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2008 Equal Justice Conference May 7-9, 2008 Minneapolis, MN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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USING TECHNOLOGY TO ADVANCE YOUR MISSION: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITES FOR THE UP TO DATE LEGAL AID LAW FIRM. 2008 Equal Justice Conference May 7-9, 2008 Minneapolis, MN. Using and Recording LegalMeetings for In-House Trainings Equal Justice Conference 2008 Kathleen Brockel.

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2008 Equal Justice Conference

May 7-9, 2008

Minneapolis, MN

Using and Recording LegalMeetings for In-House Trainings www.lsntap.orgEqual Justice Conference 2008Kathleen Brockel


Why and How to Use LegalMeetings for In-House Trainings

Recording LegalMeetings Trainings

Why legalmeetings
Why LegalMeetings?

  • The Legal Aid Web Conferencing Project

  • Citrix GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar

  • 2008 Excellence in Technology Award by Small Business

  • Frost and Sullivan 2008 North American Web Conferencing Company of the Year Award

Why legalmeetings1
Why LegalMeetings?

  • LegalMeetings is financially supported by LSC through TIG Grant to Center for Arkansas Legal Services and NTAP

  • Cost to the general public - $100/mo

  • Cost to you:

    • LSC Funded Program $10 - $32/mo.

    • Non LSC - $40/mo

It saved our program time and money on face to face meetings

“It saved our program time and money on face-to-face meetings.”

-Jackie Taylor, Georgia Legal Services Program

Legalmeetings use in legal services
LegalMeetings Use in Legal Services

76 Programs have LegalMeetings Accounts with NTAP

Number of meetings in 2007 – 3075

Number of attendees in 2007 - 8951

Legalmeetings is used for
LegalMeetings is used for:

Employee Training

Program Compliance

Website Construction or Design

Assisting Others with Technology Topics

Planning in the Delivery of Client Services

Program Administration

Employee Mentoring

Easy to use for in house trainings
Easy to Use for In-House Trainings

Quick start

Change presenters

Pass control of mouse and keypad


Show screen

Change between documents or programs

Organizer application
Organizer Application

Enables Organizers to perform meeting functions – schedule, start, edit, etc.

The application must be on the PC you are using to schedule or conduct meetings.

Download anytime at by clicking the Host a Meeting button.

Access functions by right-clicking the GoToMeeting system tray icon.

Recording in gotomeeting

Recording in GoToMeeting

1. Soundcheck

2. Recording Settings in GoToMeeting

3. Recording Process

4. Finish Recording/Posting

You need
You Need:

A microphone

Windows Media Player


IMPORTANT: NEVER SKIP THE SOUNDCHECK! Microphones can die unexpectedly or system properties can change without you knowing.

Plug your microphone into your computer. A menu should appear listing "Microphone", "Line in", "No Action", etc. Select Microphone.

Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Audio and Sound Devices

In Sound and Audio Properties, Select the “Voice” tab, then click on the button, “test hardware” near the bottom of the window.

Sound Hardware Test Wizard screen will appear. Select NEXT to begin the tool. It will load and bring you to a Microphone Test window. Talk into your Microphone. If the bar for “Recording” fills up as green or another color, then your microphone works. If it doesn’t, make sure everything is connected properly. Press NEXT. It will now playback the sound spoken into the recording a few moments ago. If this works, you are ready to go.

Recording settings in gotomeeting
Recording Settings in GoToMeeting

Have another organizer make you an organizer in GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting.

Select Tools from the top menu, then click Recording. This will reveal a new box for Recording.

Push the Settings Button. This will bring up the Audio settings for GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting. For Audio, make sure “Record Audio” is chosen. If not, select it. For Video, make sure “Convert to Windows Media Player File” is chosen. If not, choose it.

Push “OK” on the bottom of the window and save your settings.

Recording process
Recording Process

Press the Record Button. It should cause a red circle to appear inside the Record Button and the “Stop” button should now appear.

Don’t touch any of the recording options until the training/recording is finished.

When the GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar recording is finished, either wait for the Presenter to end the session or close the tool screen yourself. It will automatically stop the recording. It will then take a few minutes to finish making the file. For a 90 minute training, the time is approximately 45 minutes.

