Status of horns
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Graphite Target. beam. 1st Horn. 2nd Horn. 3rd Horn. I=320kA. Status of horns. A.K.Ichikawa. Activities. T. Sekigutchi joined the target-horn group. US group (E.D.Zimmerman, J.Spitz, L.Bartoszek) have contributed on beam MC study, design of horns. Other contributions by T. Nakadaira,

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Status of horns

Graphite Target


1st Horn

2nd Horn

3rd Horn


Status of horns



  • T. Sekigutchi joined the target-horn group.

  • US group (E.D.Zimmerman, J.Spitz, L.Bartoszek) have contributed on beam MC study, design of horns.

  • Other contributions by T. Nakadaira,

    S. Tada, Y. Yamada, S. Koike, Y. Suzuki,

    T. Kobayashi et al.

Overview of target station
Overview of Target Station








Iron structure (= helium vessel)

supports horns and shields

Beam mc study by j spitz
Beam MC study by J. Spitz

  • J.Spitz’s report is available at

  • Effects of mis-alignment -> Covered at the last collab.meeting

  • Effects of the horn current drop

  • Effects of beam angle deflection

  • Possible beam plug at 4MW

Effects of horn1 current drop

On-axis Peak Energy

Effects of Horn1 current drop


Flux at Super-K

0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 %


Off-axis Peak Energy


0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 %

0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 %

1 st horn and 3 rd horn
1st horn and 3rd horn

  • Design and production of prototype is on going toward the current operation test.

1 st horn prototype
1st horn –prototype-

Design of the 1 st horn peripherals
Design of the 1st horn peripherals

  • Done by BARTOSZEK Engineering

    • Water seal (EVAC, helicoflex)

    • Water pipe

    • Auxiliary drain

    • Galvanic corrosion

    • Stripline heat load

    • etc. etc. etc.

  • Production of them and assembling was contracted and to be completed at March.

Status of horns

Striplines locate far from horn body to reduce heat load from radiation

Setup for the test operation.

Striplines are extended downward for the test.

Water nozzle attachment water tightness insulation and galvanic corrosion
Water Nozzle attachment from radiation-water tightness, insulation and galvanic corrosion-

Stainless flange

Helicoflex seal

Ceramic disk to insulate outer-conductor and water-pipes

Aluminum knife-edge seal for water seal


Nozzle head

Stripline from radiation

Forced He cooling is necessary to cool heat load from radiation.

Clamp to resist the Lorenz force is designed not to prevent He flow.

Stress w/ Lorenz force


3 rd horn prototype
3 from radiationrd horn –prototype-

Status of horns

Items other than horns
Items other than horns from radiation

Water system pumping up 7m in ultra high radiation environment two options
Water system from radiationpumping up 7m in ultra-high radiation environment -two options-

Self priming canned motor pump

Test will be done soon with canned motor pump option.


Ejector pump

Support module
Support module from radiation

75mm thick plate

Pipes and supporting shafts go through this plate.

Rigidity is the issue to achieve 1mm alignment

Here, we will have remote connection mech. for support, pipes and striplines.

Fem analysis by s koike
FEM analysis by S. Koike from radiation

Distortion is <0.3mm.

(Tolerance of the horn alignment is 1mm.)

Strong enough for earthquakes and (unexpected) 2-points crane hanging.

Radiation level calculation by Y. Oyama.-> not fully satisfactory but maybe acceptable.

We plan to make prototype in next FY.

Support module alignment mech
Support module Alignment mech. from radiation

Kinematic mount on leveling block on xy-stage.

X,Y,Z position can be adjusted with freedoms to absorb manufacturing errors.

When the module installed remotely by crane, it can positioned automatically while absorbing manufacturing errors.

Status of horns

Dummy load(4ton) from radiation

It works well!

Hot lab
Hot Lab. from radiation

Remote disconnection/connection from this level

  • Lift table

    • It must be controlled remotely.

    • On the lift table, there are x and y stages.

Summary from radiation

  • Schedule

    • Continue Design and R&D in FY2006

      • Current operation test, support module, remote handling etc. etc.

    • Produce everything in FY2007

    • Installation in FY2008

Status of horns

セラミックスリング from radiation:納入済み




Status of horns

Alignment of (e) part of the new horn will be done at the Dock using a spare support box, on which alignment of (a) and (c) are already done.

We assume that it will be valid with the existing support box.

Spare support box

New horn

Status of horns

1 Dock using a spare support box, on which alignment of (a) and (c) are already horn and 2nd horn

3rd horn

Only (b) has an re-adjustable mechanism.

Other parts will be fixed once it is adjusted.

(a) and (c) : correct manufacturing error of the support box.

(b) correct target station He chamber distortion.

(d) guide mechanism between the support box and horn frame.

(e) correct manufacturing error of the horn frame.






Remote coupling here for easy access from the top level.