introduction to occupational health and safety for teachers n.
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Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety for Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety for Teachers

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Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety for Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety for Teachers. Occupational, Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Unit. Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in the 21 st Century. OH&S Act 2000 Aim: to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

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introduction to occupational health and safety for teachers

Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety for Teachers

Occupational, Health, Safety and Rehabilitation Unit

occupational health and safety legislation in the 21 st century
Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in the 21st Century
  • OH&S Act 2000
    • Aim: to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.
      • Places obligations on employers, manufacturers, designers, employees, contractors, visitors, students
      • High priority to consult with employees.
  • OH&S Regulation 2001
    • Gives specifics for all work areas, hazards & risk management process.
  • Codes of Practice/Australian Standards
    • Give information on how to comply with the regulations eg. Hazardous Substances, Noise etc.
responsibilities under the law
Responsibilities under the Law
  • Employers must……..
    • Ensure a safe workplace (safe plant, safe substances, information, instruction, training, supervision)
    • Consult with employees on OH&S matters
    • Manage Risk Management in the workplace.
  • Employees must…….
    • Be mindful of health and safety of others in the workplace (other staff/students/visitors)
    • Comply & co-operate with employer’s efforts to make the workplace safe
    • Inform management or OH&S Committee of any hazards in the workplace.
others in the workplace
Others in the Workplace
  • These include:
    • public/visitors
    • students
    • children
    • contractors
  • When on campus, need to be safe from any hazards whether in a workshop, classroom, or outside.
  • Must be supervised when using Plant / Equipment
  • May require wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), following safe instructions e.g. induction etc.
  • Concerns about contractors? - contact your College Operations Staff.
protective clothing and equipment ppce
Protective Clothing and Equipment (PPCE)
  • TAFE policy
    • Staff have all PPCE provided
    • Students must provide their own
    • Requirements follow those set out by Curriculum Centres
    • Failure to enforce wearing PPCE could constitute an OH&S breach
    • Notify of requirement on enrolment or the first day
    • Apprentices – Enforce the wearing of PPCE
    • Ensure students are using plant/equipment safely
    • Supervise at all times

No gear - No start

how we manage health and safety in tafe nsw
How we manage Health and Safety in TAFE NSW
  • DET / TAFE Policies (see DET Intranet – OHS Directorate – Safe Working and Learning)
  • Institute Procedures (on PoD via Intranet Home Page)
    • Consultation Procedure
    • Injury Management Procedure
    • Risk Management Procedure
  • OH&S Guidelines (on PoD via Intranet Home Page)

- Managing Hazardous Substances

- Manual Handling

  • OH&S Committees
  • Provision of OH&S training
  • Undertake workplace inspections
consultation in the institutes
Consultation in the Institutes
  • Consultation is required on issues / changes that may affect OH&S of staff
  • Each HT/Unit Manager should also consult with staff on issues at section staff meetings etc.
  • Enables the sharing of information and gives staff the opportunity to express their view.
  • The OH&S Committee is the principal avenue for OH&S consultation in TAFE
  • Consider volunteering to be on the Committee
oh s committee chairpersons
OH&S Committee Chairpersons
  • Bankstown - Kerrin McCormack
  • Campbelltown - David Gray
  • Chullora - John Quine
  • Granville - Linda Solomons
  • Lidcombe - Glenn Martin
  • Liverpool - Bart McGuffin
  • Macquarie Fields - Michael Douglas
  • Miller - Matthew Stralow
  • Padstow -Lynne Devereux
  • Wetherill Park - Richard Meyers
oh s issue resolution
OH&S Issue Resolution
  • Step 1. If you have an OH&S issue raise it with your immediate supervisor.
  • Step 2. The immediate supervisor should act on the issue, consult with the workgroup or forward this to the Manager or the OH&S Committee.
  • Step 3. If the issue is not resolved, refer the issue direct to the OH&S Committee (if not already done so).
  • Step 4. The OH&S Committee will investigate, review all options and recommend action (including WorkCover).
risk management process


(inspections, investigations, audits,

consultation, walkthroughs, injury records,

environmental or health monitoring)




Risk Management Process
  • Risk Management Process
hazard reporting
Hazard Reporting
  • If you identify a hazard and are unable to remedy it directly, report it.
  • For serious hazards notify Operations Co-ordinator or Security and your Supervisor
  • Complete aHazard Notification Form
  • Form should be forwarded to your College Manager who will review and resolve the issue
risk assessments
Risk Assessments
  • Risk assessments identifies potential hazards and appropriate methods to remedy or control the risk.
  • Often refers to a Safe Work Method Statement SWMS, Safe Work Procedure SWP and SOP to ensure the plant/equipment or substance is used safely
  • Specific training on risk assessment is provided for staff conducting the risk assessment
  • Copies of the RA must be kept in the section and placed on the OH&S database.
risk control
Risk Control
  • Eliminate the hazard
  • Prevent/minimise exposure (substitute/redesign/modify/isolate)
  • Reduce risk by Engineering means (design out) or Administrative controls (safer work practice, training, supervision)
  • Last resort: use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
first aid
First Aid
  • Identify your College First Aid Officers and emergency numbers.
  • First Aid Officers will manage an injury, record it and refer the person as required.
  • Inform supervisor of any injury ASAP.
  • Keep emergency numbers on back of roll and direct dial in mobile phone.
  • Contact Security if First Aid Officer is not available.
  • First Aid information is displayed in classrooms.
emergency plans and evacuation
Emergency Plans and Evacuation
  • Each College has an emergency plan
  • Check all college Evacuation Plans - should be in each room.
  • Advise students of evacuation procedures and location of assembly area at the START of each new class
  • Follow Floor Warden instructions.
  • Assemble all students in designated assembly areas.
  • Take a roll call.
  • More wardensalways needed for evenings.
workers compensation
Workers’ Compensation
  • Inform your Supervisor ASAP if you have been injured and are unable to work
  • Report all OHS injuries and incidents on the OH&S Hotline: freecall 1800 811 523 Mon-Fri 7am – 7pm
  • If treatment is needed: Seek advice from your Nominated Treating Doctor and request a WorkCover Certificate
rehabilitation or return to work
Rehabilitation or Return to Work

Aim: a safe and timely return to pre-injury duties

  • Trained Rehabilitation Coordinator in OH&S Unit
    • liaises with injured person
    • liaises with Treating Doctor to determine suitable duties
    • liaises with your work supervisor and other health professionals
  • Rehabilitation occurs at work and duties are upgraded to your return to pre-injury duties
oh s support available in the workplace
OH&S support available in the workplace
  • Your Supervisor for OH&S issues that require action
  • Your College OH&S Committee who represent your concerns and resolve issues
  • Your Institute OH&S Coordinator (9846 8139) OH&S Adviser (9846 8143)

Rehab Co-ordinator (9846 8141)

or for Granville, OH&S Officer, (9682 0360)

  • Learning and DevelopmentUnit for relevant OH&S Training - check the training program for 2008 e.g.
      • Risk Management for Supervisors
      • Manual Handling
      • Hazardous substances
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Remember OH&S Information is available on the Institute Intranet which is called PoD – Policy and other Documents

  • or
  • On the Website
  • http://swsitwww/swsi_intranet/swsihome.aspx