Finish recording posting
Finish Recording/Posting

To Post to a Website use:

WinSCP is an open source SFTP client for Windows. It provides a simple interface for transferring files between computers and servers.

More legalmeetings info @ lsntap org
More LegalMeetings Info@

  • Signup

  • How-To’s

  • Roundtables: More Cool Bells & Whistles

    • When: Alternating Thursdays

    • Time: 11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern

    • Contact: [email protected]

Document assembly


Kate Bladow

NPADO Project Coordinator

Pro Bono Net

How document assembly works
How Document Assembly Works

Advocates or self-represented litigants answer questions during an interview.

A personalized document is created from the answers.

The answers can be saved and reused.


Idaho Notice for Repairs

Other examples

  • Idaho Legal Services/Idaho Supreme Court

  • Illinois Legal Aid Online Uncontested Divorce

  • NYC Civil Court Housing Assistance

  • Pine Tree Legal Aid Food Stamp Estimator

Other Examples

Benefits of document assembly
Benefits of Document Assembly

My program serves more clients.

Less time is spent on paperwork.

My staff is happier.

My program provides better services.

My staff is easier to supervise.

Who is doing what

Who Is Doing What?

Innovation in Case Management Systems Montana, New York)Using Technology to Advance Your MissionABA/ NLADA 2008 Equal Justice ConferencePresenter: Kathleen Brockel, LSNTAP


Cms innovation
CMS Innovation Montana, New York)

  • CMS are already deeply embedded in legal aid work processes, so it makes sense that programs are extending them to do even more.

  • A look around the country shows that programs are customizing CMS to

    • Handle general administrative needs

    • Improve the intake process

Prairie state legal services kemps grant tracking
Prairie State Legal Services: Kemps Grant Tracking Montana, New York)

  • PSLS uses the Grant Tracking portion of the Kemps system to track and prepare grants. System tracks:

    • Overall views of all grantors

    • Individual grants with details

Prairie state legal services kemps grant tracking1
Prairie State Legal Services: Kemps Grant Tracking Montana, New York)

  • Grantor Record View

Prairie state legal services kemps grant tracking2
Prairie State Legal Services: Kemps Grant Tracking Montana, New York)

  • Grant Detail (1)

Prairie state legal services kemps grant tracking3
Prairie State Legal Services: Kemps Grant Tracking Montana, New York)

  • Grant Detail (2)

Prairie state legal services kemps grant tracking4
Prairie State Legal Services: Kemps Grant Tracking Montana, New York)

  • Grant Detail (4)

Legal aid services of oregon legal servertimekeeping
Legal Aid Services of Oregon – Legal ServerTimekeeping Montana, New York)

  • LASO has worked with developers to create an integrated timesheet module that replaced 2 timekeeping systems.

    • Tracks LSC-required timekeeping

    • Generates time and attendance time sheets

    • Tracks employee benefit leave hours (sick, vacation, etc.).

    • Produces an overtime pay report for non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours.

Laso timekeeping module
LASO Timekeeping Module Montana, New York)

Intake Montana, New York)

  • The largest focus of CMS customization has been in intake.

    • Move intake online (to accommodate clients who are using the web)

    • Improve intake questions/advice

    • Make intake easier for volunteers

    • Provide legal information first then offer intake if needed

Intake Montana, New York)

  • Improving the existing intake process

    • Virginia Legal Aid Society (Kemps Prime)

    • Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut (Legal Files)

  • Adding intake on the web

    • Legal Services of Northern Michigan (Pika)

    • Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project (Practice Manager)

    • Iowa Legal Aid and Legal Aid of Western Ohio (Pika)

  • Virginia legal aid society
    Virginia Legal Aid Society Montana, New York)

    • Speeds up intake interviews by adding intake questions and FAQs into Kemps Prime CMS

      • 800 questions in over 67 areas (employing National Index and LSC problem codes)

      • Over 800 FAQ’s with answers assigned to these codes

      • Programs can easily edit for their own state’s laws

      • Available to all programs in the country using Kemps Prime version C and higher

    Virginia s intake 1

    Choose the Problem Type. A list of intake questions appears.

