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Financial Administrator Series

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Financial Administrator Series Budget Presentation 12/9/08 State Appropriation University All Funds Budget Budget Timelines Utilities and ERE Perm vs Temp Funds PSOS vs FRS Budget Outlook Budget Office Web Site QUESTIONS ? Please ask as we go State Appropriation

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financial administrator series

Financial Administrator Series

Budget Presentation



State Appropriation

  • University All Funds Budget
  • Budget Timelines
  • Utilities and ERE
  • Perm vs Temp Funds
  • PSOS vs FRS
  • Budget Outlook
  • Budget Office Web Site


Please ask as we go


Perm Budget

Perm Budget = Budget Base

For State and Locally Allocated accounts, we keep an ongoing record of your budget base which will become the Original Budget for NEXT year.

The budget process is an ongoing process of developing the next year’s budget on a daily basis, adjusting the Perm base budget by recording incremental changes as they occur.

ERE is not included in your Perm Budget Base.

Perm Budget can only be found in PSOS.


Temp Budget

Temp Budget = Your Current Year Budget

For State and Locally Allocated accounts, the Temp budget is initially the Original Budget at the beginning of the year.

When Carry Forward from the prior year is loaded it becomes part of your Temp or current year budget.

Budget for ERE is added to your Temp Budget when positions have been encumbered in the system.

The Temp Budget can be found in PSOS as “Operating Budget” and in FRS as “Budget”.


Budget in PSOS

The State and Locally Allocated Personal Services Budget of the institution is made up of Departments with Positions and Pooled Budgetswhich are maintained in PSOS.

Positions can be filled or vacant, funded or unfunded.

Filled Position – An employee has been assigned the position.

Vacant Position - No employee is assigned the position.

Funded Position – The position has one or more accounts identified as a funding source, either Temp, Perm or both.

Unfunded Position – The position does not have funding identified.

Pooled Budget is budget that has not been assigned to a specific Position.


A Department’s budget is organized by the use of Budget Lines for Personal Services and Object Codes for Operations.

Each Budget Line contains either one Position or one Pool.

Each Budget Line (Position or Pool) can be funded with up to 4 different accounts.

Perm Base Budgets for operations are maintained at the object code summary levels: Employee Benefits, General Operations, Travel In-State, Travel Out-State, Capital Investment, Student Support, and Other Expenses.

Temp Budgets for operations are maintained at a single object code summary level, Temporary Other Operations.


Other Things to Note……

An Employee can only have up to four different positions but each of those positions must be budgeted in different departments with unique accounts in each department .

An Employee can hold the same position in multiple departments, but the total allocation of position FTE can not be greater than 1.00.

An Employee can have up to five different titles but only one of those titles can be the primary title that is associated with the funding of the position. Note: The primary title is the first title listed in a position and not necessarily the first title listed in the budget.

The majority of our budget is directly tied to the multitude of personnel decisions that are made on a daily basis.


Budget in FRS

FRS contains object code summary level budget information for the temp budget only.

Budget information for State and Locally Allocated Accounts is fed from PSOS.

Accounts other than State and Locally Allocated accounts, where budget is not maintained by position, do not have Perm funding and are developed during the annual Local Fund Budget Process, are input directly into FRS.

Cash Style accounts have an available balance as a result of a automated calculation of uncommitted funds.

Sponsored Accounts and Plant Fund Accounts are unique.


Current State Budget Forecasts

  • FY09 Shortfall of $800M to $1.2B
  • FY10 Shortfall of an Additional $1.0B
  • (or $1.8B to $2.2B below the current State Budget)

How do Budget Reductions Scale to the University in Terms of Percentage Budget Cuts?

1% 5% 8%

Entire Base $4M $20M $32M

(net of Exemptions)


Academic Units $3M $15M $24M

Non-Academic Units $1M $5M $8M