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{ Computer Vision ..

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{ Computer Vision .. { Done By : Amal Alamri.. Asma Hamid .. Outline : Introduction. Images ( Types of image and Image Analysis ). Tasks of computer vision. Computer vision and other fields . Computer vision applications. Computer vision system. Conclusion. Question ????? ? ? ?

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computer vision

{ Computer Vision ..

{ Done By:

Amal Alamri..

Asma Hamid ..

Outline :
  • Introduction.
  • Images ( Types of image and Image Analysis ).
  • Tasks of computer vision.
  • Computer vision and other fields .
  • Computer vision applications.
  • Computer vision system.
  • Conclusion.
Question ?????




What comes to your mind when you hear the term computer vision ?





{ introduction :

It has a:

• History of more than 40 years

• Important applications.

  • Computer vision is a subfield of computer Science.
  • •It’s a general term for the whole field, including image processing, image analysis, image understanding.
  • •It’s the same as Machine Vision.
what is computer vision
{ What is computer vision?

Computer vision is the science and technology of machines that see. And it’s concerned with the theory for building artificial systems that obtain information from images.

{ Image..

- An image is a huge array of gray level (brightness) values of individual pixels.

- Taken individually, these numbers are almost meaningless, because they contain very little information about the scene.

- The conversion of this huge amount of arrays information into usable information is the subject of computer vision.

types of images
Types of Images:
  • There are on two types of images used in computer vision:
  • Intensity images:
  • Photograph like images encoding light intensities.

2.Range images:

  • Encoding shape and distance (sonar and laser).
what is image analysis
What is "Image Analysis"?

• Computing image components and their properties

Fundamental Steps

  • Preprocessing (Image enhancement and Image reconstruction)
  • - Segmentation (Isolating objects ).
  • Feature Extraction (description).

- Classification (Object recognition).

computer vision tasks
{ computer vision tasks ..
  • Each application area employ a range of computer vision tasks Some examples of typical computer vision tasks are:
  • Recognition.
  • Motion.
  • Scene reconstruction.
  • Image restoration.
related fields
{ Related fields..
  • Computer vision encompasses many fields such as robotic vision, AI, optics and biological vision.
  • It is mainly focused on machine vision that uses image processing and image capture systems to extract information from an image .
robot vision
{ Robot vision..
  • The field of robot vision guidance is developing rapidly.
  • The benefits of robot vision technology includes:
  • improving quality.
  • safety.
  • productivity.
  • Robot vision is used for part identification and vision applications generally deal with finding a part and orienting it for robotic handling or inspection before an application is performed.
medical field
{ Medical Field..
  • This area is characterized by the extraction of information from image data for making medical diagnosis of a patient.
  • Generally, image data is in the form of
  • microscopy images and X-ray images .
  • This application area also supports medical research by providing new information, e.g., about the structure of
  • the brain, or about the quality of medical treatments.
example medical image analysis
Example: Medical image analysis.

An example of information which can be extracted from such image data is detection of tumors.

Classification of materials in images of the human head.

artificial intelligent
{ Artificial intelligent..
  • In the same way as human ,the first step to advancement in Artificial Intelligence is to sense and make sense.
  • Computer Vision is used to allow AI to identify and analyze a picture or components in a picture taken by sensory instruments. After identifying edges, objects, or patterns the AI can then act according to the stimulus given .
important application areas
{ Important application areas..
  • Industrial image processing

process control, quality control and geometrical measurements.

• Robotics

assembly, cooperation and autonomous systems.

• Monitoring

event recognition, safety systems and data collection

• Document analysis

handwritten character recognition and graphics recognition.

{ Conclusion:
  • Computer Vision is an active research field with many research groups in countries all over the world.
  • There exists a large body of research results to build on.
Thank you for being attention

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