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Computer Literacy PowerPoint

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Programming & Languages: Computer Literacy PowerPoint Dustin Llanes Comm. 165 Introduction A computer program (i.e. powerpoint) is really just a set of instructions, a code, telling your computer what to do when.

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  • A computer program (i.e. powerpoint) is really just a set of instructions, a code, telling your computer what to do when.
  • These programs can be really easy, or super complex. They are written in a computer language code.
  • Programs help your computer know what to do. A program for your computer is like creating an outline before a big paper, it helps keep you in order.
  • These programs need to be properly maintained to ensure their constant success.
  • There are many steps to designing a program..
  • Set & Review goals:  What is it supposed to do?
  • Design:  Create the strategy to achieve goal.
  • Coding:  Write the program.
  • Testing:  Try it out with real people.
  • Documentation:  What you did and why. How to use it.
sample program
Sample Program
  • Using old microsoft technology (BASIC) I have created my own sample program.

10 INPUT "What is your name: "; U$

20 PRINT "Hello "; U$

30 REM

40 PRINT "Goodbye "; U$

  • This program will ask your name, say hello, and then say goodbye.
computer languages
Computer Languages
  • Different computer languages are used to write different types of programs.
  • The computer understands these languages and translates it into the code so you don’t have to.
computer languages cont
Computer Languages Cont.
  • Once the program is written, it can either be translated or compiled
    • Translated changes the text into code
    • Compiled changes the code into text
if you want to know more
If you want to know more…
  • Visit Jan’s Computer Basics at