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Online Portal & Mobile Application Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Portal & Mobile Application Development

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Online Portal & Mobile Application Development
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Online Portal & Mobile Application Development

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  1. Online Portal & Mobile Application Development We love creating mobile & online application solutions and it shows!

  2. Technologies Overview Online Application- SaaS Software as a Service LAMP, .NET, SharePoint, Java, XML, Ajax, Flash and Action script technologies to name a few! Mobile Applications Mobile Video SIP, IMS client server technologies Mobile VoIP Unified Communications technologies Mobile Payment PCMI compliant

  3. Our Focus is on You! Business Process and Application Development Creation of Anderson Taylor in 1998 to develop online solutions. From its inception Anderson Taylor (AT) focused on building online application portals for enterprise businesses to manage their vendor relations, customers, communications, marketing and assets. Anderson-Taylor - Application Development. Since 1999 Anderson Taylor has built online application solutions that are used by AVAYA, Delta, Sprint, NEC and many other Fortune 500 companies. Anderson Taylor has provided online applications to manage hundreds of thousands of agents and their customers. Business Solutions. Anderson Taylor can take a high level consultative approach to SaaS and Mobile Application Project Solutions. Our combined experiences in technology and customer service businesses allow us to provide world-class consulting service solutions.

  4. Mobile Development Capabilities Anderson Taylor worked on the following Solutions for HTC, PocketPC, Palm, Blackberry, iPhone and Java enabled phones: Application for remote control & data access systems for medical, maintenance and technicians applications Rich User Interface with efficient sorting and navigation abilities. Wireless applications for Palm devices with BT connections. Integration with embedded devices for data exchange and storage. Connections to embedded devices using standard protocols like RS-232. Implementation of a SQL Server CE by using proprietary developed libraries. Applications that use GPRS to connect to devices via Mail, Web and FTP servers. GIS implementation for BT based GPS receivers and devices. RS-232 communication with different Embedded Devices. Geographical Maps embedded user interfaces using third-party controls. UI controls programming with provided secure connection using encryption methodologies. Mobile implementation for server side technologies including J2ME, ASP.NET. 4

  5. Field Team Management By deploying a management application to WM6 TOUGH devices and integrating a video, photo, voice capture technology, Anderson Taylor plans to reduce installation time for Honeywell as they update rural electric systems nationwide. WM6 and based application built for tough phones Installation Tracking Live in Field Integration into Honeywell legacy systems Voice and Video Integration for Video Equipment Recognition Photo ID Install Authentication Truck Inventory Management and Inspection GPS with RSS Augmentation Team management portal Team Routing Systems Additional gas, restaurant and hospitality

  6. The Future of Entertainment Solutions • Branded Mobile Video • Deliver on-demand streaming video • Provide high quality images • 15-30 fps high quality video • Anti-jitter technology • Superior Server Client Technology • Faster streaming content • Low bandwidth requirements • Interactive user experience • No DRM (streaming only) • Manage thousands of movies easily • Larger simultaneous user capabilities • Optional time / Location Analytics • Provide Event Specials / Tie-Ins • Time Specific Marketing • Optional Advertising Module • Mobile Banners • Expandable – Clickable – Focuses advertising with analytics

  7. Branded Mobile Video Sales Page

  8. Admin Tool to Manage Content

  9. Mobile Video Demo • Entertainment Previewing • Easy Three Step Process • Interactive Video Screen with Voice Over Instructions • Could be Developed to Take Voice Instructions • Provides Interaction with User • Movie Titles May be Organized by Genre in the Future for Better Navigation • Easy to Read Selection Menus • Customer Can Choose a Movie • in Less than 40 Seconds.

  10. Mobile Video Demo • Branded Website Portal • Supporting Website Portal • View Mobile Orders • Download Application • Obtain Support • Customers to Order Phones • Admin Portal • Manage Mobile Content • Manage Mobile Users • View Analytics • Manage Campaigns • View Sales • Simple Movie Order Integration

  11. Thank You! Q&A Bryan TaylorAnderson Taylor, CEO376 Powder Springs StreetSuite 140Marietta, GA 30064Phone: 404-550-6287Fax: 270-964-1257Email: