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Bethany Hamilton. T h e a m a z i n g s t o r y o n B e t h a n y H a m i l t o n ' s a d v e r s i t y. Her life before the attack.

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Bethany hamilton

Bethany Hamilton

The amazingstoryonBethanyHamilton'sadversity

Her life before the attack
Her life before the attack

  • Bethany Melilani Hamilton was born February 8 1990 at North Shore, Kauai, Hawaia.She first started surfing when she was 5 years old. She was born to surf and was a natural at it. Her whole family surfs and are very good at it. She won many awards before her attack and has competed in many events. she won many events at the age of ten and younger. Her main sponsor was rip curl.

How she got attacked
How she got attacked

  • One morning she went surfing in her usual spot around about 7;10 with her friends. She was lying on her board with her left hand dangling in the water. That’s when she got attacked by a 14ft tiger shark. Her friends rushed her to Wilcox memorial hospital in serious condition. Not only because she’d lost an arm but because she’d lost nearly 70%of her blood.

Her life after the attack
Her life after the attack

  • when she started walking again she found it very difficult because your arm weighs a lot and mot having it there She felt very lob sided. 3weeks after the attack she returned surfing back in the waves. She went back out and it only took her a couple of goes and she was back surfing like a pro.

Bethany hamilton s family
Bethany Hamilton's family

  • Bethany Hamilton's family all surf even if it’s just a little bit. Bethany has a brother Noah 8 years older and Timmy 4 years older . Her father is Tom and her mother is Cheri. All her family learnt to surf at Hanalei Bay,Hawaia

Who helped her in her situation
Who helped her in her situation

  • Well most of her family helped her and defiantly all her friends along with her best friend Alana. They all had to adjust to how she could do things so they could help with what she needed to do. For the first few days she needed lots of help with her walking and doing things with only one arm. It was like teaching a baby things all over again, the eating, going toilet and all those things.

  • Alana>

The end
The End

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