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CatholicQuiz Instructions 2014-15 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Instructions 2014-15. is a resource that provides excellent Q + A referenced to the Catechism and the Bible in interactive quizzes and games directed at children in a fun and exciting online format.

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Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15


2014-15 is a resource that provides excellent Q + A referenced to the Catechism and the Bible in interactive quizzes and games directed at children in a fun and exciting online format.

This resource is perfect for the “Catechism Challenge” found in week 5 of the program campaign manuals. is organized primarily for schools, so each boy is given a unique identification and password to login as a “student” of a “class” (the program: Father & Son etc).

Once logged in the boys are presented with games concentrated on different aspects of Catholicism.

As each boy plays he can track his performance and the totals of his class.

As “teacher” (Club President) you are able to track each boy’s individual performance as well as all “class” totals. It is suggested that you provide the login information to the program directors to allow them to track their programs without going through you every time.

This system allows the boys to play at home as well as during the club meetings (week 5) and still have their performance tracked and to earn points for their squad.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

Setting up a account

To get started, go to and click on the “login” link.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

login instructions

  • Login to your “Teacher” account

  • 1

Ex: User Name : MWilliams

Password : CQ041-LGA

Your user name is your first initial and last name (up to 12 characters). Your club’s Conquest Annual Membership ID is the password. The password is Caps sensitive but the user name is not.

Your organization s information is simply the club and its location

Account information

  • 2

“Your organization’s information” is simply the club and its location.

The section titled Classroom Information is where you enter the programs, each program will be called a “Class” in the system.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

  • 3 for.

registration instructions

  • Add each boy to the appropriate program on the “scorekeeper” page.

The scorekeeper tab is where all the performance records are kept, sorted by ‘class’ and by each individual boy within that ‘class.’

When each boy is added they are automatically generated a user name and password that you will give to the boy. You can print this certificate (membership) for each boy to take home.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

  • 3 for.

  • After you add them the boys are free to play at any time.

the boys play at home

From this point forward each boy is free to login on any computer with internet at anytime. He will be asked to enter his teacher’s last name when he logs in, which is your last name as you entered it in your account.

Once logged in the boy can play the games and review both his stats and those of his class.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

  • 4 for.

  • Set up squads to compete in week 5 of the campaign

Week 5 Competition

  • Week 5 of the program campaigns features the Catechism competition. is an excellent resource for this competition. It is suggested that at the beginning of week 5 you create a student account for each squad. Keep the passwords and only let the boys login during the club meeting.

During the meeting each squad can come and answer the questions together, competing against the other squads. Which game the boys play is entirely at your discretion, just be consistent.

Let each squad play enough rounds to settle any ties.

Optional: The points for each squad can be tracked all year long, so subtract the previous accrued points each time you use this competition. An excel spreadsheet is available for this purpose on the Club President Resource Center online.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

  • 5 for.

  • Wrap it up each week 6 by totaling the boy’s points by squad

Cq-iq point tally

  • For the final week of each campaign and right before the awards night, prepare by tabulating points for the boys’ performance on by squad. Total the CQ-IQ points for each squad by adding together the total points for each boy in that squad. You can have a campaign CQ-IQ special award, for the boy that has the most CQ-IQ points.

As the year progresses, the boys’ point totals will increase dramatically, but the relative ratios between the boys’ scores will remain consistent.

You can choose to simply add the totals year to date, or use the excel sheet to keep track of how many points the boys earn each individual campaign.

Catholicquiz instructions 2014 15

  • Challenge other clubs across the country


  • At any point in the course of the year your club can issue a challenge to any other club in the country. The boys are given a time frame in which they can compete, and the points of all the boys from each club are automatically totaled. May the smartest club win!

To issue a challenge, simply click the link “Classroom Challenge” found next to the games. Choose “start a challenge,” specify a title as well as a duration and enter the names and emails of the club presidents of the clubs you wish to challenge. If they accept, the challenge is on! The names and emails of every club president in the country can be found by clicking the “find a club” link on the Conquest webpage:

Search on the interactive map to bring up all of the clubs in each state or territory.