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NetHawk M5 Testing Solutions. NetHawk M5 Highlights. Provides access to the network data giving an overview of the network quality and enabling easy detailed study of possible problems in multi-technology and vendor environments.

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Nethawk m5 highlights l.jpg
NetHawk M5 Highlights

  • Provides access to the network data giving an overview of the network quality and enabling easy detailed study of possible problems in multi-technology and vendor environments.

  • Unique scalability from ultra-portable stand-alone platforms up to high-performance multi-user lab systems.

  • Multi-technology support from 2G over 3G to LTE in one box. Correlated call and session analysis over multiple technologies.

  • High throughput real-time user-plane analysis for LTE

  • Graphical reporting tool showing the high-level overview of network quality with easy drill-down to the detailed messages and parameters.

  • New GUI design deploying the latest technology for ease of use, performance and advanced applications.

Playground l.jpg


3GPP Rel 8


LTE September 2009 baseline

Over 100 pre-defined network statistics



High performance capture appliance for IP

High throughput real-time User Plane analysis for LTE


Objective voice quality analysis



LTE NAS deciphering in S1 interface


Nethawk m5 solutions l.jpg
NetHawk M5 solutions

  • For field:

    • NetHawk M5 with Laptop PC – The Most Portable!

    • TravelHawk by NetHawk – Portability and capacity!

  • For sites and labs:

    • NetHawk M5 with Desktop or Rack-mounted PC

    • NetHawk iPro capturing high speed IP traffic

    • Multi-user multi-core testing system NetHawk M5 Sampo

Nethawk m5 sampo multi user solution l.jpg


NetHawk M5 Sampo multi-user solution

NetHawk M5 Sampo Server

- Rack-mounted server PC

- NetHawk Adapters / iPro

- NetHawk M5 Sampo Server SW

- NetHawk M5 Sampo Client SWs

- Licensing

NetHawk M5 Sampo users

- Windows Remote Desktop connection over IP to NetHawk M5 Sampo Server

- Each user has his own independent NetHawk M5 Analyser session

- No NetHawk SW or HW needed

- No licensing system needed

- Usage from any OS: Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, ….

Nethawk m5 sampo benefits l.jpg
NetHawk M5 Sampo benefits

  • Cost saving benefits

    • Monitoring hardware effectively shared between the users – same NetHawk Adapters can be used by several users simultaneously.

    • No special requirements for remote user PCs - no need to upgrade them.

  • User benefits

    • Location independent usage. Remote Desktop used to connect to the Server.

    • Each Client is a complete NetHawk M5 Analyser and can easily access and configure all physical interfaces.

  • Administrator benefits

    • Easy to maintain: All HW, SW and cabling in one location.

    • No extra load for LAN: only Remote Desktop Connection required, traffic is not transferred over LAN.

    • No NetHawk licensing nor NetHawk software installation needed in user PCs.

Product components l.jpg
Product components

  • Scalable HW platform:

    • Laptop PC

    • TravelHawk PC

    • Desktop PC

    • Rack-mounted PC

    • NetHawk iPro

  • NetHawk Adapters & cables

  • NetHawk M5 Analyser SW + options

Nethawk m5 analyser product structure l.jpg

Core Decoding Package

LTE Decoding Package

UTRAN Decoding Package

GERAN Decoding Package

SIP / IMS Decoding Package

C&S Analysis

C&S Analysis

Release 8

Release 8

Release 7

Release 7


C&S Analysis


Gb deciphering

NAS deciphering

Iub deciphering

C&S Analysis

C&S Analysis

Proprietary decodings

Proprietary decodings

Proprietary decodings

Proprietary decodings

NetHawk M5 Analyser product structure

Voice Quality Measurement

Speech Playback (VoIP & CS codecs)


Network Statistics

NetHawk M5 Engine

MS Vista upgrade

IPSec deciphering



Channelised STM-1/OC-3

Hardware Adapters

D4 C-Lite





Test UE

D4 G-Pro



Nethawk adapters for desktop rack mounted pcs l.jpg

NetHawk D6 Adapter (PCI-Express)

