Assets for independence federal grants for individual development account projects
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Assets for Independence Federal Grants for Individual Development Account Projects Office of Community Services Administration for Children and Families U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Basics for Applicants -- Overview Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

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Assets for independence federal grants for individual development account projects l.jpg

Assets for IndependenceFederal Grants for Individual Development Account Projects

Office of Community ServicesAdministration for Children and FamiliesU.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Basics for applicants overview l.jpg
Basics for Applicants -- Overview

  • Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

  • Assets for Independence Program

  • AFI Projects – Overview

  • Apply for AFI Funding in FY 2006

Slide3 l.jpg

Asset Building

“Few people have ever spent their way out of poverty. Those who escape do so through saving and investing for the long-term.”

Michael Sherraden

Center for Social Development

Economic assets matter l.jpg
Economic Assets Matter

  • Stronger, Healthier Families

  • Enhanced Self-Esteem

  • Long-term Thinking and Planning

  • More Community Involvement

  • Hope for the Future

Support for asset building l.jpg
Support for Asset Building

  • Homeownership Support

  • Small Business Development

  • Education / Careers

  • Individual Development Accounts

Individual development accounts idas l.jpg
Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

  • Matched restricted bank or credit union savings accounts for individuals and families with low incomes.

  • Enable clients / participants to save earned income on a regular basis, receive matching funds to grow the savings, and acquire an economic asset for the long term.

Idas a hand up to self sufficiency l.jpg
IDAs: A Hand-Up To Self-Sufficiency




to Assets


Overview assets for independence program l.jpg

Overview:Assets for Independence Program

Assets for independence program l.jpg
Assets for Independence Program

Federal grant program that supports 5-Year AFI Projects that enable participants to ...

  • Learn about financial and consumer issues

  • Save in IDAs

    In order to …

    - acquire a first home

    - access higher education or training and/or

    - start or support a small business

Afi projects l.jpg
AFI Projects

  • 350+ projects throughout the nation

  • Multi-purpose non-profits that provide services for low-income families

  • Public / Private partnerships including State, local or Tribal governments

  • Multi-site networks

  • Financial institution partners

Afi projects11 l.jpg

Community Action Agencies

Community Development Corporations

Community Development Financial Institutions

Credit Unions

Faith-Based Organizations

AFI Projects

  • Government Agencies

  • Housing Finance Agencies

  • State-Wide and Multi-State Associations

  • United Way Organizations

  • Workforce Development Agencies

  • Youth Agencies

Afi clients participants l.jpg
AFI Clients / Participants

  • 34,000+ IDA accounts and growing

  • 80% of participants are women

  • Many single parent households

  • 46% African American; 28% White; 16% Hispanic

  • IDA is first savings account for most participants

Afi projects participant s perspective l.jpg

AFI Projects –Participant’s Perspective

Example kim l.jpg

  • Kim needs a home

  • Housing program requires $6,000 for down payment and closing costs

  • Financial Education, debt counseling and information about home ownership

  • Match rate of $2 for every $1 saved in her IDA

  • Kim saves $2,000 – $55 per month over 3 years

Kim s ida l.jpg
Kim’s IDA



$2,000 Kim Saves



$2,000 Federal

$2,000 Non-Fed

$6000 for


Example bill l.jpg

  • Bill is looking to start a new business

  • He needs $5,000 in capital

  • Financial Education, debt counseling, training in operating a business, and a business plan

  • Match rate of $4 for every $1 saved in his IDA

  • Bill saves $1,000 – $42 per month over 2 years

Bill s ida l.jpg
Bill’s IDA



$1,000 Bill Saves



$2,000 Federal

$2,000 Non-Fed

$5000 for



Afi projects details for grantees administrating agencies l.jpg

AFI Projects – Details for Grantees / Administrating Agencies

Key topics l.jpg
Key Topics

  • Project Funding – Federal and Non-Federal

  • Project Reserve Account

  • IDA Matching Structure

  • Participant Eligibility Rules

  • Participant Savings Plan Agreement

Project funding l.jpg
Project Funding

  • Five Year project grants

  • Non-Federal cash equal to or greater than the Federal grant amount

Project reserve account l.jpg
Project Reserve Account

Federal Grant



insured financial institution




(Cash only)

