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Activity Review

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Activity Review CMU Computer Store May 2004 Activity Review Expectations Meena wants to understand the division’s expectations for the Computer Store How can the store be better utilized? Rick wants to improve order status with customers Mission

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Activity Review

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activity review

Activity Review

CMU Computer Store

May 2004

activity review expectations
Activity Review Expectations
  • Meena wants to understand the division’s expectations for the Computer Store
    • How can the store be better utilized?
  • Rick wants to improve order status with customers
  • To provide the campus community with a convenient and cost effective means of purchasing computer products and accessories
computer store staff
Computer Store Staff
  • Sales Consultants - Jaison Palermo, Randy Bowser, Barb Fath, and Grace Rohrer
  • Web Design - Jaison Palermo
  • Purchasing - Dawn Dickinson
  • Accounting - Terri Price
  • Shipping/Receiving/Deliveries - Chuck Donofrio
  • Sales Manager - Harry Powell
  • General Manager - Rick Zuchelli
  • Campus Computer Retailing
  • Project-Based Retailing
  • Departmental Computer Sales
campus computer retailing definition
Campus Computer Retailing (definition)
  • Consult, order, track, and bill computers and related products to CMU faculty, staff, students, and departments
  • Primary focus “over-the-counter”, phone orders, and e-mail orders
  • Storefront for DSP, DataComm, Clusters, and Software Licensing
campus computer retailing
Campus Computer Retailing
  • Over 1100 CPUs sold in 2003 through this segment of operation
  • Over 3300 MS Windows/Office sold in FY’04
campus computer retailing trends
Campus Computer RetailingTrends
  • Increase in the number of Build-To-Order units -especially from Apple
  • Laptop to desktop ratio roughly 10:1
  • Upward trend in the total number of units sold since FY’00
campus computer retailing operational issues
Campus Computer RetailingOperational Issues
  • Need to address operational issues surrounding customer inquiry (Where’s my stuff?)
  • Need for a “Smart” sequencer to collect call statistics and distribute/capture phone calls
  • Need to improve the gross inefficiency in Purchasing caused by the volume of PO’s (over 2000 in FY’03) and Oracle limitations
project based retailing
Project-Based Retailing
  • Usually involves unique elements like large quantities, imaging, and special tracking/billing needs
  • Projects typically span roughly five months
  • Finite duration
  • Transactions have retail and shipping components
  • Human resources are at a premium and require a significant amount of multitasking or task “slippage”
project based retailing11
Project-Based Retailing
  • Provide computers and related products to CMU graduate students for mandatory departmental laptop programs (Heinz/Tepper)
  • Incoming freshmen
  • CMG partners with store for installation and imaging (receives direct revenue)
project based retailing12
Project-Based Retailing
  • Roughly 500 CPUs sold per year plus “piling on” effect from other departmental sources
project based retailing trends
Project-Based RetailingTrends
  • System requirements change annually
  • All project systems are laptops
  • This year’s offering includes a/b/g wireless
project based retailing operational issues
Project-Based RetailingOperational Issues
  • Operational issues focus on streamlining the process of notifying customers of order status, processing transactions, and tracking
  • Web-based solutions?
project based retailing15
Project-Based Retailing
  • Dependencies include Heinz and Tepper for configurations, imaging, and price negotiations
  • CMG builds the machines and handles warranty issues
departmental computer sales
Departmental Computer Sales
  • Consult, track, sell, and deliver computers and related products to CMU Departments
  • Primary customers are generally departmental computer facilities personnel
    • Administrative personnel
    • DSP
departmental computer sales17
Departmental Computer Sales
  • Over 1200 CPUs sold in 2003
  • “Standard” configurations are common
  • Effective aggregation of orders on a campus-wide scale
    • Saving of $180,630 on Apple POs Jan.-April ‘04 (20%)
    • Savings of $99,866 on IBM POs Jan.-April ‘04 (23%)
departmental computer sales operational issues
Departmental Computer SalesOperational Issues
  • Operational issues surrounding reliance on students for deliveries throughout the year
  • Duplication of effort (customers processing orders/requests multiple times through different staff members)
25 more and less resources
25% more

Allocate human resources to increase productivity in Purchasing

25% less

Hang myself

Reallocate human resources among existing staff

Live with “slippage” in customer service

25% More and Less Resources