Two full-duplex STM-1/OC-3 (concatenated/channelised) links / one STM-4/OC-12 link

NetHawk D5 Adapter (PCI/PCI-X)

8 bi-directional E1/T1/J1 links (PCM, ATM or IMA)

NetHawk Adapters for desktop/rack-mounted PCs

NetHawk D4 G-Pro Adapter (PCI-X)

Two optical/electrical Gigabit Ethernet

NetHawk D4 C-Lite Adapter (PCI/PCI-X)

Two 10/100 Mbit and Gigabit Ethernet

Nethawk adapters for laptop pcs l.jpg

NetHawk N5 Adapter (CardBus/ExpressCard)

8 bi-directional E1/T1/J1 links (PCM, ATM or IMA)

NetHawk N3(i) Adapter (PCMCIA)

One full-duplex STM-1/OC-3

NetHawk Adapters for laptop PCs

NetHawk N6 Adapter (ExpressCard)

Two full-duplex STM-1/OC-3 (concatenated/channelised) links / one STM-4/OC-12 link

NetHawk N2 Adapter (PCMCIA)

One bi-directional E1/T1/J1

Monitoring capacity with travelhawk desktop rack mounted pc l.jpg
Monitoring capacity with TravelHawk / desktop / rack-mounted PC

  • Supported maximum line configurations:

    • TravelHawk:

      • Up to 4 x STM-1/OC-3 or 2 x STM-4/OC-12 links

      • Up to 16 x E1/T1/J1 links

      • Up to 2 x optical Gigabit Ethernet

      • Up to 4 x copper Gigabit Ethernet

    • Dell Precision T7500:

      • Up to 6 x STM-1/OC-3 or 3 x STM-4/OC-12 links

      • Up to 16 x E1/T1/J1 links

      • Up to 4 x copper Gigabit Ethernet

      • Up to 2 x optical Gigabit Ethernet

    • NH Rack PC 3.0:

      • Up to 6 x STM-1/OC-3 or 3 x STM-4/OC-12 links

      • Up to 24 x E1/T1/J1 links

      • Up to 6 x optical Gigabit Ethernet

      • Up to 6 x copper Gigabit Ethernet

  • NetHawk can deliver these PCs with M5 SW and Adapters installed ready!

Monitoring capacity with laptop l.jpg
Monitoring capacity with laptop PC

  • Supported maximum line configurations:

    • FujitsuSiemens Lifebook E8420:

      • Up to 2 x STM-1/OC-3 or 1 x STM-4/OC-12 links

      • Up to 16 x E1/T1/J1 links

      • Additionally built-in Ethernet adapter can be used for Ethernet based interfaces

  • NetHawk can deliver this PC with M5 SW and Adapters installed ready!

Nethawk ipro high capture appliance for ip l.jpg
NetHawk iPro – high capture appliance for IP PC

  • Full capture of traffic from 2 x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to 4 Terabyte storage:

    • 1U rack-mounted server

    • Physical interface:

      • 2 x SFP ports or 2 x RJ-45 ports

    • Packet capture:

      • 10 ns time stamp resolution, NTP time synchronisation, .PCAP-format

    • BPF packet filtering:

      • Ethertype, MAC address, IP address, Port, Protocol, Packet stripping, Payload

    • Configuration:

      • Web based GUI, User authentication, HTTPS, SSH terminal connection

Nethawk ipro with m5 l.jpg
NetHawk iPro with M5 PC

  • 1. iPro as a remote adapter

    • Connect iPro directly to M5 for realtime analysis

    • iPro processes packets and delivers those to M5 using LAN or internet connection

    • Works as any M5 adapter - All M5 applications can be used

    • Complete solution for signalling analysis

  • 2. iPro as a capturing unit

    • Full line rate capture for IP based networks

    • Data stored and captured in iPro

    • Capture conversion is done via iPro Web UI

    • Possible to extract flows as own files for M5

    • M5 can be used to open the iPro capture files

      • Re-recording with the Recorder application first!

