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Sharepoint seo

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Sharepoint seo. SharePoint 2010 Search Engine Optimization. We’ll be covering…. 1. How to create custom page titles 2 . Creating and making use of the “Description” Meta tag. 3. Should you still include “Keywords” Meta Tag ?

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Sharepoint seo

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    1. Sharepointseo SharePoint 2010 Search Engine Optimization

    2. We’ll be covering… 1. How to create custom page titles 2. Creating and making use of the “Description” Meta tag. 3. Should you still include “Keywords” Meta Tag? This information will be available as a blog at

    3. Search Engine Results Meta Title (Custom Page Title) Meta Description (Custom Page Description)

    4. <title>Page Title</title> The Title tag indicates the current pages title. <title> Title Text Goes Here </title> Out of the box SharePoint sets the site title and appends the page navigation name to the end of the site title Example: Site Title – Page Name Example Demo:

    5. <meta name="description" content=" " /> Out of the box SharePoint doesn’t have a way for you to populate the page Description Meta Tag. Demo: Lets do a search for Western Carolinas SharePoint User Group

    6. TO THE CODE! 1. Create Site Columns: Site Settings > Galleries: Site Columns > Create: MetaTitle(Single line of text) MetaDescription (Single line of text) 2. Hidden ASP Panel at the closing body tag to contain PlaceHolderPageTitle: <asp:Panel visible="false" runat="server"> </asp:Panel> 3. SEO Code Snippet: <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderMetaTags" runat="server"> <title runat="server"><SharePoint:ListItemProperty Property='MetaTitle' runat='server'/></title> <meta name="description" content="<SharePoint:ListItemProperty Property='MetaDescription' runat='server' />" /> </asp:ContentPlaceHolder>

    7. Please note! The only drawback is the next time you go to edit the master page you will need to replace Meta Description tag again before saving a new version of the master page. For some reason when you open & edit the master page the SharePoint:ListItemPropertyadds additional code that breaks the tag. Replace it with the clean code before saving the master page again. <meta name="description" content="<SharePoint:ListItemProperty Property='MetaDescription' runat='server' />" />

    8. Meta keyword Should you still use Meta Keywords? NO! Not since the late 90’s. Meta Keywords Tag became very popular in the mid 90’s and were widely used and abused. A few years later search engines started enforcingstrict rules and ignoring Meta Keywords altogether because of the abuse and false search results from keyword spam. Meta Keywords Tag Example: <meta name="keywords" content="keywords, keyword, keyword phrase, etc."> Google and Yahoo completely ignore the Keywords Meta Tag. Microsoft Bing uses it to detect spammers and blocks them.

    9. Questions? Matthew Skinner, MCP Email: Company: dataBridge Thank you!