger scale.
the first world war
The First “World War”

Participant Countries in World War I – Allies in Green, Central Powers in Orange, Neutral Countries in Gray

the first total war
The First “Total War”

Examples of war-time propaganda from Great Britain and Australia

the first modern war
The First “Modern War”

Tank from the Western Front



Soldiers wearing gas masks in the trenches at Ypres

first modern war
First Modern War

Trench warfare

in Flanders

German U-boat

the first modern war17
The First “Modern War”

Ruins of Ypres (as seen from the air)