  • 3. iPro for User plane analysis

    • User Plane Analyser application – real time QoS measurements for LTE, PS Core, VoIP

    • Results are stored to MySQL database

    • Drill Down from session level to detailed decoding

    • For pure IP connections or tunneled IP connections

Nethawk ipro with m5 user plane analysis l.jpg

Patent-pending solution for user-plane analysis PC

NetHawk iPro with M5 – User plane analysis

Air interface monitoring on site l.jpg





Test UE


Air interface monitoring on site

  • NetHawk Air Interface Test UE is used as an adapter for capturing air interface signaling and user data.

  • NetHawk M5 can combine and synchronise in real time the air interface signaling with the signaling from other interfaces (Iub, Iu…) in Protocol Monitor application.

Air interface monitoring in the field l.jpg

Test UE PC





Trace file

Air interface monitoring in the field

  • Air interface test UE stores trace file to its internal memory with the help of NetHawkM5 RF Probe application:

    • Trace file can be analysed as such with NetHawkM5 and also merged with trace files from other network interfaces.

Network monitoring with the nethawk m5 l.jpg
Network monitoring with the NetHawk M5 PC

  • Analysis of the captured data with the help of intelligent applications in real-time/offline:

    • Detailed root-cause analysis with Protocol Monitor

    • Troubleshooting with Call & Session Analysis

    • Speech playback and recording of CS calls

    • Objective voice quality measurements

    • Delay, throughput, jitter, packet count and packet loss measurements with QoS

    • Over 100 pre-defined KPIs with Network Statistics

    • Data-mining: Storing of xDRs, KPIs and QoS counters to database and doing graphical analysis with Diagnostics reporting tool

Protocol monitor l.jpg
Protocol Monitor PC

  • Release 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 or 99 as protocol analysis baseline

  • Comprehensive support for proprietary decodings

  • LTE, UTRAN, GERAN, Core and IMS decoding packages

  • Wide support for IP application protocols

  • LTE NAS, IPSec, Iub, Gb deciphering options

  • Several simultaneous on-line analysis sessions

  • Customised layer detail settings

Protocol monitor gui l.jpg
Protocol Monitor GUI PC

Application Manager

Message Sequence Chart view, also Single Line Decoding view available

Detailed Decoding view

Connections selected for analysis

Layer detail settings

Adjustable views in m5 l.jpg
Adjustable views in M5 PC

-Docking panels allows user to define the analyser views the most efficient way! E.g. in PM, Detailed Decoding view can be moved from bottom to side.

-Floating applications let user to move any application out of M5 working area, even to different screen!

Call session analysis l.jpg
Call & Session Analysis PC

  • Real-time tracing of CS calls, PS sessions, handovers with phase information:

    • LTE: S1, EPC (control plane)

    • UTRAN: Iub, Iu-CS, Iu-PS

      • Correlation: Iub with Iu

    • GERAN: Abis, A, Gb, A+, Ater, UMA Up

      • Correlation: Abis with A, A+, Ater, and Gb with Gn, Gi

    • Core: MAP, ISUP, INAP, CAP, Mc/Nc/Nb, Gn, Gi, Gs

      • Correlation: MAP with Iu, Iub, or MAP with Abis, A, Mc with Nc, Nb

    • IMS: SIP with user plane, Diameter

  • Setup time measurements between user-defined messages.

Call session analysis gui l.jpg
Call & Session Analysis GUI PC

Calls/sessions correlated over the monitored interfaces

Available columns, e.g. over 200 LTE specific columns

Detailed decoding with a mouse click

Speech playback for iub iu cs abis a ater and sip interfaces l.jpg
Speech Playback for Iub, Iu-CS, Abis, A, Ater and SIP interfaces

  • Listening to speech of selected voice calls through PC’s loudspeakers.

  • Recording speech to .wav-format e.g. for PESQ analysis.

