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year 10 photography n.
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Year 10 Photography PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 10 Photography

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Year 10 Photography
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Year 10 Photography

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  1. Year 10 Photography

  2. Off centre rule, rule of three and lines, the textures and the colours adds the effect of

  3. Rule of three and off centre. The moisture on the leaves adds a shining effect upon the leaves and the out of focus background puts the leaf in the centre of attention.

  4. The complicity of the fence and the ground in black and white gives this picture an artistic flair. The rule of three, off centre and lines.

  5. The rule of lines, of three and off centre. The change of colour in the sky from light to dark has an adding effect upon the tree, which is leaning in and the branches have swiping effect. A tree

  6. A flower The rule of three off centre and of three. The way the light hits the flower creates the natural colour to be amplified.

  7. Rule of lines and the rule of three, off centre. The shape and texture of the leaves adds to the form of the wall creating the white flower stand out . A flower

  8. A tunnel The rule of lines and the out of focus centre creates the illusion of the infinite vortex.

  9. The rule of lines and black ‘n’ white The shade created by the leaves of the tree creates the soft bare effect on the tree branches.

  10. A flower Off centre and lines rule puts the out of focus flower in the soft haze.

  11. A tree Dark scary twigs of a tree create a realistic bird nest in between the two big branches.

  12. The rule of three and off centre white flower almost disintegrates the rock in to the fallen leaves on the ground.

  13. Black ‘n’ white rule and an off centre rule. The sun’s rays on the camera lens makes this environment look cosy and comfortable. The van in the background puts a more realistic perspective on this picture

  14. Rule of lines and the Sofia effect on the camera brings the uniqueness of a new branch developing on tree trunk.

  15. The flat damp leaves of a plant almost taking over “eating ” the tree stump, defiantly bring out the texture and colure to this composition. Rule of lines and of three.

  16. The defection of the camera lens by the sun and the way this two flowers are bonded gives the impression of two lover bonded in an internal union. Off centre, lines rules were used to take this picture.

  17. This picture was taken on the trip to the channel 7. the rules of tree and lines bring out the brightness of yellow and red, on the soft green leaves.

  18. The cute little semi-baby kangaroo was photographed in the channel 7 grounds. Rule of shade and threes were used.

  19. The maze of branches hanging down from a tree creates monster’s claws scraping the ground. Rule of lines and off three can be seen.

  20. This picture has been photoshopped to the beautiful state it is in now

  21. This picture has been photoshopped to the beautiful state it is in now