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Solution to improve DVD graphics

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Solution to improve DVD graphics. Who & When. February 2002, the 9 Electro companies and leading scientists Established the blu -ray disc founders: Matsushita, Akita Singles Pioneer, Bruce Shear Phillips, Rudy Provoost Thomson, Tom Glocer LG Electronics, Yong Nam

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Who & When

February 2002, the 9 Electro companies and leading scientists

Established the blu-ray disc founders:

Matsushita, Akita Singles

Pioneer, Bruce Shear

Phillips, Rudy Provoost

Thomson, Tom Glocer

LG Electronics, Yong Nam

Hitachi, Jack Domme

Sharp, Hiroshi Sasaoka

Samsung, Harold Hughes

Sony, Sir Howard Stringer

Later in 2004 the Blu-ray disc association was formed

which today has over 250 members.


How a Blu-Ray works: Composition of a Blu-Ray DVD versus a normal DVDBlu-Ray DVD has data stored in the top layer of polycarbonate.Normal DVD has data stored between the 2 layers of polycarbonate

what is polycarbonate
What is polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic made from carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Polycarbonate is used in drinking bottles, computers, and MP3 players as well.

how a blu ray dvd works

How a Blu Ray DVD works

DVD’s store video and audio information in pits -- spiral grooves that run from the center of the disc to its edges.

A laser reads the other side of these pits -- the bumps

The smaller and closer the pits the more information can be stored on a DVD.

The smaller pits require a more focused laser.

The Blu Ray laser has a shorter wavelength so the smaller pits can be read easier.

effectiveness the pits and size of the laser
Effectiveness: The pits and size of the laser
  • Each pit in a disk stores data – the Blu-ray disks have approximately 5 times more pits than the normal DVD (Watson, 2004)
  • A blu ray disk can hold 25GB of data and a DVD disk can hold 4.7 GB of data (Monaghan)
  • In a Blu-Ray disk this extra storage space means there is approximately 5 times the amount of details in the images we see.

As you can see,

blu-ray discs are solving the problem of clearer graphics!!!

Standard DVD

Blu-ray disc

Standard DVD

Blu-ray disc

limitation you cannot play a blu ray dvd on a regular dvd player

Limitation: You cannot play a blu-ray dvd on a regular dvd player.

To play a Blu ray DVD you need a DVD player with a special blue violet laser which emits light at a wavelength of between 360 and 480 nanometers.

The red laser in a normal DVD player has a wavelength 650 nm and is too large to read the smaller pits on a Blu ray DVD.

interactions consumers economics
Interactions: Consumers & Economics
  • Consumers pay more if they want the higher quality Blu-raybecause Blu ray dvd’s are higher priced than normal DVD’s.
  • On, the DVD Slumdog Millionaire costs EUR 9,97 and the Blu-ray costs EUR 16,90 – almost twice the cost.
  • Rentals are also more expensive: Using Netflix the rental cost is $1 more each month for each Blu-ray dvd rented.
why the higher price
Why the higher price?
  • Companies that produce and sell Blu-ray want to get rid of the DVD’s quickly because they assume consumers will replace their collection with Blu-ray so they have lowered the price of DVD’s. In addition, the companies have increased the price of Blu-ray assuming the consumers will pay more for the higher quality. This does not seem to be working well for the companies.
interactions companies economics
Interactions: Companies & Economics
  • “Viacom released its quarterly earnings and reported that its home entertainment sales dropped 6 percent in the last quarter. Fox Filmed Entertainment DVD sales fell 15 percent last quarter, while Time Warner's Warner Bros. division reported a 24 percent decline in DVD sales over the same period.” (Reisinger 2009)



Total: 660 $

Total: 130 $

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