  • Abis Scanner for easy configuration of Abis voice listening

  • Supported speech codecs:

  • G.711 (A-law/µ-law)



  • G.723.1

  • G.726

  • G.729, G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB

  • iLBC

PESQ = Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality

Voice quality measurement nina l.jpg
Voice Quality Measurement (NINA+) interfaces

  • No-reference approach for evaluation listening quality of speech files.

  • NetHawk solution is based on SwissQual’s NiNA+ algorithm:

    • In comparison to ITU-T P.563 – where SwissQual is also owner partially – NiNA+ has much less complexity.

  • Restricted to narrow-band speech:

    • AMR-WB signal can be analysed but only the narrow-band spectral parts are taken into account allowing to predict transmission errors of the AMR-WB against error-free AMR-WB transmissions.

  • Minimum period of the sample speech must be of five seconds. Speech period can be more than 20 seconds but the only first twenty second is analysed:

    • NiNA+ makes use of a sophisticated pre-processing step that checks for silence and sufficient speech activity in the signals.

Network statistics l.jpg
Network Statistics interfaces

  • Based on the traced CS and PS transactions at Iub, Iu-CS, Iu-PS, Abis, A, Gb, MAP and ISUP interfaces:

    • Call setups, dropped calls, SMS, PDP context activations, routing area updates…

  • Stored to database

  • Illustrated in graphics with Diagnostics reporting tool:

    • Count of occurrences

    • Success/failure rates (Key Performance Indicators)

    • Distribution of failure causes to LAC and Cell level

  • Own KPIs with protocol counters

Configuration gui for network statistics network statistics recorder l.jpg
Configuration GUI for Network Statistics interfacesNetwork Statistics Recorder

M5 default KPIs

Diagnostics gui for reporting network statistics l.jpg
Diagnostics GUI for reporting Network Statistics interfaces

Timeline of analysis

Available KPIs

Success/failure ratios over a period of time in graphics

Selected data sources

Quality of service measurements l.jpg
Quality of Service measurements interfaces

  • Measurements for user plane traffic at IP-based interfaces:

    • Delay, average delay and delay variance (jitter)

    • Throughput

    • Packet count and packet loss

  • Possibility for several simultaneous measurements, e.g.

    • Delay over RNC and SGSN for finding bottlenecks

    • Throughput values for several UEs for comparison

    • Delay and throughput correlation analysis

  • Stored to database

  • Analysis with Diagnostics

  • Diagnostics can illustrate QoS KPIs in real-time:

    • Calculations with iPro QoS settings or with M5 QoS Recorder

Configuration gui for qos qos recorder l.jpg
Configuration GUI for QoS interfacesQoS Recorder

Available KPIs shown per connection

Diagnostics gui for reporting qos l.jpg
Diagnostics GUI for reporting QoS interfaces

Automatic update of KPIs for real-time view.

Network nodes available for analysis

Illustration of QoS counters with colorful graphs

Use case troubleshooting with nethawk m5 l.jpg
Use case: Troubleshooting with NetHawk M5 interfaces

  • Drill Down from statistics into XDRs and deeper into signaling analysis:

    1. Open XDR view for the selected call.

    2. Drill-down to Protocol Monitor.



Nethawk care service l.jpg
NetHawk Care service interfaces

  • Software maintenance, extended hardware warranty and support services

  • Annual fee based on the system configuration

  • New functionality with software updates:

    • No need to update the hardware, e.g. LTE monitoring capability only with a SW update

    • SW can be downloaded directly from the web

Conclusions l.jpg
Conclusions interfaces

  • Combined LTE, UTRAN (with HSPA), GERAN, Core and IMS analysis tool for multi-vendor environments with support for latest specifications

  • Full line rate capture for IP based networks

  • High throughput real-time user plane analysis for LTE

  • Advanced applications for refining signalling data to support decision-making

  • Scalable HW platform and flexible product structure for close fit of different user groups

  • New functionalities with software-only updates downloadable at web