Art @ iit a gallery for exhibiting the art of technology
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art @ IIT – A Gallery for Exhibiting the Art of Technology EnPro 359 Introduction EnPro 359 Spring 2004 began the task of opening an on-campus art gallery As a continuing EnPro, we strove to build from this starting point. Kemper Room Gallery, Paul V. Galvin Library

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Introduction l.jpg

  • EnPro 359 Spring 2004 began the task of opening an on-campus art gallery

  • As a continuing EnPro, we strove to build from this starting point.

    • Kemper Room Gallery, Paul V. Galvin Library

    • Art @ IIT: a not-for-profit organization

      • Funding

      • Location

      • Promotion

The problem l.jpg
The Problem

  • Students want art on campus

    • Of 358 students surveyed:

      • 58% are “very interested”

      • 46% are “somewhat interested”

  • A new space for art is needed

    • Kemper Room only available for two semesters

    • Limited space

  • Few organizations specialize in art of technology

  • Our solution l.jpg
    Our Solution

    • Creation of a permanent on-campus art gallery

    • Organization of art events on campus

    • Increase of art awareness at IIT

    • Distribution of information about art events around Chicago to IIT students and faculty

    Customers l.jpg

    • Primary target: current IIT students, faculty, staff, and alumni

    • Secondary target: members of the Chicago art community and students from other schools

    • As art @ IIT continues to grow, our target audience will expand outward

    Customers6 l.jpg

    Values Offered to Customers

    • Information about art and widening horizons

    • Amusement

    • Convenience

    • Opportunity for display and feedback

    • Increased school pride

    • Work experience

    • Increased awareness of art and of IIT

    Sponsors l.jpg

    Levels of Sponsorship

    • University-level

      • Possible continuation of current university sponsorship through the Office of the President

      • Alumni donations

    • Private: Local, Regional, National

      • Businesses hoping to increase art awareness

      • Grants ranging in value from $1- 80,000

    • Public: Local, Regional, National

      • Government & nonprofit organizations devoted to endowment of arts

      • Grants ranging in value from $50 – 165,000

    Artists l.jpg

    • Artists specializing in Art of Technology

    • 3 calls for artists

      • Art of Technology Call

      • Faculty Art Call

      • Alumni Art Call

    • Possible student gallery

    • All parties involved will benefit the gallery

    The market l.jpg
    The Market

    • Primary market: students, faculty, and staff of IIT



    Marketing strategy l.jpg
    Marketing Strategy

    • “Art of Technology”

      • Addresses the nature of the university

      • Defines a scope for gallery operation

      • Allows us to market events and activities effectively

    • Promotion


      • TechNews student newspaper

      • Mass student emails

      • The Tube, IIT’s web portal

      • Flyers and posters around campus

    Competition l.jpg

    • Competitors

      • Other university galleries

      • Small, independent Chicago galleries

    • Focus on “art of technology” gives our gallery a unique edge over competition

    Financials l.jpg

    • Anticipates gallery reopening in August 2005 in old HUB Faculty Lounge

    • Two budget categories:

      • Re-startup costs

      • Yearly ongoing expenses

      • (see Business Plan, pg. 12)

    Path forward l.jpg
    Path Forward

    • Current: Kemper Room, Galvin Library

    • Stage 1: Summer 2005

      • 1A: Offices set up, call for artists

      • 1B: New location renovated

  • Stage 2: August 2005

    • Gallery is marketed, yearly exhibitions planned, first exhibition of the year launches

  • Path forward14 l.jpg
    Path Forward

    • Stage 3: Ongoing

      • Apply for grants, open new artist calls, facilitate workshops at IIT

      • Develop 5-year plan

  • Stage 4: Ongoing

    • Work with student groups, promote gallery through workshops, student exhibitions, etc.

  • Progress to date l.jpg
    Progress to Date

    • Team split up into 6 groups in order to support art @ IIT and awareness of art on campus:

      • Funding

      • Locations

      • Archiving

      • Research

      • Promotions

      • Website

    Funding group l.jpg
    Funding Group

    • Members

      • Krystle Lamprecht

    • Researched Grant Funding for continuation of art @ IIT gallery, which includes:

      • Searching the Foundation Center's online databases, searching over 1,400 grants for grants specifically catering to our mission.

      • Researching governmental agencies offering funding at the state and national level.

      • Compiling a list of grants including contact information, requirements, focus, amount, and deadlines.

    Locations group l.jpg
    Locations Group

    • Members

      • Itzi Velasquez

      • Dominic Garascia

      • Young Kim

    • Looked into possible locations for future art @ IIT gallery, which includes:

      • Photographed Machinery Hall’s 4th floor, the Faculty Lounge at the HUB, MTCC, and the 3410 building

      • Obtained .dwg files of the floor plans of both the HUB and Machinery Hall

      • Created cost analyses for best location: Faculty Lounge in the HUB

    Archiving group l.jpg
    Archiving Group

    • Members

      • Dominic Garascia

      • Erika Klemm

      • Young Kim

    • Began compiling information on art located on IIT Main Campus for creation of a main database of IIT Main Campus art, which includes:

      • Creation of a form to document information on works of art.

      • Photographing and gathering information on art in focus areas

      • Creation of ‘walking tours’ of Paul V. Galvin Library art and outside artwork

    Research group l.jpg
    Research Group

    • Members

      • Rupa Lakhani

      • Ami Shah

      • Swapna Viswanathan

    • Looked into art around Chicago, on other campuses, and promoting art at IIT itself, which includes:

      • Creating a comprehensive listing of art galleries and exhibitions in Chicago

      • Developing calendars including locations of exhibitions

      • Researched other university art galleries

      • Wrote an article for TechNews encouraging students to become excited about art

    Promotions group l.jpg
    Promotions Group

    • Members

      • Elisa Watanabe

      • Krystle Lamprecht

    • Promoted the presence of art @ IIT on campus, including:

      • Two workshops: origami & cookie decorating

      • Articles for TechNews

      • Contacting three art publications: Gallery Guide, Illinois Arts Council, and Chicago Gallery News

      • Requesting links to on IIT’s main web site

    Website group l.jpg
    Website Group

    • Members

      • Jeremiah Bridges

      • Krystle Lamprecht

    • Created website in support of the efforts of Fall 2004 EnPRO 359 and art @ IIT. The website can be viewed at

    The team l.jpg
    The Team

    In order to run a successful gallery, the following positions are needed

    • Director

    • Associate Director

    • Treasurer

    • Exhibition Designer

    Risks l.jpg

    • Risk 1: Unattractive Gallery

      • Solution: proper attention and time given to the project and the correct start-up capital

    • Risk 2: Student Apathy

      • Solution: through the “Art of Technology” theme along with continual marketing, interest is developed

    • Risk 3: Competition

      • Solution: our technology niche and location in an area lacking galleries

    • Risk 4: Income

      • Solution: grants and other donations can make it possible for the gallery to have free admission and maintain not-for-profit status

    Summary l.jpg

    • The success of this EnPro and of art @ IIT is apparent:

      • The opening of the Kemper Room art gallery

      • The archival of existing art on campus

      • Cost-analysis of new gallery location

      • Insight into requirements of running a university art gallery

      • List of possible sources of funding

      • Workshops and articles promoting art on campus

      • A website serving as an art portal for IIT

    Summary26 l.jpg

    • An on-campus art gallery greatly contributes to quality of life

    • In order to continue serving the IIT community, art @ IIT requires the following:

      • Continued financial and administrative support

      • A permanent physical location

      • Grant proposals

      • Continued cooperation of student groups