Other Resources - $ and In-Kind

Project reserve account uses l.jpg
Project Reserve Account Uses

  • At least 85% to match IDA savings

  • Up to 13% for financial education and other activities

  • At least 2% for data collection

Non federal funding examples l.jpg
Non-Federal Funding – Examples

  • Financial institutions

  • Foundations

  • United Way organizations

  • Corporations / Employers

  • Faith-based organizations

  • State, local and Tribal governments

Ida matching structure l.jpg
IDA Matching Structure

  • IDA Savings Match Rates can range from

    $1 match for $1 earned income saved to

    $8 match for $1 earned income saved

  • Maximum Federal Contribution

    • $2000 per individual

    • $4000 per household

Participant eligibility l.jpg
Participant Eligibility

  • TANF eligible OR

  • EITC eligible or annual household income less than twice poverty (about $40,000 for family of four) and

    Household net worth less than $10,000 excluding value of a residence and one car

  • Administrating agencies may apply additional eligibility rules

Participant savings plan agreement l.jpg
Participant Savings Plan Agreement

  • Amount to be saved / Schedule of deposits

  • Asset to be purchased

  • Match rate per $1 of earned income saved

  • Financial education / Financial literacy courses

  • Debt management counseling

  • Asset-specific training

  • Contingency plans

Summary grantee activities l.jpg
Summary – Grantee Activities

  • Create project reserve account

  • Recruitment / outreach / marketing to inform community about the program

  • Enroll participants and develop savings agreement

  • Provide financial education and other services

Typical grantee activities cont d l.jpg
Typical Grantee Activities – cont’d

  • Work with the client to open the IDA

  • Assist the client throughout the savings period

  • Allocate matching funds as the client saves

  • Provide asset-specific training and preparation

  • Assist with the asset purchase

  • Collect data and report to OCS

Afi application requirements processes l.jpg

AFI Application Requirements / Processes

Slide30 l.jpg

AFI Application Overview

  • Annual Review Cycles – November 1, March 15, June 15

  • Up to $1,000,000 (average $325,000)

  • $18,000,000 available in FY 2006

  • 50-60 funded projects

Application review criteria l.jpg
Application Review Criteria

  • Approach (50 pts.)

  • Organizational Profiles (17 pts.)

  • Results or Benefits Expected (10 pts.)

  • Objectives and Need for Assistance (10 pts.)

  • Budget (5 pts.)

  • Evaluation (5 pts.)

  • Summary (3 pts.)

Review criteria details l.jpg
Review Criteria – Details

Approach (50 pts.)

-Work Plan and Timeline (25 pts.)

- Tax Services (3 pts.)

- IDA Match Rate (5 pts.)

- Innovation (5 pts.)

- Partners / Collaborations (12 pts.)

Review criteria l.jpg
Review Criteria

Organizational Profiles (17 pts.)


- Experience

- Identify key staff

Review criteria34 l.jpg
Review Criteria

Results Expected (10 pts.)

- Clear outcome and output statements

- For measuring progress

Review criteria35 l.jpg
Review Criteria

Objectives /

Need for Assistance (10 pts.)

- Goal and Objectives Statements

- Needs for Assistance and Strengths

Review criteria36 l.jpg
Review Criteria

Budget and Justification (5 pts.)

  • Clear

  • Reasonable

  • Realistic

  • Commitment of Non-federal cash contribution

Review criteria37 l.jpg
Review Criteria

Evaluation(5 pts.)

- Electronic information collection

- Commitment to participate in the national AFI evaluation

- Providing timely data to OCS

Review criteria38 l.jpg
Review Criteria

Project Summary (3 pts.)

- One-page summary

- Key features

Slide39 l.jpg

Submission Requirements

  • Format

    Up to 40 pages plus attachments

  • Forms

    Standard Application form (SF-424)

    Standard Budget form (SF-424A)

    Standard Assurances form (SF-424B)

Slide40 l.jpg

Submission Requirements

  • Forms (cont’d)

    Certification regarding Lobbying

    Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (SF-LLL)

    Certification regarding Environmental Tobacco Smoke

  • Proof of Nonprofit Status

  • Proof of Designation as CDFI or Low-Income Designated Credit Union (if applicable)

Slide41 l.jpg

Submission Requirements

  • Upcoming Due Date:

    June 15, 2006 – 4: 30 p.m. EST

Slide42 l.jpg

Submission Requirements

  • Paper format:

    OCS Operations Center

    Assets for Independence Program

    1515 Wilson Blvd., Suite 100

    Arlington, VA 22209

  • Electronic format:

Information sources l.jpg
Information Sources

  • AFI Resource Center (202) 401-4626

  • AFI Webpage

Let s talk soon l.jpg
Let’s Talk Soon

James Gatz

Manager, Assets for Independence Program

Office of Community Services

[email protected]

(202) 401-4626