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The Helen Keller Project

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The Helen Keller Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Helen Keller Project. The woman who defeated life’s challenges. Birth.

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The Helen Keller Project

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    1. The Helen Keller Project The woman who defeated life’s challenges

    2. Birth • Helen Keller was born June of 1880 on her families property in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her Grandfather built their house. Helen was born in the smaller house on their property and lived there with her mother the first months of her life.

    3. SICKNESS • At nineteen months of age Helen caught an illness that could had been Scarlet Fever or Meningitis. Her parents were devastated.

    4. LATER THAT DAY • Helen’s parents were giving her a bath and her mother waved her hand in front of Helen’s eyes. She yelled, “OUR DAUGHTER IS BLIND!”


    6. THE NEXT DAY • Helen wanted to play with her baby doll and her baby carriage. She them knocked down.

    7. Two Years Later • Anne Sullivan finally went to the Keller home to meet Helen. She was twenty years old.

    8. A year later • Helen moved to New York with Anne to learn with out any disruptions.

    9. College Years • Helen and Anne went to a college for Helen to get a career. She chose writing.

    10. Starting Off • After graduating from college, Helen started her career as a writer with Anne at her side. They started working in Vaudeville.

    11. Marriage • Helen was going to get married, but the man who asked her went off to married someone else.

    12. Why Helen Was So Famous • Helen Keller was famous because she was the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor,sdegree. • Helen also was famous for being the first deaf and blind person to write 14 books

    13. Awards • Helen earned the Presidential Award of Freedom

    14. Death • Helen died age 88 in1966.