    Virginia’s Intake (1)

    Virginia s intake 2

    Choose National Index Codes. appears.

    Virginia’s Intake (2)

    Virginia s intake 3

    Click on the Intake Questions. appears.

    Virginia’s Intake (3)

    Virginia s intake 4

    Add the intake answers into the database appears.

    Virginia’s Intake (4)

    Legal assistance resource center of connecticut
    Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut FAQ.

    • Intake through a central hotline

    • Hotline staff distributes cases electronically to programs based on geography and other criteria

    • All information is transferred within Legal Files to the other site

    • Cases can be transferred in bulk.

    • System is Legal Files via an Enterprise configuration, which is a single database segmented by office or site.

    Ptla s maine volunteer lawyers project
    PTLA’s Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project FAQ.

    • The project has built an easy-to-use web-based interview system volunteers. (The CMS was too complex for volunteers to use)

    • This basic interview can be directly imported into the VLP's case management software, Practice Manager.

    Ptla s web based intake interview 1

    The Intake Form Seen By Volunteer Lawyers FAQ.

    PTLA’s Web Based Intake Interview (1)

    Iowa legal aid legal aid of western ohio pika
    Iowa Legal Aid/ & FAQ. Legal Aid of Western Ohio (Pika)

    • Eve Ricaurte of Iowa Legal Aid, used A2J to build a web-based on-line intake system interface for PIKA

    • Pilot project launched by Iowa Legal Aid to ease hotline load by

      • directing people to online resources or other organizations where appropriate

      • allowing potential clients to complete an application online from remote sites

  • Now being replicated by Legal Aid of Western Ohio

  • Cms innovations contacts
    CMS Innovations Contacts FAQ.

    • Legal Aid Services of Oregon (Legal Server)

    • Aleta Doerr - [email protected]

    • Pine Tree Legal Assistance (Practice Manager)

    • Kathleen Caldwell, Kathleen [email protected]

    • Iowa Legal Aid (Pika)

    • Eve Ricaurte

    Innovative delivery models


    Ken Penokie

    Director and Reluctant CRP

    Legal Services of Northern Michigan

    Spotlight on remote intake


    Rachel Medina

    A2J Author Project Manager

    Center for Access to Justice and Technology

    Spotlight on Remote Intake: FAQ. Iowa & Ohio Projects

    A2J Guided Interviews FAQ. TM: Document assembly front-endand more

    A2j author document assembly front end and more
    A2J Author: FAQ. Document assembly front-end and more

    • Document Assembly

    Petition for a Protection Order

    A2j author document assembly front end and more1
    A2J Author: FAQ. Document assembly front-end and more

    • Website Guide

    What’s the next step?

    Where do I go?

    Who do I need to contact?

    Iowa Legal Aid: FAQ. Pilot Remote Intake Project

    A2j author document assembly front end and more2

    A2J Guided Interview FAQ.

    (.a2j files)




    Answer File Data Now Available For

    ….conflicts check

    ….attorney review


    Transformed Answer Files


    Case File


    Interview Answers



    A2J Author: Document assembly front-end and more

    • Case Management System Data Collection

    OHIO TIG 2007 Grant: FAQ. A Closer Look at the Mechanics for Web Intake

    Ohio 2007 tig for web intake

    • Overview of the Grant Project

    • Building on Iowa’s Model

    • The Mechanics of Web Intake

    Activity nationwide

    Chicago-Kent College of Law / Student Editorial Board Projects

    Ventura County, California

    (various interviews in process)

    Illinois Legal Aid Online

    (multiple interviews, either live or in development)

    Document Assembly and E-Filing System Projects

    U.S. District Courts,

    Eastern Missouri

    Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Florida

    (pilot project for the state of Florida)

    Clerk of Kane County, Illinois

    Intake Interview/Case Management Database Projects

    Iowa Legal Aid

    Legal Aid of Western Ohio

    States with

    A2J Author Guided Interviews

    (according to recent NPADO server statistics)

    Alabama, Arkansas, California, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vermont, Washington, Ontario (Canada)

    Other Active Registered Users

    of A2J Author

    Arizona, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

    Activity Nationwide