Emily thrasher morgan early north carolina state university
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Emily Thrasher Morgan Early North Carolina State University. Providing opportunities and support for beginning teachers through a university supported community. May 25 , 2012 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference​ Washington, DC.

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Emily thrasher morgan early north carolina state university

Emily Thrasher

Morgan Early

North Carolina State University

Providing opportunities and support for beginning teachers through a university supported community

May 25 , 2012

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Conference​

Washington, DC

Noyce mathematics education teaching scholars program
Noyce Mathematics Education Teaching Scholars Program

North Carolina State University

PI: Hollylynne Lee

Co-PIs: Karen Hollebrands, Roger Woodard, Irina Kogan

Program Managers:

Ayanna Franklin, Emily Thrasher


  • Background-NCSU-Noyce METS Program

  • Supports/Evaluation

    • Funds/Mentors

    • Meetings

    • Wiki

    • Observations

  • Questions to Consider

Nc state university
NC State University

  • Near Research Triangle Park--Urban setting with suburban and rural contexts within 45 minutes

  • Largest Mathematics Education program in NC

  • Strong connections with STEM depts. Offer two double degrees at undergraduate level

  • Masters and PhD programs in which some also earn an initial teaching license.

  • Funded in Fall 2007

Overview of program
Overview of Program

Increase the number of highly qualified high school mathematics teachers prepared with a major in a mathematical science and in mathematics education.

  • Aim: To fund 26 scholars, undergraduate and graduate

    • 26 Scholars have been funded

    • 15 are current teachers

  • Financial benefits while in school:

    • $24,000 over two years (undergrad), $24,000 one year (grad)

    • One national conference ($1000) & two state or regional conferences ($200)

    • Technology ($250)

  • Scholarly community
    Scholarly Community

    • A major focus of the NCSU Noyce METS program is the establishment of a scholarly community

    • Within our community of faculty, staff, and scholars, we have designed supports that will help meet the needs of your beginning teachers

    Additional financial supports
    Additional Financial Supports

    • An additional $300 for technology or PD

    • A paid in-school mentor for 1 year

      • 60% of our scholars rated their in-school mentor as very useful to their development

    • Graduate scholar salary supplements ($20,000 over two years) were awarded to 1-2 scholars from each cohort

      • One scholar wrote about the supplement: “I am more free to go to professional development because of my salary supplement. When it comes to going to other conferences over the summer or even throughout the school year, it’s not a big deal for me to have to take money out of my personal funds to pay for food or lodging or whatever.”

    Lessons learned for implemenation of supplementary funds
    Lessons learned for Implemenation of Supplementary Funds

    • Have a streamlined process that does not put extra burden on the scholars

      • Have one place online for all forms.

      • Educate scholars on their funds and how to use them

    Monthly meetings
    Monthly Meetings

    • 3-5 face-to-face meetings throughout the year.

      • Meetings with whole Noyce Program

        • Skype

      • Professional development opportunities

        • iPad Workshop

    Online meetings
    Online Meetings

    • Monthly meetings held through Elluminate, an online synchronous classroom.

    • Meetings allow for scholars to visit with each other and discuss topics important to the classroom (e.g., classroom management, Common Core)

    Monthly meetings1
    Monthly meetings

    • Advantages of Elluminate:

      • Online so everyone can participate

      • Opportunities to “catch-up” with scholars. One scholar said: “Hearing about the trials and tribulations of my fellow Noyce scholars has been very useful, if only for the sake of knowing that others have the same fears and anxieties that I do and have been able to work through them.”

      • Time to disseminate research based practices

    Monthly meetings2
    Monthly Meetings

    • Disadvantages:

      • Scheduling a Time

      • One scholar wrote, “It would be useful for me if some sessions events were held during the summer. Since I am also a coach, almost all of my afternoons and nights are taken up with practices or games. Most other afternoons, I have scheduled meetings to attend, student tutoring, or need time to catch up on grading.”

    • Suggestions: Conduct professional development during the summer


    • “I would love to have more online resources that do not require me to physically be somewhere and do not require me to access them at a certain time. A forum or a wiki would be great. Some helpful activities and lesson plans would be wonderful as well.” –Noyce Scholar

    • http://noyce-ncsu.wikispaces.com/

    • Use a password protected wiki.

    Classroom observations
    Classroom Observations

    • Observations include:

      • Pre-observations e-mails to ask about a focus for the observation

      • A full class period observation

      • Post-conference where scholars are asked to reflect and discuss collected data

    • Drawbacks

      • Travel money and time

    • Ideas to consider

      • Video-recorded observations

    What do our scholars think about their support
    What Do Our Scholars Think About Their Support?

    • “Noyce offers a lot of security and support. If I had support like this throughout my career, I think I would be more likely to stay in the profession.”

    • “The community surrounding NOYCE has helped better prepare me to teach and has allowed me to take advantage of many more opportunities otherwise not available to all beginning teachers.”

    • “The faculty, staff, managers, scholars, and mentors have all been there when I needed advice on handling certain teaching obstacles and also with finding and developing classroom content.”

    Questions to consider
    Questions to Consider

    • What does a “community of scholars” in math education look like?

    • How do we measure and evaluate the effectiveness of a community of scholars in mathematics education?

    • Are there other types of supports that beginning teachers need that this type of community can provide?

    Questions comments concerns
    Questions, Comments, Concerns…

    To learn more about the

    Noyce Mathematics Education Teaching Scholars program at NC State

    please visit us at