Uic early reading first building the foundations for early literacy excellence
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UIC Early Reading First Building the Foundations for Early Literacy Excellence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UIC Early Reading First Building the Foundations for Early Literacy Excellence. Alicia J Wyche Summer Internship 2009. What is Early Reading First?. Federal program that supports the development of early childhood centers of excellence

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Uic early reading first building the foundations for early literacy excellence

UIC Early Reading FirstBuilding the Foundations for Early Literacy Excellence

Alicia J Wyche

Summer Internship 2009

What is early reading first
What is Early Reading First?

  • Federal program that supports the development of early childhood centers of excellence

  • Mission: ensure that all children enter kindergarten with the necessary language, cognitive, and early reading skills for continued success in school

  • Grants are designed to help early childhood centers improve their programs

    • serve primarily children from low-income families.

Uic early reading first
UIC-Early Reading First

  • Awarded 2 federally funded grants from the U.S. Department of Education

    • In collaboration with the UIC Center for Literacy

  • Charting a Course to Literacy (2006-2009)

    • Partnership with three Chicago Public Charter Schools

  • Achieving Preschool Language and Literacy Excellence (2008-2011)

    • Partnership with five Archdiocese of Chicago Schools

Project goals uic erf
Project GoalsUIC-ERF

  • Equip children to acquire the oral language, critical thinking, and early literacy skills needed for successfully developing later reading skills.

  • Design language and print rich environments of the highest quality that will provide children with meaningful cognitive learning experiences.

  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of school-based education professionals so that instructional practices consistent with scientifically-based reading research increase.

Participants method
Participants & Method

  • Participants

    • Three- and four-year-old children

    • Collaborative team that includes: early childhood teachers, school administrators, university faculty, early literacy coaches, and graduate students

  • Methods

    • Implementation of a comprehensive preschool curriculum that includes professional development and coaching

    • Collection of student assessment data

Classroom curriculum opening the world of learning owl
Classroom CurriculumOpening the World of Learning (OWL)

  • Research-based comprehensive early literacy program specifically designed for preschool students

  • Integrated approach covers all domains of learning

    • Thematic lessons include Language and Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, The Arts, Physical, and Social/Emotional Development

  • Authors: Judy Schickendanz and David Dickinson in collaboration with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Assessment tools
Assessment Tools

  • Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS-PreK)

    • Provides information about a child’s exposure to, and mastery of early literacy skills that are related to later success in reading.

    • Skills: Name Writing, Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Letter Sounds, Beginning Sound Awareness, Print & Word Awareness, Rhyme Awareness

  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, 4th Edition (PPVT4)

    • Provides information about a child’s vocabulary development.

    • Child is shown four pictures while the adult says a word and asks the child to point to the matching picture.

Step up summer internship 2009
STEP=UP Summer Internship 2009

Data Analyst Intern

  • Conduct analyses from collected assessment data

    • Document program impact and track children's’ growth and achievement

    • Display on project website, present to school administrators, use in future academic publications

Results what did i gain
Results: What did I gain?

  • Knowledge of early childhood instruction, assessment, and best practices

  • Experience with large quantitative databases- growth modeling

    • Organizing, cleaning, and creating databases

    • Generating Excel graphs

    • Running analyses using statistical software (spss)

What now
What now?

  • Continue involvement with project as graduate research assistant

    • Scheduling and administering assessments

    • Managing assessment data and creating reports

    • Running analyses on data

    • Video taping instruction for professional development purposes

For further information about uic erf
For further information about UIC-ERF

  • Project Website: www.uic.edu/educ/erf

  • Contacts

    • Dr. William Teale; Principal Investigator

    • Dr. Jeffri Brookfield; Principal Investigator

    • Dr. Maureen Meehan; Principal Investigator

  • National Early Reading First Website:http://www.ed.gov/programs/earlyreading/index.html