2014 2015 sophomore pre enrollment n.
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2014-2015 Sophomore Pre-Enrollment PowerPoint Presentation
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2014-2015 Sophomore Pre-Enrollment

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2014-2015 Sophomore Pre-Enrollment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014-2015 Sophomore Pre-Enrollment
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  1. 2014-2015Sophomore Pre-Enrollment

  2. Enrollment Packet Due by Friday, February 7thTurn in packet to your English teacher

  3. Counselors Student’s Last Name A-B Carie Allen Student’s Last Name C-F Nicole Wilson Student’s Last Name G-K Alecia Day Student’s Last Name L-O Paula Buckmaster Student’s Last Name P-S Ranae Summers Student’s Last Name T-Z Kristi Stephens MHS Counseling Office

  4. Counselors Student’s Last Name A-C Carie Allen Student’s Last Name D-Hi Brieana Cooper Student’s Last Name Ho-Mi Paula Buckmaster Student’s Last Name Mo-Sh Ranae Summers Student’s Last Name Si-Z Kristi Stephens Freshmen Counselors Nicole Wilson & Alecia Day MHS Counseling Office –Next Year

  5. 1. Purple- Enrollment Form • 2. Yellow- Home Language Survey • 3. Blue- Health/Medical Form • Return all forms to English teacher. • Transportation & Student Info forms will be given to your teacher next week. • All Forms due Friday, February 7th Enrollment Packet- Due to your English teacher Feb. 7

  6. Graduation Requirements -for the Class of 2015 and beyond ACE-College Prep Diploma

  7. Graduation Requirements -for the Class of 2015 and beyond Standard Diploma- *Student must opt out of College Prep

  8. In order to meet graduation requirements every student must pass 4 of 7 EOI Tests. All students Must Pass: English 2 and Algebra 1 Any 2 of the following: Biology, Geometry, US History, English 3 or Algebra 2 Attendance on Test Days is Very Important! End of Instruction (EOI)Testing Requirements

  9. Enrollment for your Sophomore YearStep 1: Plan for your future.Create a 4 Year Plan. 1. Review all classes needed to graduate.2. Complete Credit Check with your transcript.3. Check transcript for error and notify counselor.

  10. Step 2: Answer question. Do you have any outside requirements needed for graduation? Yes or No??? Oklahoma’s Promise (OHLAP) NCAA

  11. ScholarshipUpon completion of the program’s requirements, you will earn:Free tuition at an Oklahoma public two-year college or four-year university. OR a portion of tuition at an accredited Oklahoma private college OR a portion of tuition for courses at public technology centers that are approved for credit toward an Associate in Applied Science degree at a public college. (The Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship does not cover fees, books, supplies, or room and board.)For more information see your counselor or go to www.okpromise.org

  12. Any student that is going to participate in a college athletic program under the guidance of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is responsible to register with NCAA (www.ncaa.org) and complete all high school coursework needed to satisfy the NCAA’s requirements. All questions should be directed to the head coach of the related sport and/or the site athletic director. NCAA Clearinghouse

  13. Step 3: Review Course Description Guide and Course List (back of enrollment form) Determine core classes & elective classes for next year List Electives by Importance All Course Descriptions are on the MHS Website!

  14. Step 4: Complete Enrollment Form Select Core Classes Language Arts English 2 or Pre-AP English 2 History World History or AP European History Science Physical Science, Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry Math Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra 2

  15. Step 4: Enrollment Form Select Elective ClassesArt, Music, Drama, Athletics, Computers, Foreign Language, Reading, Journalism , FACS….. Personal Financial Literacy*Personal Financial Literacy is a required elective for graduation Must have teacher permission to take any class with an * Choose all electives and alternates wisely!

  16. List elective classes by order of importance: • Theatre • Spanish II • Art • Woodworking • Archery & Fishing • Sewing I • Sewing IIChoose all electives wisely! If not enough electives selected your counselor will pick for you Step 4: Enrollment Form

  17. Mock Trial • History of the Bible • Archery & Fishing • Stagecraft • Sports & Entertainment Marketing New Courses offered next year

  18. Deadline for changes is May 1, 2014 Schedule Changes

  19. Enrollment Form Due by Friday, February 7thTurn in packet to your English teacher Online enrollment Feb.11-13 in Media Center labsTuesday, Feb. 11 Gonzales & DunfordWednesday, Feb. 12 Case & GainesThursday, Feb. 13 Price & Jeffers