Brookhaven national laboratory
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STARPMD. Brookhaven National Laboratory. Charles Udanoh Mentor:Dr. Jim Thomas. What is you assignment?. Working with Mr. Tapan Naik Conducting tests with students Searching for Disoriented Chiral Condensates (DCC). Why search for DCC?.

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Brookhaven national laboratory


Brookhaven National Laboratory

Charles Udanoh

Mentor:Dr. Jim Thomas

What is you assignment
What is you assignment?

  • Working with Mr. Tapan Naik

  • Conducting tests with students

  • Searching for Disoriented Chiral Condensates (DCC)

Why search for dcc
Why search for DCC?

  • To generate valuable information on vacuum structure of the strong interaction

  • And the nature of the chiral phase transition

Past experiments wa98 and alice
Past Experiments (WA98 and ALICE)

  • Used PMD,SPMD and Plastic ball detectors to

    - look for collective flow of photons and charged particles (like pions and protons)

    - to estimate the percentage of the elliptic flow depending upon the centrality

What is photons multiplicity detector pmd
What is Photons Multiplicity Detector ( PMD)?

The PMD is a Pre-shower photon Detector suitable for counting photons in high-energy nucleus - nucleus collisions.

Pmd cont
PMD Cont.

  • It Measures multiplicity and spatial distribution of photons on an event-by-event basis in high energy ion experiments.

  • It study’s Deconfinement transitions, Chiral symmetry restoration and matter under extreme conditions

Brookhaven national laboratory

Mechanical design of PMD

The honeycomb chambers are fabricated in the form of unit modules, which can be handled conveniently.

The unit module consists of a rhombus of side approx. 260 mm containing a matrix of 24 x 24 cells.

This shape has identical boundaries on all four sides. The wall thickness at the boundaries is half of that of the inner walls.

Control system
Control System

The control system consist of three distinct subsystems: