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Bringing Colour in Grey Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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Bringing Colour in Grey Literature

Bringing Colour in Grey Literature

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Bringing Colour in Grey Literature

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  1. Bringing Colour in Grey Literature Marjan Vernooy-Gerritsen euroCRIS - Rome – May 2010

  2. Agenda • About SURF • Grey Literature • Social Relevance of Research • ERiC, Evaluation Research in Context • ERiC and CRIS

  3. SURF • SURF is the Netherlands higher education and research partnership organisation for network services and information and communications technology (ICT). • The Mission of SURF is to exploit and improve a common advanced ICT infrastructurethat will enable higher education institutions to better realize their own ambitions and improve the quality of learning, teaching and research.

  4. Higher Education in the Netherlands • Netherlands: 16½ million Inhabitants • 500.000 students, 18-25 years old • 13 Universities + 1 Open University • 40 Universities for applied sciences • 5 large public/private Research Institutes • National Library (KB), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), Knowledge for Business (TNO), and the Police Academy • All participate in SURF voluntarily • as a paying member • represented in SURF Board

  5. SURF Legal software for an illegal price Gigabit Internet for Higher Education and Research Innovation for - Education - Management - Research

  6. ICT and Research • SURFshare programme on sharing Knowledge • Scholarly Communication • Open Access to Research Output • Repository Infrastructure • NL-RIS project, to a national CRIS for Higher Education (including University Medical Centers). • Participation in EU projects • DRIVER and DRIVER II • PEER • OpenAIRE

  7. Definition Enhanced Publication And Or Enhanced Publiation (compound object) Compound Object(s) ePRINT (text publication) Metadata Data Object(s) x y z

  8. Datamodel Enhanced Publication Agent Version Object Metadata 8

  9. Sharing Research Data

  10. 2009 Year of Open • Website Open Access:

  11. Academic Information Domain

  12. Systeem NARCIS portal (KNAW)

  13. Danish design

  14. wasstraat en doorgeefluik van informatie over onderzoeksresultaten in onderlinge samenhang (consolidatie, ontdubbeling, kwaliteitscontrole) Dutch design OCW NWO NL-RIS IRs Central Thesauri (DAI, Titles, Citations, ....)

  15. National portals DRIVER infrastructure: Narcis national aggregetor D-NET / DRIVER portal Project Application End users Functionality Layer EU Open Access Repositories Data Layer Administrator Enabling Layer

  16. Knowledge Exchange • The Knowledge Exchange partners • Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) in Denmark • German Research Foundation (DFG) in Germany • Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the UK • SURF Foundation in the Netherlands •  • Vision: to make a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the Internet.

  17. Knowledge Exchange • CRIS-OAR Interoperability project • Metadata exchange format for publication information with an associated common vocabulary  • Co-ordination Mikael Elbæk /Mogens Sandfaer • PersID project ( • To guarantee persistent identification, persistent location and persistent access to electronic scholarly and cultural heritage resources • Governance Roadmap • Infrastructure of Uniform Resource Name (URN) based Persistent Identifiers • Coordination Bas Cordewener (SURF Foundation)

  18. The Netherlands • Problem • High ranking of universities and research groups, but a lack of innovation in important industrial activities and the public sector • Solutions • Reinforcement of the link between education and knowledge institutions, businesses and civil organisations • Open Access to output of public funded research in NL • National Licence for Scientific Journals • Valorisation of research output …….> Grey Literature??

  19. Grey Literature • Definition • Papers, reports, technical notes or other documents produced and published by governmental agencies, academic institutions and other groups that are not distributed or indexed by commercial publishers. • Problem • Many of these documents are difficult to locate and obtain. • Solution • Depositing the documents in an Open Access repository • Recording as research output in a CRIS • Evalutation: credits for the researchers for Grey Literature of high quality

  20. Evaluation of Research • Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) for assessment of research • Common guidelines for the evaluation and improvement of research and research policy, based on expert assessments. • Objectives of SEP 2009-2015 • Improvement of research quality based on an external peer review, including scientific and societal relevance of research, research policy and research management. • Accountability to the board of the research organisation, and towards funding agencies, government and society at large.

  21. Evaluation of Research • New: strong emphasis on Social, cultural and economic relevance: • Societal Quality • Societal Impact • Valorisation (re-use) • Grey Literature • Essential part of research output • High societal impact • Opportunity for valorisation of research output

  22. Evaluating social quality and valorisation • ERiC protocol, Evaluating Research in Context • Stage 1: mission and compilation of self image • Stage 2: profile of the research group (quantitative) • Stage 3: stakeholder analysis (qualitative by interviews) • Stage 4: feedback and reflection (strategic discussion) • Quantitative performance compared with qualitative assessment of users • Empirical results compared with mission

  23. Evaluating social quality and valorisation • ERiC protocol, Evaluating Research in Context • SIAMPI • International, interdisciplinary consortium of knowledge institutions supported by the European Commission that aims to develop methods to assess the social impact of research and research funding instruments. • SIGLE  OpenSIGLE  OpenGrey

  24. Evaluating social quality and valorisation of research output • ERiC in the Netherlands • SIAMPI in FP7 • How could a CERIF compliant CRIS support the evaluation of Social impact of research?

  25. DRIVER series • The European Repository Landscape 2008 : Inventory of Digital Repositories for Research Output - Van der Graaf, Maurits • Emerging Standards for Enhanced Publications and Repository Technology : Survey on Technology – Van Godtsenhoven, Karen et al.   • Enhanced Publications : Linking Publications and Research Data in Digital Repositories - Woutersen-Windhouwer, Saskia et al.