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GEB 3213. Lecture 2: Writing for Purpose and Audience, and Designing Effective Resumes. Writer- Centered Writing.

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Geb 3213

GEB 3213

Lecture 2: Writing for Purpose and Audience, and Designing Effective Resumes

Writer- Centered Writing

This change will better allow us to leverage our talent base in an area where developmental roles are under way and strategically focuses us towards the upcoming Business Systems transition where Systems literacy and accuracy will be essential to maintain and further improve service levels to our customer base going forward.

Reader centered writing
Reader - Centered Writing

This personnel change will improve our customer service.

Effective business writing
Effective Business Writing

  • What is “reader-centered” writing?

Getting started planning to write
Getting Started: Planning to Write

  • What are the two main questions you need to answer before you start writing a business document?

Why analyze your readers needs
Why Analyze Your Readers’ Needs?

3. Give one reason why you need to be aware of the educational level and needs of your readers.

The resume

  • Why should the resume look and be flawless on first look?

  • How long on average do employers spend reading a resume?

  • List three methods to ensure that employers see your most important details.

Layout and design

  • What font size and type should you use?

  • How can you keep the resume concise?

Tailor your resume
Tailor Your Resume

  • How do you customize your resume to the reader?

Resume don ts
Resume Don’ts

  • List three things you should not include or do with your resume.

Useful resume websites
Useful Resume Websites

  • Getting Started:

  • Resume action words :