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Answering Service

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Answering Service
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Answering Service

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  1. US BASED inbound call center services. • Choosing the right call center / answering service is one of the most important decisions that your company will make. • Since call center / answering service terminology and procedures are very industry specific, many business people find themselves lost when trying to find an answering service. • Having a basic understanding of the answering service process and relying on a knowledgeable call center sales representative can help businesses choose an answering service to meet the needs of the business and stay within budget.

  2. US BASED inbound answering service. • Knowing the number of calls you plan to receive per month is the perfect way to start understanding the type of account that you need. • Because of staffing issues and system resources involved in the call center / answering service industry, the amount of calls your account will generate is essential to the pricing of your account. • The best way to determine your call volume is to look at past phone bills and adjust accordingly for new business growth. • If you have a new business and are not sure of the volume of calls, estimate your volume based on planned advertising. • The account sales representative at a call center / answering center should be able to assist you in planning your call volume.

  3. We have been in business since 1959. • We have been managing the customer service needs of businesses since 1959. • By combining innovative technology with diligent hard work, our staff is renowned for first-class service with accounts both large and small. • In fact, our customer care has set us ahead of the competition as a completely integrated interactive call center. • We have truly redefined what a call center is and what a call center should do!we strive to provide our clients with the most up-to-date answering service and call center technology. • By providing our staff with the latest equipment, we are able to tailor a plan to exceed the client's expectations and rigid customer care standards.

  4. We digitally record all calls and YOU can access them anytime via the Internet using our Webworx Portal. • We have operated with the understanding that taking advantage of the latest advances in technology would provide better opportunities for our clients business and ours.  • While other call center / answering services were closing or being acquired by other services during the late 90's, our forward thinking staff was busy updating our systems in order to compete in a digitally driven world. •  By investing in improvements in our answering service systems, we can offer services and applications that any other answering service simply cannot do, or worse, can’t do right! • We use completely web-based terminals running Amtelco's Infinity system, known in the answering service industry as one of the best systems available on the market. • We have been able to expand on the Infinity call system with our talented staff of programmers.

  5. We can provide customized call pattern reports to you for your review. With everchanging technology, we continue to push the envelope of call center / answering service technology in order to meet our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Our APC Uninterrupted Power Pupply coupled with 100% digital technology guarantees the up-time of our entire network. Since we realize that our clients depend on our technology for their businesses to function properly, we have taken great steps to ensure the redundancy of our entire network.  We go above and beyond the technical expectations of the call center / answering service industry to provide our clients with the most up-to-date technology across all industries.

  6. Our account managers are available to our clients 24/7/365. • General Message Taking • Text and Digital Paging • Dispatching to Employees • Voicemail • Unified Messaging • Emergency On-Call • General Message Delivery • Alpha Pager Messaging • Automated Messaging

  7. We have a full backup and contingency plan in place. • An important part for our success lies within our company's diversity. • We are an equal opportunity employer as well as an equal orientation employer. • We believe in fostering an environment that affords our employees the opportunity to grow professionally as well as culturally. • You can shape the world and work experience you want. • Come and take a close look at our strong organization

  8. We maintain call recordings and messages for up to 5 years. • All photographic images, though some may be purchased licenses from other sources, are under the copyright in their current interface. • All interface images, including, but not limited to, toolbars, buttons, tables and logos, are fully under the copyright of CMR Inc. • All HTML, PHP and Javascript code in this site is also fully under the copyright of CMR Inc. • Any copyright infringement or duplication of this site, or any of its contents, will be prosecuted swiftly.

  9. CALL 1-800-475-7300